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How to Become a Software Engineer in 2022 (From Scratch)
Being a software engineer is one of the most exciting career choices. This fascinating career path offers not just a potentially very high salary but
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by Aditi Jain

28 Jun 2022

Machine Learning with Python Certification
Machine learning is one of the most rapidly evolving fields in recent times. Businesses rely on machine learning to understand customer behaviours and
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by Aditi Jain

07 Jun 2022

Top 10 Data Science Jobs for Freshers in 2022
Data Science has risen to become one of the world's topmost emerging multidisciplinary approaches in technology. Recruiters are hunting for people
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by Mounika Narang

19 May 2022

Top 10 Highest Paying Engineering Jobs in India
One of the most sought after professions in today's world is Engineering. It is a field that is a self-sustaining ecosystem in itself. Engineers a
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by Abhresh Sugandhi

18 Jul 2022

A Comparison of TensorFlow vs PyTorch: Deep Learning Frameworks 2022
IntroductionDeep learning, a subset of machine learning, is a specialized research area that uses artificial neural networks to enable computers to im
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by Devashree Madhugiri

09 May 2022

Top 25 Data Science Tools To Use in 2022
Data science has become the fastest-growing field and a buzzword that every industry knows and leverages. This vast stream of interdisciplinary domain
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by Gaurav Kr. Roy

22 Mar 2022