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Top 12 Full Stack Developer Projects of 2024 [Source Code]

22nd Apr, 2024
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    Top 12 Full Stack Developer Projects of 2024 [Source Code]

    The full-stack developer projects involve front and back-end developments. The process holds significance because it ensures the flexibility of software applications and web design features by analyzing tasks and activities from the beginning to the end. But what are these full-stack projects? What are the technologies used in them? This article will talk more about full stack development projects, their significance, and other dos and don’ts for beginners.

    What is Full Stack Development Project?

    The full stack developer projects are web applications that use multiple development technologies, such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc. Developers use different tools and techniques when working on full stack development projects, and the common ones include an IDE, programming languages, GitHub, image editors, and development frameworks.

    The Full stack web development projects are perfect for beginners who want to excel in web development and basic front and back-end knowledge to compete for skill and experience. You can enroll in the best course for Full-Stack Developers to learn more about the concept. You must be familiar with all technologies required to build software or applications to gain experience in full-stack development.

    What is Full Stack Development?

    Full stack development involves an end-to-end software development process using front and back-end technologies. You can undertake Web Development courses online with a certificate to excel as a professional in this field.

    The projects for full-stack developers get divided into three different categories.

    • Web Development 
    • Mobile Development 
    • Native Application Development 

    1. Web Development

    The full-stack web projects involve developing both server and client software. The projects help design and develop powerful web applications that form the foundation of websites and apps. Full-stack web developers build database-backed APIs and multiple web applications. The developers have experience designing and building databases for software applications, creating and deploying web APIs, and securing and managing user authentications and access application controls from the back end. A few web stack project development ideas include e-commerce websites, food delivery apps, content management systems, project management dashboards, etc. 

    2. Mobile Development

    Full-stack mobile development projects involve building a complete mobile application from the front and back end to middleware tools. The tasks and activities include multiple subject areas, such as hardware, operating systems, hosting, scaling, package management, programming, security, server management, etc.

    Full-stack developers involved in mobile development are familiar with building hybrid, native, and mobile web applications. That is why the developers are also called the unicorns of the software world. 

    3. Native Application Development

    Native iOS and Android application development requires knowledge of programming languages and developing environments. Full-stack native application developers have experience using Swift, Objective C, and other JVM-based languages like Scala, Kotlin, and Java. So, native application development involves releasing an application on multiple platforms that technically requires developing two separate app versions with different programming languages. Frameworks like Cordova and React Native help develop native applications successfully. 

    Technologies Used in Full Stack Development Projects

    The best full-stack projects involve the use of multiple front end and back-end technologies. Here is a list of technologies used in advanced and beginner full-stack projects. 

    1. Bootstrap 
    2. HTML
    3. CSS 
    4. Node
    5. React 
    6. MERN 
    7. Express 
    8. JavaScript 
    9. PHP
    10. MySQL 
    11. Python 
    12. Django 
    13. Ruby 

    Top Full Stack Projects for Beginners in 2024

    Developers, especially beginners, often struggle to find suitable projects to practice their full-stack development skills. However, one option that may be worth exploring is "pay after placement" programs, which allow developers to acquire real-world experience by working on actual projects. So, if you are a beginner, you must learn everything efficiently to showcase your skills in full-stack projects.

    Full Stack Development Project

    Here is a list of full-stack developer project ideas for beginners. 

    1. To-Do List Projects

    A to-do list is one of the simplest and best full-stack projects for beginners. You can create a to-do list efficiently with the feature to add items to the list. You can also provide functionalities to move content from the list after completing the task. The project will help you improve your front-end development skills and learn crucial database operations. 

    To-Do List full stack project

    2. Blog Website and Application

    A blog website allows users to opine their thoughts and comment on anything and everything. You can make a creative website or application using full-stack technology and take inspiration from other blogs. Ensure that you add proper authentication features so individuals with valid credentials can log in to the platform. 

    Source Code: Blog Website - GitHub

    Blog Website and Application

    3. Chat Application and Website

    Everyone chats with their family members and friends daily, and because of this, chatting applications have become an inevitable part of our lives. Chatting apps are one of the best full-stack beginner projects. You can create a chat application or website to serve the purpose of individual or group chats between networks. 

    Source Code: Chat Application

    Chat Application and Website

    4. Portfolio Website

    Developers build portfolio websites as full-stack developer sample projects to showcase their skills and impress clients. As a student or professional learning web development, you must practice making portfolio websites to gain knowledge and experience in efficient front-end web development technology. 

    Source Code: Portfolio Webiste

    Portfolio Website
    5. Content Management System

    The content management system is considered one of the best full-stack projects. The developers can use drag-and-drop items to create a web page and make their uniqueness count as experienced professionals. Moreover, the users in the CMS must be able to create web pages of their own and add features like textual and media content to make the website more relevant. 

    Source Code: CMS


    6. Application For Grocery Delivery

    A grocery delivery website or application is among the best projects for full-stack developers to showcase their talent and skills. You can learn multiple factors related to large-scale full-stack apps or websites by making the grocery delivery application project. It involves back-end knowledge and helps you excel in making major projects in the future. 

    Source Code: Grocery Delivery App

    Application For Grocery Delivery

    7. Food Delivery Website and Application

    A food delivery website or application is slightly different from grocery delivery. However, it also works on the same grounds as the latter and may require full-stack development. You can practice and improve your front- and back-end development skills when making food delivery websites or applications.

    Source Code: Food Delivery Website & App

    Food Delivery Website and Application

    Advanced Full Stack Development Projects of 2024

    Now that you know some of the full-stack projects that suit beginners, here is a look at the advanced projects that will help you excel as an experienced professional.

    1. E-Commerce Website and Application

    An e-commerce website or app is one of the best full-stack development projects you can practice at the advanced level. It is a vast project involving front and back-end technologies and database knowledge for efficient execution and implementation. The project takes time and effort because you must maintain a huge database with multiple product categories and prices. 

    Source Code: E-commerce Website

    2. Video Conferencing Website and Application

    You can try your hands on the video conferencing website and application projects and help develop features like textual chatting, audio-video interactions, video recording, etc. The project requires you to implement your ideas and ensure a creative application or website. 

    Source Code: Video Conferencing Website

    3. Social Media Website and Application

    The present-day world revolves around social media, and we already use many websites and applications. You can try your hands on an efficient full-stack project and develop a social media app or website with unique features to attract users. 

    Source Code: Social Media Website

    4. Content Management Tool and System for Blogs

    Content Management Tool or System is a significant factor that plays a crucial role in creating blogs. You can use the full stack development items and other drag-and-drop interfaces to create a web page that helps you add text, images, videos, and other elements required to create a blog.

    5. Project Management Tool

    A project management tool is one of the toughest full-stack projects and requires many features for proper execution. The project includes a framework of social media sites where users can communicate with one another. The users also get the functionality to assign tasks to others and comment on the dashboard at their convenience.

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    How Do I Use the Above Projects in My Portfolio?

    If you are a full-stack developer, your portfolio must showcase your skills, strengths, experience, and previous projects. That is why you must try working on multiple projects over the years to create a strong portfolio and make an impression during your technical interviews. Project experiences will help you prompt the recruiters to appreciate the breadth and scope of your skills and knowledge and bestow you with better opportunities. So, build a solid and comprehensive full-stack developer portfolio to demonstrate your technical skills in the field.  


    Multiple full-stack projects are available for beginners and advanced professional developers. The source codes of such projects are already available to help you learn and acquire additional skills during your tenure. You can choose KnowledgeHut’s best boot camp for Full-Stack Developers to learn more about the portfolio and excel in your professional career. The course will help you build functional applications and acquire in-demand skills for full-stack projects. After completing the course, you can apply for any software role and enhance your portfolio following the present professional requirements. Apply for the course now and pave your way to generating a lucrative income of around Rs 12 lakhs per year.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    1Which Full Stack Project is the Best?

    E-commerce websites, food, and grocery delivery apps, blog sites, project management tools, etc., are some of the best full-stack projects.  

    2How Long Does a Full Stack Project Take?

    A full-stack project takes a minimum of three months to complete.  

    3How Do You Start a Full-stack Project?

    You can start a full stack project by creating the front and back-end points, HTTP requests, and deploying an app to the web.

    4What are some best practices for full-stack development projects?

    Best practices include using version control, writing clean and maintainable code, conducting code reviews, writing tests, and following security best practices. Additionally, adopting an agile development methodology can be beneficial.

    5How can I get involved in open-source full-stack development projects?

    You can get involved in open-source projects by contributing to existing projects on platforms like GitHub or by starting your own open-source project. It's a great way to gain experience and collaborate with other developers.


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