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Top 14 React JS Developer Skills to Get You Hired in 2024

18th Jan, 2024
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    Top 14 React JS Developer Skills to Get You Hired in 2024

    Are you ready to navigate the ever-changing technological landscape? As a developer, you know that numerous frameworks and tools are at your disposal, aiming to simplify your job. When it comes to front-end frameworks, the JavaScript library takes the top spot. You may have encountered the dilemma of choosing between various JavaScript-based front-end frameworks like Angular and React, both highly favored by major organizations. However, it can occasionally take time to decide between them. Let's focus on React, the powerhouse that revolutionizes web applications. With React's unmatched ability to create dynamic and interactive user interfaces, you have the key to crafting incredibly responsive web apps.

    In this article, we'll dive into the world of React and explore the top skills that will transform your coding journey, helping you create unforgettable web experiences and establish yourself as a sought-after React Developer in the industry.

    What is React JS?

    React, commonly called React JS or React.js, is a JavaScript toolkit. It is used in web development to create interactive elements and user interfaces for websites. The creation of mobile or single-page applications can start with React. However, the React platform offers many alternatives when building a digital platform that suits your demands.

    Benefits of React JS Skills

    In the technologically advanced era, learning new tools and technology is essential. React skills are gaining popularity because of their benefits. You can upgrade yourself by enrolling in the React training and stay at the forefront of the industry. Below are the incredible benefits of mastering React.js skills:

    • ·Simple Scripting
    • Architecture based on components
    • Faster Rendering
    • Robust Code Architecture
    • SEO-Enabled
    • Developer-friendly tools
    • Easy to learn and use
    • Easy mobile development

    Technical Skills of React JS Developer

    React, being the most popular client-side programming technology worldwide, demands a specific set of expertise. Here is a list of technical React developer skills that you should consider to unlock the full potential of React.js in your projects.

    1. HTML and CSS

    HTML and CSS are key abilities to consider. The candidate's familiarity with these client-side frameworks and essential React JS development tools reveals their capacity to design. For example, the user interface determines a web application's expected value and quality. A React JS developer's expertise might indirectly affect the same.

    2. Fundamentals of JavaScript

    JavaScript is the most important skill for developers to have. As a result, assessing their understanding of JavaScript fundamentals such as code structure, variables, data types, arrays, and more is critical. As a result, if they have an excellent fundamental understanding. Their coding talents will be valuable in designing a high-performance program.

    3. JavaScript ES6

    A developer for React JS also has to be familiar with ES6. This version of JS allows programmers to design and maintain web apps based on the client's needs. The best ES6 abilities for React JS developers include high-order functions, event handling, arrow functions, DOM manipulation, etc.

    4. JSX (JavaScript XML)

    A JavaScript syntactic extension called JSX makes it possible to code more comfortably. HTML/XML elements can be efficiently coded and included in React by developers with JSX skills. With this understanding, React developers can create applications using React APIs, which would otherwise be time-consuming. JSX is employed to improve app scalability without adding complexity to the code and to speed up and streamline app development.

    5. Variables and Scoping

    Recognizing when and where you have access to the data you require. The mechanism provided by variables in JavaScript enables the developers to store data in memory and later access that data within our apps.

    6. Git

    The Git toolkit experts are masters at storing and maintaining code versions. Developers with these abilities can keep the project on centralized version control platforms like GitHub, Bit Bucket, and GitLab. Programmers can update the code as needed by utilizing commands like push, pull, remark, add, etc. Git keeps track of these changes. In addition, it enables programmers to mix and isolate modules to test the performance of the code in various scenarios.

    7. DOM and Event Handling Facility

    "DOM Manipulation" refers to changing a node's value or adding a new node to the document tree. An alteration to the DOM has an impact on the online user interface. This is known as rendering. The ability to modify objects and the values of their attributes is a skill required in React developers. React manages the system via a handy function called 'setState().'

    8. Node + npm

    If you want to hire a full-stack React JS developer, Node can be a must-have. A React JS developer who is well-versed in nodes may fully comprehend the client-side development needs. In addition, developers should thoroughly understand the Node Packet Manager registry. It aids in the redesign of app packages and the unbundling of extra value from the React library.

    9. Redux

    One of React development projects' weaknesses is asynchronous state updates. As a result, one of the most needed abilities for developing React JS projects is understanding and using Redux. A programmer may manage and keep the React framework under control. Thanks to Redux, an internal state. It can be used for state management by ReactJS developers. Redux assists programmers in creating apps that act consistently, are simple to test, and perform equally well in various contexts.

    10. Fetch data from both APIs GraphQL & Rest

    React JS, a front-end construction framework for developing online applications, can retrieve data from the back end. In addition, rest API with GraphQL is a popular way to retrieve data from the back end. Therefore, the react.js developer skills to obtain the data utilizing these APIs will be beneficial.

    React JS Developer: Soft Skills

    1. Excellent Communication

    The development process necessitates consistent communication, whether inside the team or with clients. Therefore, hiring a developer with strong communication abilities must involve others in sharing progress updates. It is also important to understand project needs and the app-building process, communicate those needs to other team members, etc.

    2. Problem-Solving Approach

    The candidate's problem-solving method is influenced by their logical thinking, comprehension, and reasoning. The project's success is measured by how coders transition from identifying a problem to identifying a solution. Any issue, including an unintentional error that happens during the building of an app, may be handled by a developer. He needs to be the one with a strong problem-solving methodology. As a result, you need to choose a candidate who is bold enough to think outside the box. He should be willing to make mistakes and grow from them.

    3. Ability to Work in a Team

    Developers of React JS are not solitary wolves wandering the woods. On the other hand, even developers who thoroughly understand React JS' comprehensive feature set must work with team members. It includes testers, designers, and clients. Therefore, React JS engineers must develop a persona enabling them to collaborate with and interact with other team members.

    4. Accountability

    You are accountable at work when you set goals and deadlines for your duties. Just take the initiative and clearly define exceptions. As a React developer, you are responsible for the functionality and health of the company. In addition, you are responsible for its clients and the user experience those clients receive. This responsibility extends beyond the coding itself.

    How to Develop React JS Developer Skills?

    The creation of online apps frequently uses the well-liked JavaScript package React JS. It offers several capabilities, making it the perfect option for developers to create cutting-edge, dynamic apps. There is always an opportunity for improvement, just like with any technology. We are sharing some points to help you improve your skills as React developer.

    1. Stay Up to Date

    Keeping up with the most recent React JS releases is essential. It’s a must for evolving into a skilled and in-demand developer in the always-changing field of web development. React JS is frequently updated and modified to improve performance, increase security, and bring new features. These improvements can significantly impact how you design and manage your applications. So, being informed and adapting your coding methods is critical.

    2. Learn the Basics

    To become a skilled developer with this powerful JavaScript toolkit, you must first understand the React JS foundations. Consider taking online classes, attending workshops, and doing hands-on coding projects to strengthen your knowledge. In addition, you need to hone your problem-solving skills to develop your mastery of these principles. KnowledgeHut offers a course that will help you to understand the fundamentals. Check KnowledgeHut’s Web Development course syllabus to learn more.

    3. Practice regularly

    Consistent approach is essential for developing your React JS expertise and becoming a skilled developer. You need to spend more time working with React, just like with any ability. The more adept you grasp its complexities and use its potential, the better your skills will be. 

    4. Join the community

    A great approach to increasing your knowledge, gaining insight from developers' experiences, and following the newest trends is a must. The best practice is to become an active member of the React JS community. You may access many information and networking opportunities by participating in forums, attending meetups, and participating in Stack Overflow, Reactiflux, etc.

    5. Learn React JS ecosystem

    Start by reading up on the most popular libraries. Get familiar with their used cases and advantages to become more comfortable with the React ecosystem. Reading blog posts frequently, following influential people in the business, and attending conferences are important. It can teach you about new tools and trends influencing the React scene.


    There is high demand for React Developers in various web app projects and technical recruiters are carefully assessing the skills of potential candidates to identify the most suitable ones. Hence, as a ReactJS developer, it is advantageous for you to possess the above-discussed technical and soft skills in your resume, as they greatly contribute to your chances of being hired. Technical skills enable you to fulfill the primary responsibilities of development, while soft skills play a significant role in your overall success within a corporate environment. Work on developing these skills, join the communities, socialize, and enroll yourself in online courses like Full-stack Java Developer courses and unlock a world of possibilities.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    1How can I improve my React skills?

    If you wish to become a React developer, learning all the essential react skills is essential. To improve my React skills, learn new frameworks, and be consistent with the learning.  

    2What programming languages and tools should a React developer be familiar with?

    HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are fundamental web technologies to learn to use React. React is entirely written in JavaScript and uses JSX, a syntax resembling HTML, to create its user interface components.  

    3What are the resources to learn to react skills?

    There are many platforms where one can learn skills required for react js developer, like, Udemy, Coursera, and React official website.  

    4What are some popular React frameworks and libraries?

    React Bootcamp is the most popular React framework. And Material UI, Mantine UI, Radixare are some popular react libraries.  

    5What are the essential skills required for React development?

    Knowledge of fundamental React ideas like components, state, props, and JavaScript prowess is necessary. 

    You need to maintain familiarity with other front-end technologies like HTML and CSS, comprehension of the React ecosystem, and tooling like Redux. It is also a must to have familiarity with performance optimization techniques. These are just a few crucial skills to look for in a React developer. 


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