DevOps Leader Certification Training (DOL)®

Become a leader who motivates, innovates and leads DevOps transformation

  • Understand the key differences between DevOps IT and traditional IT 
  • Define meaningful metrics, manage culture change, and implement value stream mapping 
  • Prepare for the DevOps Leader certification exam and clear it on your first attempt 
  • 400,000 + Professionals trained
  • 250 + Workshops every month
  • 100 + Countries and counting

Become a Skilled Change Agent

For a DevOps change to be successful, there must be a change not just in existing processes but even in the culture and mind-set of the organization and its employees. The human factor is the most important element in a change process and leaders must ensure that the right practices, methods and tools are adopted to bring about this change.

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  • 16-Hour Live, Instructor-Led Online Training

  • 16 SEUs and PDUs on Course Completion 

  • Industry-Validated Courseware

  • Hands-on Learning with Group Exercises

  • Prepare For DevOps Leader Certification Exam

  • Digital Library of Learning Resources

Accredited by (DevOps Institute)

The KnowledgeHut Edge

Brilliant Track Record

KnowledgeHut has empowered over 350,000 professionals with skills and certifications in various domains

Learn from Industry Experts

Interact and engage with certified instructors with a wealth of industry experience and a mastery of the subject

Advanced Curriculum

Learn from the latest, most up-to-date curriculum, designed with industry needs in focus

Hands-On Training

Learn with the help of practical individual and group exercises, quizzes, and activities

Strengthen Foundations

Learn concepts from scratch by learning through step-by-step guidance and detailed feedback

Continual Learning Support

Choose from webinars, e-books, tutorials, and more to strengthen your learning



There are no prerequisites to attend this course 

Who Should Attend This Course

IT Team Leaders



Business Stakeholders

Change Agents

Tool Providers

Systems Integrators

DevOps Consultants

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What You Will Learn

DevOps and Time

Understand what DevOps is, why it's so popular, and its benefits. Learn about companies implementing DevOps.

DevOps IT and Traditional IT

Understand what sets DevOps IT apart from Traditional IT and how DevOps IT is organized differently.

Becoming a DevOps organization

Learn about Transformational Leadership, and what goes into redesigning an organization for DevOps.

Value Stream Mapping

Understand what Value Stream Mapping is and why it's so popular.  Learn how to create a Value Steam Map.

Squad Organizational Model

Explore Conway's Law, Spotify’s Squad Organization Model (Structure, Roles), Squads, Tribes, and their application.

Culture and Performance

Gain a full understanding of what DevOps culture is, how to manage change, and the three phases of change.

Transform Your Workforce

Create a DevOps Organizational Culture

Redesign your organization, its employees, and its practices for DevOps. Improve team performance and focus on what really matters. 

  • Custom Training Solutions 
  • Experiential Learning 
  • Learn by Doing Approach 
  • Immediately Applicable Skills

500+ Clients

DevOps Leader Training Curriculum

Download Curriculum
  • Course Goals 
  • Course Agenda 
  • What Is DevOps? 
  • Why Do DevOps? 
  • Companies Doing DevOps 
  • The Magic Equation
  • What Sets DevOps IT apart from Traditional IT? 
  • How DevOps IT is Organized Differently 
  • How to Perform to a Different Standard 
  • How to Use Different Measurements 
  • Transformational Leadership 
  • Redesigning An Organization for DevOps 
  • Design Principles 
    • Focus 
    • Work 
    • Information 
    • Metrics
  • What is Value Stream Mapping? 
  • Why Do We Need to Use this Framework? 
  • Types of Maps 
  • How to Create a Value Stream Map? 
  • Types of Data to Collect 
  • How to Handle Exceptions
  • Creating Value Stream Maps 
  • Conway's Law 
  • The Problem with Silos 
  • Spotify’s Squad Organization Model (Structure, Roles) 
  • Squads 
  • Tribes 
  • Chapters 
  • Guilds 
  • How to Reorganize in Order to Move to this Model 
  • What is Culture and How Does it Impact Performance? 
  • Types of IT Culture 
  • Cultural Traits of a DevOps Organization 
  • How to Manage Change 
  • Types of IT Culture 
  • What is a DevOps Culture? 
  • How To Manage Change 
  • The Three Phases of Change 
  • Types of Changes That Need to be Implemented 
  • DevOps Tools Periodic Table 
  • Top DevOps Tool Categories 
  • Common and Popular Practices 
  • Understand what matters for stakeholders 
  • Delivering business value via DevOps 
  • Resources to speed DevOps understanding 
  • Exam Requirements, Question Weighting and Terminology List 
  • Sample Exam Review 

DevOps Leader Training FAQ

DOL Training

During this 16-hour DevOps leader training, a variety of topics will be covered with the aim of educating you on the DevOps philosophy, its concepts, and benefits, and enabling you with all the practical knowledge you need to become a skilled DevOps facilitator/change agent. You will get a practical understanding of the following concepts on course completion:  

  • DevOps and time to market 
  • Business and IT perspectives   
  • Key differences between DevOps IT and Traditional IT 
  • Planning and organizing 
  • Understanding performance and culture 
  • Measurement differences 
  • Designing a DevOps organization 
  • Focusing on what matters 
  • Ideas for organizing workflows 
  • Sharing information 
  • Defining meaningful metrics 
  • Value stream mapping 
  • The Spotify Squad model 
  • Managing culture change 
  • Popular tools and key practices 
  • Putting it all together 

An indicative list of participants for this top DevOps leader course would include:  

  • Anyone involved in cultural transformations and organizational change 
  • IT team leaders, managers, directors, and business stakeholders 
  • Practitioners and change agents 
  • Tool providers and systems integrators 
  • DevOps consultants

There are no prerequisites to attend this DevOps Leader training. Learners need to successfully pass the DevOps Leader certification exam to get the DevOps Leader Certification. 

DevOps Leader Exam

The DevOps Leader Certification exam is a 60-minute examination, consisting of 40 multiple-choice questions. The passing score is 65%, achieving which you will get the DevOps Leader Certification. The certification is governed and maintained by the DevOps Institute.  

Workshop Experience

Currently, all our courses are offered online as live, interactive, trainer-led sessions where you will get to learn directly from the trainer with opportunities for interactions to discuss and clear doubts. 

Our instructors are DevOps leaders with several years of industry experience. They also have hands-on experience and will be able to tell you the practical aspects of what you are learning. This is how KnowledgeHut provides the best DevOps Leader training. 

Our courses are delivered through live interactive virtual classrooms. Our training focuses on interactive learning, split across hands-on exercises, discussions, and team collaboration, all facilitated by DevOps experts. The focus is on finding practical solutions to real-world scenarios in various strategic environments, both big and small.  All the topics of our DevOps leader are delivered by top DevOps experts, and it contains all the important topics that help you to clear the DevOps Leader certification exam at ease.  

No, you do not need to record the sessions, the sessions will be auto recorded on our LMS, you will be able to refer to them. 

Additional FAQs

DevOps is one of the most sought-after tech certifications. That’s because the demand for DevOps professionals is always increasing.

The global DevOps market is expected to grow by 25% by 2025. In fact, DevOps Leader is the highest paying developer role in the US. 

So, if you’re looking to land glorious and high-paying tech jobs, a DevOps Leader certification can be a game-changer.  

The primary job of a DevOps Leader is to create robust software deployment strategies. If you’re looking for DevOps Leader job description, then you must know that a DevOps Leader always needs to stay updated with the latest industry trends and apply best practices to conduct tests, research, and execute new techniques for successful execution of software development projects. Also, a DevOps Lead Engineer is responsible for optimizing and designing automation systems to help businesses leverage advanced infrastructure platforms.   

Leading an organization-wide DevOps initiative requires extensive skills, innovative thinking, and transformational leadership qualities. 

If you’re aspiring to become a successful DevOps Leader, then you can start with our expert-led DevOps training and prepare for the DevOps Leader certification exam.  

With the ever-increasing demand for faster development strategies and continuous deployments, the need for certified and skilled DevOps professionals has increased exponentially.

Today, DevOps makes for the top paying developer job role in the US market. Capitalize on this immense demand for DevOps certified professionals and embark on a remarkable career journey by enrolling for KnowledgeHut’s DevOps Leadership course.  

The DevOps Leadership course by KnowledgeHut comes with 16 hours of live classes delivered by renowned DevOps experts. Our industry-validated curriculum helps you to master important DevOps concepts like DevOps IT, Value Stream Mapping, Conway’s Law, DevOps culture, and more. Get hands-on training and prepare for the DevOps Leadership certification exam

DevOps is one of the highest-paying developer job roles. The average salary of a DevOps Leader is around $105,000-$120,000. The salary increases with experience.  

You need to acquire the DevOps Leader (DOL) certification to become a DevOps Leader. To achieve this certification, you must clear the DevOps Leader certification exam.   

You can enroll for our DevOps Leader certification training delivered by top DevOps experts and learn how to plan, design, and implement a successful DevOps transformation in your enterprise through applying the key concepts of DevOps and leveraging innovative thinking and transformational leadership.  

A DevOps certification is one of the most sought-after certifications in the tech world. DevOps is basically an accredited credential that validates an individual’s skills to become a successful DevOps professional. 

DevOps certifications are earned through a myriad of assessments, exams, and projects. If you’re looking to become a skilled DevOps leader, then the DevOps Leader certification is the best DevOps certification for you.  

Becoming a skilled DevOps leader is a dream of many tech aspirants. To become a successful DevOps Leader, you need to have a strong understanding of critical DevOps aspects and acquire the right certification like DevOps Leader. 

If you’re looking to become a DevOps leader, enroll for a specialized DevOps Leader certification training course offered by a renowned course provider like KnowledgeHut and start your exam preparation with input and mentorship from top DevOps experts.  

No, you don’t need a degree, but a DevOps Leader certification can be your launchpad for a successful career in DevOps.  

Here are some of the key skills of a successful DevOps leader: 

  • Communication Skills: Should possess excellent communication skills to lead the DevOps team  
  • Conceptual Knowledge: Have a sound knowledge of essential concepts and terminologies used in DevOps  
  • Cloud Knowledge: Have a clear understanding of Cloud infrastructure  
  • Tech Skills: Should possess adequate skills in maintenance, configuration, and different scripting languages  

KnowledgeHut’s DevOps Leader online training is a perfect fit for: 

  • IT Team Leaders  
  • Managers  
  • Directors  
  • Business Stakeholders  
  • Change Agents  
  • Tool Providers 
  • System Integrators  
  • DevOps Consultants  

You need to clear the DevOps Leader certification exam to obtain the DevOps Leader certification. You can start by enrolling for our expert-led DevOps leadership training that comes with 16-hours of live instructor-led training and an advanced curriculum that lets you grasp revolutionary DevOps concepts in just a few weeks.  

The DevOps Leader certification is obtained upon successfully clearing the DevOps Leader exam. The exam voucher costs around US $200 and is essential to get certified. To know more about the DevOps Leader certification cost, you can visit

Organizations around the globe are leveraging DevOps for improving product efficiency, innovation, reducing production cycle, and more. Be it manufacturing, finance, or retail, organizations are implementing DevOps to achieve business goals. As a result, there is a great demand for DevOps professionals. DevOps leader is one of the most high-paying job roles in the DevOps world. The average salary of a DevOps leader is more than $110,000. 

So, if you’re looking to embrace a rewarding tech career then DevOps is an automatic choice. Get started with our expert-led DevOps leader (DOL) certification course and get a chance to learn directly from recognized DevOps experts.  

A DevOps leader should have a knack for innovation and a solid conceptual knowledge. To start your journey of becoming a successful DevOps leader, you need to master important DevOps concepts and acquire key DevOps skills like DevOps IT Management, Value Stream Mapping, and more along with an adequate knowledge of handling cutting-edge DevOps tools. 

You can start your journey of becoming an established DevOps professional by enrolling for the best DevOps leader certification course. 

Yes, absolutely. KnowledgeHut is a renowned course provider. Over the years, we have helped 350,000+ learners across 100+ countries to achieve their career goals. Plus, KnowledgeHut is home to seasoned industry experts who have revolutionary impact on the tech world. KnowledgeHut’s best DevOps leader course helps you to achieve top DevOps leadership roles in renowned organizations.  

A DevOps leader certification is your entry to the DevOps world. This certification validates your DevOps skills. That means you can apply for top job roles in renowned global organizations and enjoy a highly rewarding tech career.  

Coding knowledge is a great plus. DevOps require coding but that doesn’t mean every team member should have extensive coding knowledge. However, if you’re a DevOps leader, you don’t have to code but you need to know about codes and how it fits.  

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