Career Path Of A Scrum Product Owner

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06th Jun, 2022
21st Oct, 2016
Career Path Of A Scrum Product Owner

A scrum product owner has the dual capability of foresight and the decision-making power to make a project successful. A Scrum Product Owner will work on the product for its entire life-cycle and hence will have an idea of how things need to be prioritized, managed and executed. This decision-making and communicating power capability can be obtained by undergoing a CSPO certification program and the experience will enable the candidate to access a wide range of career opportunities. Listed below are some of the great career paths that await a Scrum product owner.

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1. Business Analyst:

Product Owners are well-suited for a business analyst profile as they have adequate knowledge on how to handle the business requirements and supplement with analysis and thus enable better decision-making. This knowledge can be used to improve the business and hence being a business analyst would be a great career path out there to choose from, after being a product owner.

2. Project Manager:

The role of a Project Manager is another great career path that is available to a product owner. The candidate will be involved with project planning and management. This role is usually available after being a business analyst, and there are many companies out there who look out for Project Manager Candidates with the Scrum certification.

3. Product Manager:
The other direction you can choose is the product management side where you will get to focus on expounding requirements for a product based on strategic requirements and product-market fit. The path to this position can be prolonged as it requires you to be a business analyst first and also have a Master of Business Administration Degree (MBA). But once pursued, this will work on to be one of the best career paths.

4. Chief Executive Officer (CEO):

Senior Product Owners have a great probability of becoming the CEO of a company. Though this requires a lot of experience, perseverance and demands lots of time. The experience gained from being a product owner is a valuable asset as you get to learn about how to make the product successful, how to enliven the team, how to be dedicated, how a high return on investment can be achieved, how to engage the customers, etc. All these qualities are what is being looked for in a CEO, for managing the whole company and for taking it towards a great success path. So the product owners have got a great career prospect here!

So go ahead! Take a course in CSPO (Certified Scrum Product Owner), become a great product owner and expose yourself to a wide range of sumptuous career paths.



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