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Must-have tools for Seamless Agile Management

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18th May, 2022
03rd Jul, 2020
Must-have tools for Seamless Agile Management

For a long time, developers did not have a lot of freedom with their projects when it came to product development. Expected to work within the restraints provided by the top management or the sponsor of the project, and creatively limited by locked plans, developers craved to think out of the box and unleash their intuition and skills to develop a much more productive system.  

This led to the rise of Agile development, a methodology that allows developers to be flexible and creative in delivering exactly what users demand. Agile management took over a whole new system of development. This management system has come a long way since its birth and has now become one of the best manifestos for project management.  
However, with such a heavy structure in place, there were strenuous tasks and methods involved. To get accustomed to this manifesto, you should invest in a good Agile and Scrum certification to get well versed with the different Agile tools given below: 

Agile Manager 

This tool helps organize and guide teams from the start as they work towards developing working code for an Agile model. At the beginning of this process, the manager will gather important user stories and contemplate on how to attack the problems addressed by them.  

During each code sprint, the developers record their progress on user stories and their problems. The entire progress is plotted on a dashboard so that everyone is up to date with their work. 

Agile Manager dashboard
Agile Manager dashboard

The Agile Manager offers many features: 

  • Creates epics and map them to releases, features and stories 
  • Uses story points for estimation 
  • Analyses sprint performance with help of dashboard and scrum 
  • Uses templates and custom statuses for process management 


The JIRA tool is one of the best tools for project management. The team first makes a list of project tasks with the help of a tool called Confluence. Then they track the tasks on an interactive Kanban board that developers can update as they finish each task.  

This Agile tool is integrated with other tools. Bamboo is a tool that offers continuous integration that pre-builds the code before evaluating it. Discussions take place through HipChat, and these revolve around the tasks and probable solutions.  

Jira dashboard
Jira dashboard

Main features offered in JIRA include: 

  • Issue tracking 
  • Boards 
  • Epics 
  • Bug tracking 
  • Custom fields 


Planbox is a hierarchical tool. It offers four specific levels of organizational power, thus allowing many teams to simultaneously work towards a single goal. The topmost level is called the initiative, which is broad and abstract. They contain various projects, which are filled with tasks. 

Planbox creates these projects and evaluates them to form a report. This report is prepared for the shareholders.  

There are various amazing features like looping customer reviews and time tracking. This tool is integrated with Github for storage and Zendesk for tracking customer satisfaction.

Planbox dashboard
Planbox dashboard


Leankit is a very unique tool. It aims to create a conference room type of whiteboard where most projects start from. This lets members post virtual notes on it that represent tasks, user stories or glitches, which should be addressed later.  
The board has a fast update feature and lets multiple teams work together in separate spaces while still coordinating together.  

Leankit dashboard
Leankit dashboard

The key features offered by Leankit are:

  • Board view templates 
  • Track issues and bugs 
  • Manage project portfolios 
  • Lean metrics and reporting 


This is a next generation project management tool which focuses on and around the team instead of the task. It has a good visual representation that allows managers to create a full-project blueprint. This promises team clarity and increased planning capabilities.

With the powerful task management tool, every team member is sure to be on track, and the virtual portfolio is an added accessory that helps tabulate developer progress.  

Now, chasing around team members for every update is no longer necessary! Any and all progress report by the team members will clearly be reflected in the project timeline.  

Proggio dashbarod
Proggio dashboard

They main features offered by Proggio include: 

  • Board and List views 
  • Visual tracking 
  • Better timelines 


Have you ever been in a meeting and thought, "This is taking forever!"? If so, you're not alone.

ProofHub is an all-in-one work management and team collaboration tool that helps you and your team stay on top of your projects.

ProofHub is the perfect tool for teams that work in an agile environment. It makes it easy to prioritize work and stay on track by tracking time spent on different projects.You can also use ProofHub's Kanban board to visualize your team's progress in real-time and make sure everyone stays on task.

And if you're ever in a jam, ProofHub has a built-in chat feature that lets everyone on your team collaborate quickly. You can even use it to assign tasks and set due dates!

This makes it easier for them to collaborate on projects instead of sending emails back and forth which could get lost or ignored due to lack of attention. It also helps teams stay more organized because everything is in one place instead of being scattered across various inboxes or Slack channels which might not be monitored regularly by everyone involved with certain projects (especially if they're not directly involved).

ProofHub dashboard

Key features of ProofHub include.

  • Board and list views
  • Time-Tracking
  • Gantt Charts
  • Custom fields
  • Bug Tracking

Choose the Agile tool best suited for your business 

In this vast market, there are unlimited tools created for Agile, but the above-mentioned are the ones which yield the best results. This will help you evaluate and find the tool that functions best for your context and is comfortable for your team. 

With every team applying their unique approach to the Agile methodology, choosing the right tool may appear to be a rather difficult task. However, once the Agile manifesto is in place, things are sure to run quite smoothly and profitably.  

Be sure to check our latest course schedules for Agile and Scrum and take strides ahead with your professional growth in Agile.



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