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Highest Paying Freelancing Jobs in India

05th Sep, 2023
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    Highest Paying Freelancing Jobs in India

    As India is seeing a massive surge in the gig economy, freelancing jobs are becoming one of the buzzwords. Research conducted by the Boston Consulting Group in 2021 suggests that the number of freelancing jobs could increase three-fold over the next four years and might be the primary source of income for 24 million people in India.

    For most people, freelancing jobs seem highly lucrative. For one, you set your hours and are ultimately answerable only to yourself. You have perfect independence in taking on only the work you’d like to take.  You set your hours, you choose your clients, and ultimately, you are your boss.

    Freelancing jobs indeed sound lucrative. If you are not part of the bandwagon and want to jump onto it, too, KnowledgeHut has curated a list of the five best freelancing jobs in India for your perusal.

    Top 6 Highest Paying Freelancing Jobs in India

    Copywriting / Content Writing

    Nothing sells better than an excellent convincing copy in the age of shortening attention spans. A killer copy could be worth lakhs of rupees, should you find the ideal client to pitch your services to. If you’re a creative person with a knack for writing, copywriting is perhaps the most profitable freelancing job that you need to consider.

    Businesses pay top dollar for great copywriters - and for an excellent reason. In the present digital age, almost everyone has access to smartphones and can look up a company’s website in seconds. Every purchase decision happens after a great deal of research.

    What better way to convince a person about the trustworthiness of a business than through killer landing page copies, email campaigns, blog posts, and newsletters (or even advertisements, for that matter)?

    Starting, the average pay for a freelance content writer is about INR 0.30 per word (roughly translates to 300 rupees earned for 1000 words). As one nourish copywriting skills, the rates can be as high as INR 10, 15 a word - earning you 15,000 rupees for 1,000 words.

    Skills Necessary

    1. Excellent command over the Language of choice.
    2. Excellent writing, editing, and, yes, verbal skills.
    3. Time management is necessary.
    4. Working knowledge of content management platforms like WordPress and Jumla.
    5. Ability to work together with other members of the business's marketing team, including, but not limited to, graphic designers, CMOS, etc.

    Blockchain Development

    The world is all set to be taken by a new revolution. Dubbed web 3.0, blockchains are all the hype right now, and for an excellent reason.

    The onset of decentralized blockchains is poised to reinvent the way we look at the internet. Not only would hacks and frauds be a thing of the past, but data privacy would also be at an all-time high. This would enable an environment where trust is unnecessary, which will have significant ramifications in the business world.

    Guess who’d be the backbone of this very revolution?

    You guessed it - blockchain developers.

    The Indian blockchain scene is still at its nascent stage. And thus, the demand for freelance blockchain developers is exceptionally high. This is also reflected in the rates paid for freelance blockchain developers in India. The pay can be as high as INR 5,000 to 6,000 an hour for the best blockchain developers, while beginners can expect the payment to be around the INR 700 to 1000 an hour mark.

    Skills Necessary

    1. Enthusiasm in the growing Web 3.0 Space.
    2. Significant understanding of algorithms, data structures, consensus mechanisms, cryptography, and software development.
    3. Proficiency in languages like Solidity, Angular, React.js, and PHP.
    4. Experience in dabbling with open-source projects.

    Data Analytics

    Another field of particular interest for freelancers in the field of data analytics. From helping with simple data visualization dashboards to creating complex machine learning models for big businesses, the scope for a data scientist is exceptionally high.

    Most big businesses tend to have an in-house team of data scientists, but the field is nowhere near saturation, making it a particularly lucrative field for freelancers. The pay really depends on what task you’re offering – it can be as low as INR 350 bucks for a simple dashboard and can go as high as INR 3,50,000 for complex machine learning models.

    Depending on your expertise and subject knowledge, the world is your literal playground as a data scientist. A data science certification course can help you go a long way in landing your first gig and moving forward.

    Skills Necessary

    1. Advanced Mathematical Skills.
    2. Interest in breaking down complex data structures.
    3. Working knowledge of Microsoft Excel, SQL, Python, and R, among others.
    4. Data Visualization skills.
    5. Communication and presentation skills

    Project Manager

    A project manager is one who is responsible for planning, obtaining, executing, and completing the project. When it comes to handling project scope, and managing the team, a project manager handles it all. Every project's success or failure is a project manager's responsibility. When it comes to working as a project manager freelancer, you should have experience in project management, possess a bachelor's degree or PMP certification, and have the necessary skills. The average hourly salary for a freelance project manager is $33.83 while the annual salary is $70,357.

    Project Manager Skills

    1. Managing high-stress situations
    2. Having leadership skills
    3. Attention to detail
    4. Resource planning
    5. Team and Time management
    6. Management of project's progress 

    A project manager, before starting freelance work, should go by the below points which will help him know how to become a freelance project manager:

    1. Create a portfolio
    2. Collect recommendations and testimonials
    3. Finding your niche
    4. Network
    5.  Take PMP Accredited Courses

    Web Design/Development

    Web design and development are indeed two very different disciplines. But they go well hand-in-hand that we clubbed it into the same category.

    For most businesses in today’s digital world - their website is their digital storefront. The expenses involved in creating a highly responsive, search engine-optimized, user-friendly website are incredibly high.

    Web designers create a mock-up as to how the final website should feel. The user experience, user journey, and branding philosophies are carefully studied to develop the website's design.

    Once this is done, website developers take over. They take the mock-ups created by the web designers, add on the content provided by the copywriters, and put together the final website.

    Starting, the pay for a website designer would be at the INR 300/hour mark. Experienced designers tend to charge per project - around the INR 5,00,000 range, depending on the website’s needs.

    On the other hand, developers charge based on the number of pages to be developed, functionalities to be included, and the platform on which the website is built. A simple website can go for as much as INR 1,00,000, while businesses with complex website requirements are known to invest crores of rupees in their website.

    The web design/development field has been around for so long, and naturally, the competition is relatively high in India. A Web Development certificate could go a long way in landing your first gig and creating your portfolio - helping you land better-paying customers in the future.

    Skills Necessary - Web Design

    1. Understanding of UI/UX philosophies, color philosophies, etc.
    2. Familiarity with prototyping tools like Adobe XD, Figma, etc.
    3. Creative Mind with an awareness of what’s possible and what’s not.

    Skills Necessary - Web Development

    1. Working knowledge of languages like HTML, CSS, Javascript, SQL, and PHP, among others.
    2. Working knowledge of platforms like WordPress, Drupal, and Jumla, among others.
    3. Excellent time-management and communication skills.

    Digital Marketing/ Social Media Marketing

    Facebook and Google have ruled the world for the past decade. With the number of people their platforms attract, these sites are a literal gold mine of data, ready to be used by businesses worldwide.

    If you understand the basics of search engine marketing and social media marketing - the opportunities available are pretty limitless. Businesses worldwide - small or big, are running PPC campaigns and social media adverts to increase brand awareness and conversions.

    However, since the world is tightening up on data privacy laws, it is not nearly as easy as before to generate conversions from these platforms. Businesses need experts that can manage and run these digital campaigns for them. This is where freelance digital marketing/social media marketing experts come in.

    The fees in this industry are usually charged as a percentage of the Ad campaign. For managing one movement, the cost can be anywhere between INR 5,000 to INR 1,00,000, depending on the ad budget, the complexity of the campaign, and the desired results.

    Skills Necessary

    1. Basic understanding of Digital Marketing
    2. Staying up-to-date on the latest changes in Algorithms, data privacy laws, etc.
    3. Basic understanding of marketing and sales funnel.
    4. Copywriting skills / Graphic Designing Skills, etc., are a definite bonus (can directly increase the rates you can charge for your clients).


    This list, by any means, is not an exhaustive one. There are plenty of other freelancing opportunities available, like brand photography, DevOps, Graphic Designing, and Social Media Management.

    If you’re looking to equip yourselves with the technical skills for tomorrow’s jobs - check out the self-paced and live instructor-led courses on KnowledgeHut at your disposal. Our in-demand courses will help you transition to your dream career by developing the skills to move fast and stay ahead.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    1Which field is best for freelancing in India?

    Depending on your interests and expertise - a wide variety of fields, including content writing, graphic designing, website development, and digital marketing, are extremely remunerative in India.

    2Do freelancers make good money in India?

    Skilled freelancers make a significant amount of money in India, enough to make it a full-time career.

    3How do I start freelancing?

    You start by equipping yourself with the necessary skills. Certifications, courses, and boot camps, like the ones offered by KnowledgeHut, can prove extremely useful. Get Certified, Get Noticed.

    4Can freelancing be a full-time career?

    Yes, many people in India are full-time freelancers and have made a significant amount of money through freelancing.


    Lakshmi Iyer


    Lakshmi Iyer is the biggest geek you'll ever meet. When she's not curled up reading books, or watching biographies, you'll find her playing high-level valorant. She's ever so interested in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, despite coming from an Electrical background. She loves writing, and has been in the field of content writing, providing technical information since 2019.

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