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Top Trending Professional Courses in 2024

07th Jun, 2024
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    Top Trending Professional Courses in 2024

    Finding a good job can be a real hassle. Especially with the competition around, it gets comparatively difficult to choose the right job for you. Professional courses, designed to prepare you for the right job in a specialized field of your choice provide students with in-depth training in practical skills. And whatever your interests and passions are, you will find one that is cut out for you from a wide range of high-quality courses available out there — from Data Science to Project Management. In this article, we will look at the top 10 professional courses in the world that you can apply to get your dream job.

    1. Full-Stack Developer

    An immersive Full-Stack Developer course will help you build a solid foundation to impress the top-tech professionals and recruiters to land a good job in a product-based company. It is one of the world’s top professional courses. You will be able to gain a thorough understanding of how to deploy, create, secure, and scale programs, as well as become familiar with the user interface, database stacks, and business logic.

    With the help of this online course, you will be able to capitalize on this rapidly increasing job demand by becoming equipped to supervise all aspects of the project, starting from databases and servers to systems and clients. With the unique perspective of a full-stack developer, you will be able to be a part of any project team in any industry or geography.

    2. Data Science

    One of the best courses to pursue after graduation is a master’s degree in data science. Data Science has deservedly earned the title of the best job of the twenty-first century. There are Data Science courses online that also help you grow in your career tremendously.

    According to Payscale.com, the average salary for a Data Science graduate is Rs. 622,162. As per this popular website, there are 97,000 available data science and analytics job positions. Graduates can work as administrators, data scientists, analytics, architects, or even business allegiance managers in organizations that handle huge amounts of data.

    3. Cloud Computing

    Cloud Computing is a Computer Science arm that deals with the storage, management, and processing of data on internet server networks. It is a global solution for retrieving and storing data. Cloud computing is rapidly becoming an important part of IT-based enterprises. Cloud Technology has been deployed in a suitable capacity by organizations of all industries and sizes. When you choose to learn Cloud Computing, you’re bound to experience tremendous career growth.

    Across the world, there is a growing demand for IT experts to work in and around cloud computing. With a degree in cloud computing and other additional expertise, one can pursue certification programs online to gain better opportunities in well-known companies. Because of the high demand for employees’ skills in this field of work, many students are offered job opportunities — both in India and abroad.

    4. Project Management

    PMP (Project Management Professional) is an important certification for Project Management professionals. This program’s focus is to introduce students to a variety of project management techniques and tools, often with hands-on project training. During this course, you will not only learn how to manage project timelines, but also how to make the best use of the project resources, and how to execute and deliver the projects on time within a given budget.

    Project Management courses such as the PMP course online, enjoy great popularity with people keen on advancing in their non-tech careers. A PMP certification can help you land well-paying jobs in Finance, Manufacturing, Information Technology, Healthcare, and other such industries that need Project Management roles. Project Management is considered to be one of the best management courses in the world.

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    5. Business Analytics

    In essence, Business Analytics refers to the process of combining Data Analytics and Business Intelligence on a huge set of data to gain insights for the development of future business plans and strategies. This makes the role of a business analyst really crucial.

    This branch is used as a tool to analyze and explore current insights and data for future business goals, strategies, planning, and execution. Business analytics aims to optimize processes, increase revenue by reducing operational costs, improve customer relations, and forecast future trends. This allows for more accurate strategic business plans.

    6. Chartered Financial Analyst

    Chartered Financial Analyst is a very credible course for students who look forward to pursuing a career in Finance rather than STEM. While CA (Chartered Accounting) was the go-to choice for commerce students, CFA has arisen to become a choice globally for students because of its comprehensive curriculum and the lucrative job opportunities it opens up in fields like Investment Banking, Portfolio Management, Financial Strategy, and Research Analysis. Enrolling in one of the top ACCA colleges will give you the opportunity to become one of the best Chartered Financial Analysts.

    The program mainly focuses on various investment-related areas, like Financial Modelling.

    It is split into 3 levels: Level 1 focuses on an introduction to equity, fixed income, alternatives, etc. This level also gives insights into topics such as Financial Reporting, Economics, Quants, and Research Analysis; Level 2 dives into more detailed information into the valuation of assets like derivatives, fixed income, equity, and financial statement analysis; Level 3 concentrates on prospective changes in portfolio management of the assets and wealth planning.

    7. Digital Marketing

    Due to the rapid online shift, using flyers and billboards as marketing tools have become outdated. Organizations and businesses are looking to use digital mediums to increase and maintain brand awareness. According to recent surveys and research, the digital marketing industry makes a significant contribution to the employment sector.

    A digital marketing course will help you to get familiar with everything that is necessary to drive various digital marketing channels. Digital marketing is undoubtedly one such field that has grown in popularity over the years and it shows no signs of slowing down at any time. It is one of the most booming professional courses in the world.

    8. Machine Learning

    Machine learning is a branch of Artificial Intelligence where the system learns from the data, identifies patterns and makes decisions with minimal human intervention. It is a method of data analysis that automates analytical model building. Even though Machine Learning came to the spotlight only in recent years, it was in existence since World War 2 when Alan Turing built the Enigma Machine. In today's world, we see Machine Learning all around us. For example, Google's self-driving car and recommendations on Spotify, Netflix and other platforms come under Machine Learning.

    The 12-month course is divided into 8 modules, which include Data Analytics, Data Science, Statistics, Toolkit, Machine Learning – I, Machine Learning – II, Natural Language Processing, Deep Learning, Reinforcement Learning, and Deployment & Capstone Projects. Students also get the opportunity to work with other tools like Python, MySQL, TensorFlow, AWS, etc.

    9. Wealth Management

    Wealth Management is a program that not many people are aware of. However, it can provide you with a plethora of new opportunities in the finance sector. Wealth Management is generally a one-year diploma course that is designed for professionals who want to take their wealth management skills to another level. This course provides both industry knowledge and a thorough understanding of the market. It leads to career opportunities such as Wealth Manager, Financial Planner, Investment Manager, Financial Consultant, and Fund Manager.

    10. Medical and Biological Science

    As much as people try to lead and live a healthy life, medical practitioners will always be needed in society because emergencies do occur which require professionals to deal with. Doctors, nurses, scientists, and clinical officers are essential service providers. Since the world's population is growing year on year, the services of these professionals will also be needed more. Scientists and Researchers also play an important role in order to make new discoveries in the medical field.

    Learning that Leads to Earning

    Short-term job-oriented programs may be the best option for those who want to begin their professional career as soon as possible. However, with the top trending professional courses mentioned above, you can choose from a variety of fields to get the best job that suits you the most. All the best on your professional journey! Don’t forget to share with us which courses do you think are your favorite and what would you like to know more about them.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    1What is the best course in the world?

    Engineering is considered to be the most sought after course in the world. Engineering students must have tactical skills, analytical skills, critical thinking skills, and problem-solving abilities, making it one of the toughest and best courses in the world.

    2Which course has more job opportunities?

    Computer Science is known to have more job opportunities in today's world. Computer Science degrees, particularly those from prestigious universities, remain the most in demand with lots of job opportunities for all majors. Many recent graduates have several job offers to choose from.

    3Which courses are in demand abroad?

    Engineering and Technology courses are greatly sought after abroad. Engineering has one of the most diverse job opportunities for college graduates, with thousands of job offers worldwide. Some of these courses include specialization in Computer Science, Aerospace, Biomedical, Mechanical, Civil, Electrical and Environmental, and others.

    4Which course has the highest salary?

    This year, the Google Cloud Certified Professional Data Engineer certification is associated with the highest paying salary in IT — with an average salary of $171,749. The demand for data engineers is constantly growing, being one of the most in-demand disciplines in the industry. To achieve this certification, candidates must pass the Google Certified Professional – Data Engineer exam.*

    5Which course will have more demand in the future?

    Data Science careers are at the top of the list of "future jobs." People who want to work in this field are usually interested in mathematics, computers, and data analysis. Almost every industry employs Data scientists to analyze big data, improve business, and serve customers better.


    Ashish Gulati

    Data Science Expert

    Ashish is a techology consultant with 13+ years of experience and specializes in Data Science, the Python ecosystem and Django, DevOps and automation. He specializes in the design and delivery of key, impactful programs.

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