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Best Career Paths of Successful Scrum Masters in 2022

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Last updated on
13th Jul, 2022
10th Jul, 2019
Best Career Paths of Successful Scrum Masters in 2022

In this post-pandemic world, more than ever before, organizations have realized the benefits of adopting agile. There’s a huge demand for Scrum Masters who can help departments go agile, increase the efficiency of teams, and help organizations respond to rapidly changing market conditions.  

Having Scrum Masters on-board means better products, shorter time to market, satisfied customers and a happier workforce. After taking the Scrum Master Certification, you will be sure of a career trajectory that is long and successful.  

Let’s look at the best career paths for Scrum Master for 2022. Along with that, read about Agile vs Scrum and Scrum Interview Questions.

Scrum Master Role

A Scrum Master is an indispensable part of a Scrum team because of the responsibilities that they undertake. 

These include:

Servant leadership:   

Foremost, a Scrum Master is a servant leader and is involved in performance planning, coaching, self- organization, removing obstacles, resolving conflicts and serving the team. As a servant leader, the Scrum Master is the man Friday for the team and makes sure that development never stops and innovation continues. 

You can also check out the scrum master tutorial page for more about roles, responsibilities, and skills.

Helping team members with Scrum:   

The team looks up to the Scrum Master for guidance in implementing Scrum processes. If the development team is following the Scrum principles and values, then the Scrum Master needs to guide them and ensure that development is being carried out strictly in adherence to Scrum.

 Creates an environment conducive to innovation:

Happy teams translate to better developed products; which in turn lead to satisfied customers. The Scrum Master creates an environment that helps teams work free of distractions. In such an environment, the team is more empowered to innovation and research. The Scrum Master makes sure that such an environment is provided to the team.  

Daily stand-up meetings 

An essential part of Scrum projects are the daily stand-up meetings where issues are addressed and goals are discussed. These sprints keep the team updated and help to bring to the fore any problems that members may be facing. The Scrum Master arranges meetings and makes sure everything is on track.  

Assists the Product Owner 

The Scrum Master helps the Product Owner in the effective management of the product backlog. This involves facilitating Scrum events, identifying backlog items and product planning.   

Coaching and mentoring 

A scrum master will always be passionate about promoting scrum in the enterprise. Being change leader and working towards Scrum adoption is a huge part of the Scrum Master’s responsibility. Scrum Masters mentor and coach not just teams on the principles and processes of Agile and Scrum, but departments and organizations.  

Scrum Master Salary

The role a Scrum Master in an Agile organization is irreplaceable. This all-important role is what keep development teams motivated and gives them direction in Scrum and delivering value.  

The need for certified and knowledgeable Scrum Masters has driven their market value as a result of which Scrum Masters earn lucrative salaries. Let’s look at Scrum Master salaries. 

Average salary in USD: $92,298/ year. Entry level Scrum Masters earn $68k/year; mid-career Scrum Masters earn $100k/year while experienced Scrum Masters earn $115k/year.

Job Roles After Scrum Master

The career progression of a Scrum Master can be satisfying, enriching and lucrative. 

1. Product Owner

Scrum Masters who are interested in the business side of the product become great product owners.  

2. Senior Scrum Master

If you are a Scrum Master committed to delivering the best value, helping an organization reach business objectives and leading multiple teams through critical resource intensive projects, then continuing on the Scrum Master journey in order to become a senior scrum master will be apt for you. Senior Scrum Masters earn huge salaries and benefits.  

3. Agile Coach: 

A skilled Agile coach can steer the organization through the spectrum of challenges it faces and help to maximize the ROI through the different aspects of Enterprise coaching. Becoming an agile coach is among the most popular aspirations of Scrum Masters who like to motivate, teach and nurture Agile adoption in an enterprise.  

Agile coaches are change leaders who promote quality improvement, increase productivity and aid in adoption of enterprise-wide agility.  

4. Project Manager

Though a Scrum Master is different from a Project Manager, he or she can play the role of a project manager in non-Agile projects. These are different roles with different ways of working but a Scrum Master can transition into the role of a project manager with seniority and experience.  

5. Chief Information Officer

A good Scrum Master brings out the best in the team, the project and the organization. Scrum Masters with a wealth of experience make great CIOs as they have the passion and commitment to excel, improve relentlessly and bring out the best in others.  

Chief Information Officer

Future of Scrum Master

Like all roles associated with Agile and Scrum, the future for the Scrum Master role is also bright and full of opportunities. From being listed as one of the top emerging jobs in product development by the World Economic Forum, and LinkedIn to being labelled as the this century’s most lucrative job roles in the 2019 Scrum Master Trends, the Scrum Master’s role is here to stay.  

Scrum Master roles have transcended the IT industry and are now available in finance and insurance, consulting and professional services, engineering and technology, telecommunications transportation, healthcare, manufacturing, media, defence and more.  

According to the  2019 Scrum Master Trends by, in organizations with 10,000 employees and less, Scrum Masters made up 18% of the total employee count.  

All these statistics indicate the importance that Scrum Masters play in agile transition and in removing impediments to enable organizational growth and value. 

Their importance in an organization directly translates to number of jobs. On a daily basis, there are hundreds of new job listings for Scrum Master and related roles all over the world.  

The acceleration of Agile adoption across organizations has increased the demand for Scrum Masters and this trend is likely to continue in the near future.

How Certifications Can Help 

There are several certification paths that can help you on your Scrum Master journey. For example, the Scrum Alliance certification path offers certifications at every pitstop of your Scrum Master journey starting from a Certified ScrumMaster to a Certified Scrum Trainer to Certified Agile Leader credentials meant for the C-suite.    

How Certifications Can Help


A Scrum Master is to an Agile project what a project manager is to a waterfall project. They drive innovation, team harmony, productivity and the establishment of the Agile culture.  

The Scrum Master role does not need to be static—it is evolutionary, and Scrum Masters can go on to don several hats based on their experience and expertise. While some choose to be in the thick of it all leading projects and engaging with stakeholders; some prefer to drive change in human habits by coaching team members in the adoption of Agile, culture change and transformation. 

As a Scrum master, your options are limitless. You have the power to drive success and aid in value creation.  



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