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Top Digital Marketing Jobs in Singapore in 2024

27th Dec, 2023
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    Top Digital Marketing Jobs in Singapore in 2024

    Today, digital marketing has become an essential requirement for any business. The COVID-19 pandemic further pushed people to avail of online services, which underscored the importance of digital marketing further. 

    This situation has eventually led to a rise in the demand for more digital marketers. Singapore, an economic powerhouse of Asia, welcomes professionals from all fields. Digital Marketers are one of them. 

    If you are looking for digital marketing jobs in Singapore, you have come to the right place. This blog will also help those who are just starting their career and are interested in launching their career in digital marketing. 

    Let's dig in further to understand all aspects of the digital marketing job market in Singapore and how to land a job there.

    What is Digital Marketing?

    Digital Marketing is, as the name suggests, marketing efforts to reach out to a customer over the internet. Typical tools include websites, blogs, emailers, and social media posts with attractive graphics and videos. Digital Marketing uses strategies like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Management (SEM), and Social Media ads to reach out to the potential customer. Using technologies like Google Analytics and Online Surveys or undertaking a Digital Marketing Bootcamp, a digital marketer gains insights into marketing trends and consumer behavior. 

    In digital marketing, an individual can be a jack of all trades or specialize in any of the above-mentioned specific tools. Even that suffices to have a lucrative career as a digital marketer. For example, several digital marketers work only on SEO, while some only deal with Google Analytics. Though knowing all the tools is essential, it's not mandatory to work on all. 

    In-Demand Digital Marketing Jobs in Singapore

    Let's find out the types of jobs in digital marketing in Singapore.  

    1. SEO Analyst

    An SEO analyst's job is to bring organic traffic to the website using various SEO strategies. SEO analysts support firms in establishing and enhancing their online brand presence. To offer the greatest user experience possible, SEO analysts undertake keyword research, track website traffic, and develop optimization methods. Additionally, they stay current on SEO strategies. 

    Skills required- 

    • Basic HTML and CSS 
    • Good understanding of search engine algorithms 
    • Fair knowledge of SEO tools 
    • Content writing 
    • Analytical mindset 
    • Troubleshooting 
    • Excellence in Google site mapping 

    Career Growth opportunities- 

    SEO has remained a methodology to rank a website higher in search engine rankings and bring organic traffic. Massive growth in digital awareness has resulted in online competition. Therefore, people skilled in SEO are in huge demand. In Singapore, the projected total compensation for an SEO Specialist is SGD 7,861 per month, with an average income of SGD 3,561. The expected monthly salary rise is SGD 4,300. Cash bonuses, commissions, tips, and profit sharing are all possible forms of additional compensation. 

    2. Digital Marketing Manager

    Digital marketing manager jobs in Singapore are in demand. A typical digital marketing manager plans, develops, implements, and monitors digital marketing campaigns. These campaigns may include SEO, Social Media Marketing, Google Adwords, and Email Marketing. Comprehensive training is essential to become a good digital marketing manager. 

    Skills required- 

    • Critical thinking 
    • Analyzing data 
    • Social Media Marketing 
    • Email Marketing 
    • SEO 
    • Capability to understand the ideal content/copy 
    • Basic design skills 
    • User experience skills 
    • Customer experience skills 
    • Customer relationship skills and retention marketing  

    Career Growth opportunities-  

    A result-oriented digital marketing manager can potentially become a CEO of a digital marketing agency. Or be a director of an in-house digital marketing department of a big company.  

    3. PPC Expert

    PPC stands for pay-per-click. A typical PPC expert develops and monitors online ad campaigns to increase the sales and profits of any organization. 

    Skills required-  

    • Basic Statistics 
    • Ad and landing page copywriting skills 
    • In-depth know-how of Adwords 
    • Basic design skills 
    • Understand the customer journey 

    Career Growth opportunities- 

    Companies have now identified the potential of online advertising, as they are getting an ideal ROI on the money invested in PPC. Therefore, the demand for PPC experts is increasing day by day. 

    4. Social Media Specialist

    A Social Media Specialist creates and publishes content on social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. His primary aim is to build an audience, enhance the organization's branding and increase sales. Several Social Media Marketing courses are available for you to gain expertise. 

    Skills required- 

    • Sync with the latest trends 
    • Excellent Planning and Time Management 
    • Story-telling 
    • Eye for detail and design 
    • Analytical and Statistical mindset 
    • Sound information about Social Media Platforms 
    • Learning attitude 
    • Rapport building 
    • Team player 
    • Flexibility 
    • Troubleshooting 

    Career Growth opportunities- 

    Every other organization has understood the importance of having a presence on Social Media platforms. If not, they are aware they will lag behind their competitors. Thus, there's a tremendous opportunity for social media specialists to grow and build a decent career. 

    5. Affiliate Marketing Specialist

    Affiliate Marketing involves earning passive income by referring third-party products on your website, blog, or social media handle. Training in SEO will help you to understand how to drive relevant organic traffic to your website. 

    Skills required-  

    • Web development 
    • Problem-solving 
    • Decision making 
    • Technical skills (ad-setting and tracking) 
    • Data analysis (identifying customer behavior) 
    • Driving traffic to website/social media/landing pages 
    • Marketing and Sales 

    Career Growth opportunities-  

    Once you understand the knack of successfully setting up an affiliate business, there's no turning back. You can earn millions by working from home or any place by investing a couple of hours daily. You can create multiple affiliate sites to multiply your income. In addition, you can share your success stories and train other aspiring individuals, thereby earning more. 

    6. Email Marketing Specialist

    Email marketing specialist creates email lists and communicates with them by sending eye-catchy emailers or newsletters. His primary aim is to generate leads. 

    Skills required-  

    • Excellent writing skills 
    • Ideal research skills 
    • Proofreading and editing 
    • Expert in writing marketing copies 
    • Strong sense of evaluating marketing trends 
    • Technically sound with email applications, such as scheduling, analytics, and marketing automation. 

    Career Growth opportunities- 

    Research shows that email still ranks as one of the best channels to communicate with people for lead generation. Several companies are looking to employ email marketing specialists. 

    How to Get Digital Marketing Jobs in Singapore?

    Plentiful digital marketing jobs in Singapore for Indians are available. Singapore follows strict guidelines to maintain its business and professional standard. You must adhere to the rules and regulations laid out by the Singapore authorities. Else it becomes tough to enter Singapore. 

    Let's understand how to apply for a work visa. 

    Work Visa  

    Herewith is the application process to obtain a work visa in Singapore. 

    1. Procure a job in Singapore. 
    2. Your employer or the Employment Agency (EA) applies to obtain a work visa via EP online. The recruiter pays a processing fee as charges toward the application. 
    3. After the application acceptance, the recruiter gets an In-Principle Approval (IPA) letter. This IPA is your gateway to Singapore. 
    4. If the authorities reject the application, they send the In-Principle Rejection letter to the recruiter. The work visa will not be issued. 
    5. You can travel to Singapore with the IPA letter.  
    6. After you reach Singapore, the employer or agency must re-apply to get your work visa and pay the appropriate charges for the work pass. 
    7. Once you receive your work pass, the authorities will send you a letter. The letter details whether you need to take your photograph and record your fingerprints. The letter also permits you to start work. In addition, it also allows you to leave and enter Singapore till you get an Employment Card.  
    8. The next step is registering at the Employment Pass Services Center (EPSC). You need to register within two weeks of receiving your work pass. 
    9. After registering, you will receive a Pass Card within four business days. 

    Note: The e-visa application process is similar. The cost of a Singapore work permit is SGD35. 

    Job portals 

    Several job portals within and outside of Singapore have thousands of digital marketing jobs in Singapore on their list. Apart from a decent salary, the job offer comprises attractive perks and employee benefits. This high package job offers underscores the fact that digital marketing jobs are soaring. Herewith is a list of popular job portals. 

    1. GrabJobs 
    3. JobsDB 
    4. JobsCentral 
    5. TalentTribe 
    6. InternSG 
    7. StJobs 
    10. Jobstreet 

    LinkedIn Networking  

    LinkedIn has carved its position as one of the platforms dedicated to serious-minded professionals. The interface allows the employer and employee to communicate effortlessly. Moreover, the LinkedIn profile of any candidate makes it easy for the employer to find the appropriate candidate. 

    Digital Marketers aspiring to work in Singapore can use the LinkedIn platform to find potential recruiters. Several organizations looking for digital marketing professionals have listed their requirements on LinkedIn. Start refining your LinkedIn profile today, and let the employer discover you before you begin your search. 

    Top Digital Marketing Agencies in Singapore

    You can also directly contact the top digital marketing agencies in Singapore. Before applying, work on your resume, your communication, and your body language. In case your resume gets short-listed and asked to give an interview over the video. Be ready to put up a decent show and impress the interviewer to simplify your journey to Singapore. 

    Herewith is a list of those agencies to find the best digital marketing jobs in Singapore. 

    1. PurpleClick

    PurpleClick has been in the industry for more than 15 years. To date, it has received more than 30 awards. The agency mainly services Southeast Asia and China.  

    • Website: https:/  
    • Email: 

    2. Heroes of Digital

    Founded in 2015, this agency rapidly progressed to get listed as one of the best in Singapore. It helps clients to achieve long-term success with budget-friendly solutions. 

    • Website: 
    • Email: 

    3. Mustard

    Mustard doesn't consider an organization a client and works as if it's a part of the organization. The agency offers tailor-made solutions that fetch organic traffic with decent conversions. 

    • Website: 

    4. Brew Interactive

    The agency has been active since 2009, offering a wide range of services. The agency's expertise is to generate leads, profit growth, and customer engagement. 

    • Website: 
    • Email 

    5. First Page

    This agency is one of the biggest agencies as it houses 900 specialists providing services to almost 2,000 clients on a global level. The company has offices in Australia, Abu Dhabi, Brazil, Dubai, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Panama, and the USA. 

    • Website: 
    • Email: 

    Industries with Digital Marketing Opportunities

    The primary official language of Singapore is English. That makes it easy for a digital marketer to deliver services in this sector.  

    Let's look at various digital marketing job markets in Singapore. 

    1. Training and Educational Institutions

    The education system in Singapore is rich with numerous training and educational institutions. The quality of education in Singapore is considered one of the best on the global level. A few institutes also offer part-time jobs. So, people working in other sectors can help them to earn a quick buck. 

    The average salary offered for digital marketing in this sector is SGD 71,263. 

    2. Food Industry

    Singapore is also known as a food paradise. The market is poised to grow by 1.95% per year by 2027 (CAGR 2023-2027). With e-commerce technologies helping the food industry, several digital marketing opportunities are available in this area too.  

    The average salary in this sector for a digital marketer is SGD 66,000. 

    3. Real-estate

    The speed at which Singapore was growing was stunted due to COVID-19. But now, Singapore is in a position to bounce back to its full potential. As a result, the real estate market has a promising future, offering several job opportunities for digital marketers, too. 

    Here a digital marketer earns a salary of SGD 72,000 per year. A senior position may earn up to SGD 1,40,000 in this sector. 

    4. Software

    According to a report in 2019 by Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB), more and more IT giants have chosen Singapore as their headquarters. The big names include META (Facebook) and Grab. That means there's a wide scope for software industries to grow. And today, digital marketing is one indivisible part of any growth story.  

    A typical IT company pays a salary of SGD 72,000 per year. The head of digital marketing position may demand a salary of SGD 2,52,000 per year. 

    5. Healthcare

    Healthcare Industry in Singapore is expected to grow at a whopping rate of 17.80% by 2027 (CAGR 2023-2027). Though a marketer cannot do much in core health-related products, other segments that come under the umbrella are cosmetics and beauty products, where the help of a digital marketer is required. 

    Digital marketing working in healthcare draws a salary of SGD 81,000 per year. 

    6. Hospitality

    Singapore attracts visitors from all over the world. Tourists from Asian countries, such as China, India, Malaysia, Europe, and America, flock to Singapore in huge numbers. The hospitality industry thus thrives vibrantly with a never-end potential to grow. 

    Digital marketer in this segment earns an average salary of SGD 66,000 per year. A digital marketing manager post may draw a salary of SGD 1,00,000 per year. 

    7. Logistics

    According to World Bank Logistics Performance Index 2018, Singapore ranks first in the world for logistics expertise and timely delivery. Singapore is considered a major logistics hub and ranks second in Asia as per the index. 

    A logistics digital marketer's average salary per year is SGD 90,000. A regional marketing manager-digital services can earn up to SGD 1,50,000. 

    8. Tourism

    The tourism sector contributes around 4 percent to Singapore's GDP. It plays a crucial role in strengthening the status of Singapore as a vibrant international city, attracting investments, businesses, and talent. It continues to generate jobs for all sectors. 

    Digital marketing salary in tourism is SGD 54,000. A digital marketing manager position asks for a salary of SGD 1,20,000. 

    9. E-commerce

    Singapore comprises young and tech-savvy individuals who keep running e-commerce businesses in full swing. Despite e-commerce facing strong competition from physical stores, the industry is growing fast. E-commerce businesses need digital marketers. 

    A digital marketer from an E-commerce company earns a salary of $66,000 per year. 

    Top Certifications to get Digital Marketer Jobs in Singapore

    You can opt for one or all SEO courses to find several digital marketing job opportunities in Singapore. 

    1. Google Analytics Individual Qualification - The most effective tool for monitoring website traffic is Google Analytics. The data is typically significantly more reliable than third-party programs because it is directly from Google. The goal of the Google Analytics Individual Qualification is to assess your proficiency in setting up and using your Google Analytics account. It addresses subjects including data collecting, segmentation, customized reporting, and data export. Earning the certification is free and just needs passing an exam, the same like the Google Ads certificates. A beginner's course and an expert course are both available from Google for Google Analytics training. 
    2. Hubspot Email Marketing Course - You may learn the fundamentals of email marketing and how to apply these ideas to HubSpot's email marketing platform with the help of the HubSpot Email Marketing Course. The certification course teaches you how to design a high-performing email, develop an email marketing plan, and test your marketing emails for improved outcomes. Nine videos must be seen in order to receive the certification, which is free. Each lesson concludes with a test you must pass to go on to the next. 
    3. Semrush SEO Toolkit Exam - For experts in search engine optimization (SEO), Semrush is a well-liked application. You may use it to do keyword research, keep an eye on search engine rankings, examine rival websites, and more. You may demonstrate your proficiency with the marketing tools from Semrush by passing the free Semrush SEO Toolkit Exam. Three modules—Learn, Build, and Measure—make up the test. You must be able to build an SEO campaign on Semrush and monitor your outcomes if you want to pass the exam. Fortunately, Semrush also provides a free SEO Toolkit Course to help you prepare for the certification. 

    Future Scope of Digital Marketing Jobs in Singapore

    Singapore is active on the internet with buzzing social media platforms. Out of the 5.83 million individuals, 4.6 are active on social media. That means approximately 84% of the population is using the internet. It gives broad scope to the companies to penetrate the online market using digital marketing, thus requiring more digital marketers. Most companies also offer digital marketing online jobs in Singapore.  

    The future of digital marketing jobs in Singapore is bright. An aspiring digital marketer can take on digital marketing remote jobs in Singapore too.  

    How to Find the Right Role for you in Digital Marketing in Singapore?

    Though it's tricky, it's possible to evaluate your skills to find the perfect role as a digital marketer. Herewith are a few tips to help you out. 

    • Interns – entry-level digital marketing jobs in Singapore  

    Ample digital marketing jobs in Singapore for freshers are available. If you are a fresh graduate, look for a role as an intern. Before that, try to gain experience by working in local organizations, small or big. Apply for junior digital marketing jobs in Singapore. 

    • SEO Specialist 

    Do you like discovering new keywords and playing with them? If you are good at drafting the best strategies to drive organic traffic, then the SEO specialist role is the best for you. 

    • Social Media Executive 

    If you can compel people to visit your social media account regularly, get their likes and comments, and apply for social media executive posts. 

    • Content Writer/Blogger 

    If you have a flair for research and put all the facts and figures intriguingly, there are ample openings for Content Writers in the industry. Content marketing is always in demand, and there's always a need for a good content writer. 

    • Digital Marketing Manager 

    You are a jack of all trades. You know SEO, and SMO, write compelling copies, run ad campaigns, analyze the results, bring traffic, and increase revenues. You have a proven track record of a decent ROI. In addition, if you know the knack for handling a team, then apply for the post of Digital Marketing Manager. This role may be the highest-paying job in digital marketing in Singapore. You can also take on remote digital marketing jobs in Singapore. 


    Digital Marketing is a skill that anyone can learn and master. Digital Marketing jobs are available plentiful in Singapore too. Though digital marketers are in demand, it's tough to get through due to the fierce competition.

    However, with a disciplined approach and upscaling your skills, nothing is impossible. You can upgrade yourself with skills relevant to the Singapore market. Almost all industry segments in Singapore require expert Digital Marketers. 

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    1Which job search portals are best for Digital Marketing professionals in Singapore?

    Some of the best job search portals for Digital Marketing jobs in Singapore are GrabJobs and, JobsDB, JobsCentral, TalentTribe, InternSG, StJobs,,, Jobstreet.

    2What are the major selection criteria for a Digital Marketer in a Fortune 500 company in Singapore?

    The criteria to obtain a job in Fortune 500 company in Singapore are as follows: 

    1. Appropriate degree or qualifications from a recognized university. 
    2. Certification in the specialization of the job applied. 
    3. English language fluency. 
    4. At least 2 years of work experience. 
    5. COVID-19 full vaccination course proof.
    3To get shortlisted at Singapore companies, what should a Digital Marketer include on their resume?

    To get shortlisted by Singapore companies, a digital marketer must include the following: 

    1. Career objective. 
    2. Academic Qualifications. 
    3. Digital Marketing Certifications. 
    4. Skill sets. 
    5. Years of Experience. 
    4In Singapore, can anybody become a Digital Marketer?

    Anyone can become a Digital Marketer, provided he is willing to learn and continuously try to master the skills. 

    5Is the Digital Marketing professionals well-paid in Singapore?

    Yes, Digital Marketing professionals are well-paid in Singapore. The average salary for a digital marketer is SGD 40,800 per year. Entry-level or freshers make SGD 31,838, while the experienced make SGD 79365 per year. 

    6Do Digital Marketing professionals have a future in Singapore?

    Yes, digital marketing professionals are in-demand in Singapore. So, there's a bright future for digital marketers across all industries.

    7Which is the best place to learn Digital Marketing in Singapore?

    The best places to learn Digital Marketing in Singapore are: 

    1. Emeritus Institute of Management 
    2. National University of Singapore 
    3. Certification by AdTech giants.

    Manjunath C M

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