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Digital Marketing Salary in the USA:  Best Way to Get a High Salary

12th Sep, 2023
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    Digital Marketing Salary in the USA:  Best Way to Get a High Salary

    This guide will cover the salaries offered by different digital marketing industries in the USA. This is your stop if you are curious about the money you can make via the marketing sector. Digital marketing salary in the USA will be discussed based on different cities, industries, and companies.  

    You can also check out the programs we curated, which can be beneficial for enhancing your skills. These certifications, like Digital Marketing courses, can also help you improve your resume. Let’s dig deep and take a look at the salary of digital marketing in the USA. 

    Companies cannot rely on traditional marketing methods anymore. The shift toward the digital space is inevitable. A surge has been seen in the employment market because of this shift. If you are someone interested in digital marketing, have the required skill set, and want to kick off your career in the sector, you must have all the details first.  

    The digital marketing jobs salary in the US can be interesting and high-paying with certain other benefits. To make a breakthrough in the sector, it is recommended that you walk through with us and learn a little about digital marketing, its importance, the roles offered, and the different types of salaries based on different factors. 

    What is Digital Marketing?

    Digital marketing refers to the use of technology and digital platforms to promote your service or product. It can be done on multiple channels to enhance brand image and turn the audience into potential customers. It is done by generating leads, attracting traffic, and, in turn, increasing the revenue of a company. 

    A digital marketer must be able to get a hold of the pulse as the digital world keeps changing rapidly. To have a successful marketing career, you ought to have a competent skillset and relevant experience.  

    Why is Digital Marketing Important?

    Consumers prefer to browse, shop, work or share things online. America is one of the nations with the highest population of active internet users. Thus, to sustain a business, moving online has become important. Digital marketing plays an important role in creating a business’s image and value in front of the world.  

    • It helps connect consumers better with the companies they are associated with 
    • The marketing is done cost-effectively and efficiently. 
    • Promoting services on media platforms helps a brand increase its reach and cater to its target audience.  
    • It reduces the pressure and the risk of human error through automated software that helps execute marketing strategies faster. 
    • New leads and collaborations can be generated easily. 
    • Managing brand reputation has become convenient. 
    • Analytics help companies enhance and improve on their shortcomings better. Digital marketing can measure anything and act accordingly.

    Factors that Impact a Digital Marketer’s Salary in the USA

    A Digital Marketer's salary US depends upon a combination of factors that are listed below.  

    1. Education

    Though having a specialization will not stop you from pursuing a career in Digital marketing, an individual with a bachelor’s degree, or better, a master’s degree in Digital marketing and communication, will tend to receive a higher salary. Higher education comes with its own merits, and an employer tends to look at the candidate coming from education. 

    2. Certification

    Being good in your selected field goes without saying. A certification can help you gain truth worthiness to the recruiters. With the right industry-recognized course, you stand a chance to shine amongst your peers and crack the interview. A good certification program can help you gain fundamental knowledge and professional acknowledgment. Having these certifications on your resume can help you bag a decent salary, even for a fresher.  

    3. Years of Experience

    Companies look for employees with valuable experience. Having experience up your sleeve suggests that you are familiar with the working of the industry and can be an asset. Now, it is not necessary but recommended. An experienced employee would earn more than a rookie. You can create mock campaigns and strategies, find internships, or start your little blog to practice different marketing tools. All this experience in different disciplines will give you an upper hand over other employees and helps you earn more digital marketing job salary in the USA. 

    Different Digital Marketing Job Titles and their Salaries in the USA

    • SEO Expert makes the business appear on top of the search result through the usage of keywords. The optimization increases a company’s visibility and provides new exposure. An SEO expert is required to ensure growth in website traffic and is an integral part of marketing strategy. An SEO expert can make an average of $53,787 per year. A fresher can take compensation of $34,132, and an experienced manager can expect pay of around $84,762. 
    • Paid search manager takes care of the company’s paid marketing campaigns, such as dealing with the correct keywords, making sure an engaging design has been made and placing the correct bids, all to make the company’s ad campaigns most effective, which ultimately leads to generating the desired leads and therefore, the revenue. On average, a paid search manager earns $ 81,023 per year.  
    • Email marketing manager makes sure they create an efficient marketing campaign through the use of emails. Your responsibilities here include building various engaging Email templates by using your creativity, sending them to different people, and then analyzing the result based on how many times CTAs were clicked on, using your analytical skills. You may earn an average of $ 77,000 per year in the USA.  
    • Content marketing managers deal with establishing a company’s brand image through the help of digital platforms via posting content of different types. This content is strategized according to the target audience of the company. It can be through a blog, videos, audio, etc. Writing content can also come under your jurisdiction. You can earn $ 62,788 per year on average in this job. 
    • Social media manager ideally ensures all the campaigns on different social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc., run smoothly and effectively, generating enough engagement for the business. They have to observe the trends, analyze what works for them and what doesn’t, and devise their strategy accordingly. Annually, they earn $ 57,000 a year on an average basis.  
    • Blog manager handles what content is created and published through the company’s blogging platform for the brand’s audience to see and read. They have to make sure the content is not only engaging but also informative and worth the time of the readers, and they earn an average of $ 63,167 a year for this.  

    Learn how a Digital Marketing Bootcamp helps you know more about different roles, skills, and job outlooks in the digital marketing field. 

    Highest Paying Cities for Digital Marketing Near the USA

    Digital Marketing in the USA salary changes as we move from one city to another. Here is a list of cities with the highest digital marketing jobs in the USA salary.


    New York 

    $ 78,000 

    San Diego 

    $ 74,650 


    $ 74,383 


    $ 70,666 


    $ 67,000 


    $ 64,000 


    $ 60,000 


    $ 59,879 

    Top Paying Industries for Digital Marketing in the USA

    The USA has ample opportunities for Digital Marketers with hefty salaries that vary according to the industry. Here are some of the highest-paying industries for digital marketing in the states.  

    • Information Technology: The booming IT industry needs Digital Marketing as a bridge to connect them with clients who could buy their services. Since the industry itself has grown multi-folds, it can afford to pay more to Digital Marketers in the USA, which it does as well.  
    • Human Resources: This industry is also among the top-paying industries in the country as it needs digital marketers who can curate and optimize its content to grab the maximum eyeballs. The more people can see a company online, the greater the chances of hiring better employees. 
    • Media & Communication: Communication and marketing go hand in hand. With the shifting of businesses online, this industry requires digital marketers more than ever now. This is why this industry pays them good money.  
    • Finance: Finance companies, banks, and real estate agencies all need someone who can market them properly among their potential customers, and who is better than a digital marketer to do it? The salary, though, varies with the experience of the person.  
    • Insurance: Insurance companies are among the top-paying companies in the USA because they need digital marketing managers to pitch their prospects to clients in a very convincing way, a lot more than in other industries.  
    • Advertising: This industry requires digital marketers such as Public Relations specialists, social media strategists, and others. With more and more skilled digital marketers, B2B and B2C companies have better chances of reaching out to a wider audience through advertising.  
    • Education: This particular industry doesn’t lag behind when it comes to needing digital marketers and, therefore, paying them more. The educational institutes need to run campaigns to reach out to more students, teachers, and other staff they require to function, and digital marketing helps them achieve their target.  
    • Consulting: Consulting is another industry that has posted numerous job opportunities for digital marketers. These companies need to build their online presence through the help of digital marketing. 
    IndustryAverage Salary (per year)

    Information Technology (IT) 


    Human Resources 

    $ 79,900 

    Media & Communication 

    $ 67,300 


    $ 64,000 


    $ 70,000


    $ 55,000 


    $ 65,917


    $ 58,000 

    Top Paying Companies for Digital Marketing in the USA

    Here are some of the top companies that provide employment in the digital sector. 

    CompanySalary (per year)


    $ 162,090 


    $ 125,812 


    $ 118,690 

    TVC Matrix 

    $ 113,132 


    $ 107, 812 


    $ 102, 620 

    Trilogy Education 

    $ 93,300

    Digital Marketing Salary Comparison by Gender in the USA

    A digital marketer's salary in the US doesn’t particularly favor one gender over another. Instead, it gives ample opportunities to every gender to make a standard amount of money.  

    Below is the table mentioning Digital Marketing salaries in the USA for both men and women. 

    GenderAverage salary per year


    $ 102,870 


    $ 83,338 

    Not Specified 

    $ 95,000 

    Even though there seems to be a gulf between the digital marketing average salary in the US for men and female digital marketer salary in the USA but it seems to be reduced by the more and more active participation of women in this field by incorporating their talents, skills, and experience to land high paying digital marketing jobs.  

    Digital Marketing Bonus and Incentive Rates in the United States

    Not only do Digital marketers in the United States make a hefty sum by earning their basic salary, but they also earn regular bonuses and incentives, which act like the cherry on the cake in this aspect. On average, Digital Marketers in the USA earn a bonus of around $ 4500 per year, and according to the data, almost 53% of the employees earn this annual incentive. This bonus is 4% of their basic salary, but it varies as we explore the different cities of the state. 

    CityAnnual Bonus Rate

    Washington DC 




    New York 






    Salary Comparison for Digital Marketing in India and the USA

    Job ProfilesAverage salary in the USA per yearAverage salary in India per year

    Social Media Specialist 

    $ 39,084 

    $ 2898 

    Marketing Manager 

    $ 69,067 

    $ 3752 

    Content Marketer 

    $ 62,788 

    $ 6140 

    Marketing Specialist 

    $ 56,984 

    $ 3358 

    Social Media Manager 

    $ 44,600 

    $ 3390 

    Content Writer 

    $ 40,700 

    $ 2780 

    Going through this table which compares the Digital marketing salary in USA and India, it is fair to say that the USA compensates very highly for the efforts put in by the digital marketers through different job profiles while India has a lot of catching up to do.  

    This is the reason precisely why making a career as a digital marketer in the USA is a very productive option, as it doesn’t just help you with learning new skills and upgrading yourself but also makes you highly profitable.  

    Best Ways to Get the Highest Salary in Digital Marketing in the USA

    • Digital marketing salary in the USA is no doubt very attractive, but having a Meta-certified digital marketing associate, Google Analytics IQ certification, or HubSpot certification can make you get a higher salary than the average salary of a digital marketer in the US. 
    • Individuals who want to bag better opportunities and digital marketing manager salaries in the USA should go ahead for a Master's in Digital Marketing. Having a master's degree ensures better pay than an employee with a bachelor’s degree. 
    • Focus on improving your skills in order to generate revenue for your company. The higher digital marketing executive salary in the USA shows that having experience on your resume can help you get great opportunities just in the initial phase. 
    • Stay updated with recent trends and have a vast knowledge of SEO and SEM practices.


    The digital marketing sector is constantly rising with an eminent growth percentage. The average salary of a digital marketer in the US is highly attractive as companies with an online presence are on a constant hunt for a marketer. Even the digital marketing salary for freshers in the USA offers a wonderful package that attracts more individuals toward the sector, let alone the attractive digital marketing manager salary USA. Having certifications like Content Marketing certification helps the chances of giving you a more attractive package even as a fresher.

    Though skills are the main element you bring to the table, having a degree or some good certification programs on your resume before setting foot in the digital sector will make you stand out. Understand the job roles and take a glance at the perks offered. The experience you have will also impact the money you make. Good luck!

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    1Is a Digital Marketing internship a good way to get a job in the USA?

    An internship can certainly boost your career and help you develop the skills required for digital marketing on the ground level. Your professional skills will be enhanced, which will come in handy while working in the corporate world, which will enable you to earn more digital marketing salary in the USA. 

    2What is considered to be a good Digital Marketer salary in the USA?

    A good digital marketer's salary in the USA ranges from $60k-$100k. How much you are able to make will depend on your skillset and company. 

    3Who gets paid more, Digital Marketers or Data Scientists in the USA?

    The average digital marketing salary in the USA usually lies in the same range of $60k-120k, and the same can be said about the average salary of data scientists. The two domains are parallels, and a rise in salary will depend on your amount of experience. An experienced digital marketer will earn more than a rookie data scientist. 

    4Do Digital marketers make more than Engineers in the USA?

    Because companies are investing more and more in Digital sectors, the budget is widening, and an increase is seen in the employment of marketers. The booming industry makes marketers earn comparatively more than many engineers in the USA. 

    5What month do Digital Marketers get appraisals in the USA?

    The appraisal usually happens at the end of the working year to analyze what you did in these 12 months. Annual appraisal discussion moves periodically. The US fiscal year begins in October, so the appraisal season is usually around Nov-Dec. 

    6Is Digital Marketing a high-paying job in the USA?

    Yes, it is. The industry is growing rapidly, which generates high employment. The cultural shift toward the digital world has led to the creation of diverse job roles. The digital marketing sector is easily one of the highest-paying sectors in the USA.


    Manjunath C M

    Blog Author

    CM Manjunath is a highly skilled and experienced digital marketing trainer, consultant, and professional speaker with over 6 years of expertise in the field. With a passion for teaching and a love for digital marketing, he conducts both classroom and online training sessions at various institutes in Bangalore. Specializing in SEO, Google Ads, social media marketing, content marketing, and web analytics, CM Manjunath has trained over a thousand students and worked on numerous corporate projects. As a digital marketing consultant, he offers services in lead generation, content marketing, and strategic planning for startups and small to medium-sized businesses. With his extensive knowledge and practical approach, CM Manjunath empowers individuals and businesses to excel in the digital marketing landscape. With a keen interest in futuristic technologies like Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR), he leverages visual storytelling and video content creation to enhance his training.

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