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5 Ways A Project Manager Can Pull off A Winning Project Management Venture

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28th Aug, 2019
05th Apr, 2017
5 Ways A Project Manager Can Pull off A Winning Project Management Venture

Managing company projects is not a cakewalk. There are certain factors associated with it. You to weigh each and every possibility. Any point overlooked and the entire team’s effort goes down the flush. Consequently, we find people to lay the blame on and look towards our rivals as to what they got right.

This piece will list down certain characteristics that will enable you to achieve project management objectives.

1.      Communication skills

We have all learned about communication barriers in our managerial communication class. We will revisit that class again, here. For a project to be successful its management should be first-rate and by first-rate, I mean whatever the objectives are or the intent is, it must be clearly communicated.

For a project manager, it is imperative that he is built for communication skill. And communication in its simplest form as in relaying information from one person to the other guy. Communication further expands to giving feedback, receiving feedback (read criticism), charisma to motivate your team members and the likes thereof.

Barriers ought to be eliminated, but. 7 C’s of communication must be employed at all times or at least ensured so that any noise in between can be eliminated that distorts the message. The 7 C’s are; correctness, clarity, conciseness, completeness, consideration, concreteness and courtesy.

This may appear to you as one your classes from the school but remember it is still applicable and long before the C’s became part of your textbooks, there was athinker who practically decided to do something about these barriers and coined the C’s so that future generations could benefit.

2.      Organization skills

Leaving the desk messy is one thing but forgetting where you placed the project management files, which folder that messed up. Thus, organization is essential in any manager’s life let alone project manager. So learn to be organized or you should quit calling yourself a project manager.

Why I say this is because often a project entails starting and end dates. When the project is successfully executed a person may be tempted to dispose of all the data that went into producing results. But an experienced project manager will tell you that keeping a record of everything, say, for project ‘Y’ is absolutely critical.

Imagine an audit is called upon and a certain task appears to be fishy or the books look cooked. The record of the data that you kept will come to your rescue at this point because it is technically a step-by-step guide to what lead to the final outcome. It will help clarify any problems that may arise later on.

3.      Negotiation skills

Negotiation does not mean that you have to get your way by hook or by crook. Negotiation means you work out a solution that benefits both the concerned parties. Often people tell themselves that since they are too good at negotiation they will have it their way even if it is at someone’s expense.

No sir that is not a negotiation skill which will result in successful project management. What’s required is rather that you be respectful of others. By becoming aggressive or disregarding your subordinates’ opinion isn’t going to get you far. Secondly, you will have to drop the winner takes all mantra. In negotiation, winning is when both parties are benefitting, mutually.

Encourage candor among your peers. Without, nobody will be able to speak the truth or what they actually feel about a certain project. It is not to allow for badmouthing but to establish an environment where opinions are valued.

Lastly, when the troubles feel insurmountable, bring in a third party to seek expert advice on how to go about in the matter. Don’t think that such an act will lessen your authority in any way, it is what good managers do; ask for help/consult.

4.      Mentoring ability

Mentoring means supporting your team members. As a leader of the group, you should lead from the front. Act first and show them how it’s done. Subsequently, you can expect them to follow suit. If they make mistakes instead of lashing out at them, see if you help can help mend their errors. You can choose to warn them for the next time. Remember, you didn’t get here without making mistakes yourself.

Since the team is your responsibility and this mentality is key for a project manager. Project execution is a team effort and without your team, you cannot gain anything. If they grow you grow professionally. If their career path is fulfilling it is your feat too.

5.      Tech savvy

No need for a formal qualification in IT but having knowledge of the tech side is a plus. You must know how business systems designed for project management function so that you can navigate with ease and monitor progress from thesystem only, by yourself. Of course, if the project is IT based then the manager has to be an expert in the field, perhaps a seasoned one with sound technical know-how.


So above are 5 ways that can help you in achieving project management goals. Feel free to share more in the comments section below, if I have missed out on any.


Richard Paul

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Richard Paul is seasoned professional of the project management domain. He during his tenure has to his credit many successful projects. In his leisure time, he writes and educates his audience on the latest in project management. He can be contacted for coursework assistance by following him on social media channels.