Can MSP 2013 Change The Face Of Project Management?

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31st May, 2022
07th Mar, 2017
Can MSP 2013 Change The Face Of Project Management?

Microsoft Project as a tool is known in the market as an enabler to manage and deliver projects better. Not surprisingly every new edition of the product brings in new sets of features and functionalities that can help project managers complete their projects with greater visibility throughout the project life cycle. Enrolling in a Microsoft Project Training course can be just the window one may need to stay abreast with the new functionality that the version has to offer. Additionally, learners can get hands-on experience with the most commonly used features which can help them in their daily Microsoft helping Project managers perform better in tasks and activities. Some of the most important features and their benefits are described below.


The timeline feature in the Microsoft Project is a great feature to have a bird’s eye view of the project. It is a consolidation of all the tasks and activities that have to be completed in the system and the dates by which they must be completed. As a project manager, knowing when timelines can be accomplished and promised deadlines is very critical. This feature gives visibility of milestones expected and due dates. The timeline view also categorizes all the phases in the sequence they have to occur in the project, giving a holistic view to the management on the progress of the project. Learning this functionality via a Microsoft Project course can help project managers manage a small or big project better.

Multiple Project Tracking

The tool also allows management of multiple interrelated projects. It allows creation of a master plan that inherits all child plans. So child projects that ultimately complete a specific milestone or completion of dependent projects can also be tracked as part of the master project plan. This allows project management to stretch to wider timelines ranging from a quarter to a year and more. Also, this is a great way to consolidate and review all the existing projects with visibility of overlapping resources and timelines.

Integration with Other Project Management Platforms

MSP 2013 can also be integrated with other tools where sharing of information might be a part of the process. Timelines, resources and milestone view are often the key pieces of information that require regular updates. Integration is supported for enterprise wide tools such a SharePoint and other applications too such as JIRA. MSP 2013 can help support most commonly used tools in the market, giving it flexibility over others and hence learning it is beneficial.

Reporting Support

MSP 2013 gives a lot of out-of-the-box reports and also the ability to modify and create reports. This flexibility is important for the project management team more often than others. Learning how to use the reporting functionalities can be beneficial for projects irrespective of industry or sector. The training can help understand pivot interfaces to be able to create custom reports for projects. These reports are often critical for management presentations and are a part of meetings for tracking burn-down, project overview, cost overview and key milestones.

MSP 2013 can assist project management teams deliver well with greater visibility on the progress and track milestones. Some of the most common functionalities that benefit projects of all sizes are the timeline and reporting functionalities. While timelines gives an overview of the tasks and activities that will be delivered with a view of resources and timelines tagged to them, reporting helps justifying the process and possible impediments to projects. Multiple Project Tracking is beneficial for bigger projects where a lot of resource sharing of dependent projects is planned. Also, projects spanning more than 12 months tend to have critical milestones to indicate completion and MSP13 can help track such projects with greater ease.



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