Construction Project Manager Salary: Check Detailed Pay Scale Here

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11th Jul, 2022
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Construction Project Manager Salary: Check Detailed Pay Scale Here

We all see plethora's of construction projects around us each day. It tells a lot about the construction industry's growth, demand, and scalability opportunities. These are elaborated projects managed and headed by a team of professionals who handle operations to their best. One of the promising career options in this niche is the construction project manager. These are the experts who directly manage the resources at a site and take care of the site management and safety operations.

Project Manager is a high-paying job role with increasing demand and job security. If you have the required qualification and proven work experience in the field, you can expect to get an attractive construction manager salary package and job satisfaction. If you are interested in starting a career in this niche, read till the end to understand the job roles and expected pay scales.

Who is a Construction Project Manager?

Managers are essential in every project, irrespective of the niche, and it also stands true for the construction sites. It can be a commercial project, including building bridges, hospitals, or roads. Moreover, it can also be a project to construct a personal home or a residential society for which you need a manager at all these sites. These experts manage everything at a construction site, from resource allocation and management to ensuring safety from potential hazards. Duties performed by the construction managers are: 

  • Designing and planning the construction project timing and schedule to ensure that the team delivers the project with desired results at the right time.
  • They analyze the requirements and request the resources for timely delivery with the required results. 
  • On receiving the required resources, raw material, labor, or equipment. They allocate the resources well, ensuring every part of the construction project get the things needed for project completion. 
  • Overlooking the entire project, each part of it, to ensure work at every level completes with utmost perfection and precision.
  • The construction manager handles the hiring process, ensuring the appointment of the best people for the construction site to get the best work done.
  • Managers also do budget management in the best possible manner to make things work in the company’s favor and get the best results in an excellent budget.
  • Another thing the construction managers do is obtain the necessary certificates and licenses to make sure the construction happens legally.

Everything at the construction site is the responsibility of a construction manager. All these job roles require hard work and a lot of effort, which is the probable reason why the construction project manager's salary is considerably high. So, if you plan to work in this industry as a manager, plan to do the project management training courses and brace yourself for challenging responsibilities.

Salary Structure of Construction Project Manager 

The average construction site manager's salary is around 10 LPA. The packages start from approximately 4 LPA and can go up to 20 LPA. This salary gets segregated into different units, including the base salary, bonuses, and more. A fair breakdown is shown in the table below.

Base Salary4,00,000
Bonus12,000 – 3,00,000
Profit-Sharing2500 – 5,00,000
Commission1,00,000 – 3,00,000

The basic structure remains the same. However, you will see a change in the division as per the change in the figure. These salary packages are equivalent to what the project managers in other niches receive. To get the best package, you only need to be good at using project management methods, have the required qualification, and hands-on experience in the construction industry.

Factors Determining Construction Project Manager Salary 

Now you have a thorough understanding of the construction project engineer's salary but stay informed that the numbers depend on multiple factors. For example, two experts with the same qualifications and work experience may get different salaries. It happens because the salary packages that the experts get depend on plenty of factors. Let us discuss a few of these factors.

Type of Construction Project 

Managers working at a site, including commercial construction projects, may get a higher salary than the smaller residential projects. It happens because complicated projects require much more effort, and the managers should get paid more.

Scope of Project 

A complex project like building a highway or a bridge requires utmost precision with no scope of mistake! Hence, these are the challenging jobs that only experts with hands-on experience can handle. That is why salary increases as the complexity of the project get intense.

Organizational Type 

Another factor on which the average construction manager's salary depends is the organization type. While the government organizations hiring construction managers offer job security and excellent salary scale, the private ones offer higher salary packages.


Expertise is one of the known factors on which the salary packages of the experts depend. Therefore, as your expertise level increases, your salary will also rise.

So, along with the degree or relevant qualification, you should focus on the above-mentioned factors to get the best package.

Construction Project Manager: Pay Scale Based on Location 

You can expect to get better salaries in metro cities rather than rural areas as companies in the metros keep getting big projects, so affording a considerably high salary package is convenient. At the same time, the companies in small cities only have local projects for which they cannot hire managers with a higher salary scale.

It is not only the organizational location that decides what salary scale you would get. Sometimes, the area of the project also becomes a factor of consideration. For example, building a dam or a bridge is a challenging project where site management and safety would be a concern. As the management would require a lot of effort, the salary would be higher to complement the hard work.

Construction Project Manager: Pay Scale Based on Companies

It happens in every domain; a few companies give a competitive salary package while others in the same niche do not even offer half of it. For example, some companies give 4LPA to their experienced coder, while others can offer as high as 15 LPA. The difference lies in the organizational level and the number and type of projects they handle.

Moreover, public, private, and government organizations also offer different salary packages. Furthermore, the job securities they offer also vary. One of the preferred options amongst the construction managers is to grab a job in a government organization because of the additional perks. However, if you are only up for an attractive salary package, you can go for a private organization handling projects that fascinate you the most.

Construction Project Manager: Pay Scale Based on Experience 

Experience is always the key to grabbing the best salary packages in every industry. It also stands true for the construction sites. When you join as a beginner, your salary package wouldn’t be exciting. However, as you scale professionally and get hands-on experience in the industry, your salary package will also keep increasing. It happens because experience signifies you have worked on the live projects and understand the nerve of every task. So, the hiring teams can trust you with their ongoing and future projects, and they wouldn’t mind paying more.

Multiple factors decide the construction assistant project manager’s salary. If you are working in the industry or have plans to start your career, you need to have a relevant educational background. Therefore, it is vital to take the KnowledgeHut project management training courses to gain expertise and prove your worth as a professional.


Construction project management is a promising career option that people working in the construction industry can choose. You only need relevant educational background, proven expertise, and hands-on work experience to get an attractive salary.

There are multiple factors that the director of the construction salary keeps in mind to figure out what package the industry experts should get. Therefore, it is vital to have a thorough understanding of these factors so that you can also work in the right direction to attain the highest possible salary package.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

1. What is the per month salary of a Construction Project Manager in India?

The average per month salary of a construction project manager in India is around 40K. However, this figure may vary depending on the multiple factors listed above.

2. Who is a Construction Project Manager?

A construction project manager is an expert who manages all the construction-related tasks. He is the one to gather, segregate, allocate, and manage the resources at a construction site. Moreover, these people also keep a keen eye on every aspect of the construction project, ensuring timely deliveries with desired results.

3. What is the salary of a Construction Project Manager with no experience?

If you are a fresher with no work experience, you can expect an average salary of 3 to 4 LPA. However, this salary package can get higher if you have a professional certification that proves your worth.

4. Is Construction Project Manager a well-paid job?

It is a well-paid job if you start your career in the right direction. You can begin by getting the relevant qualification, taking the construction management course, and getting hands-on industry experience. Plan things well, and you can even get a salary package as high as 35 LPA.


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