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Construction Project Manager Salary in 2024

19th Feb, 2024
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    Construction Project Manager Salary in 2024

    We see many construction projects around us, which tells much about the construction industry's growth, demand, and scalability opportunities. These are elaborated projects managed and headed by a team of professionals who handle operations to their best. One of the promising career options in this niche is the construction project manager.

    Project Manager is a high-paying job role with increasing demand and job security. You can expect an attractive construction manager salary package and job satisfaction if you have the required qualification and proven work experience in the field. Go for Project Management Professional certification trainingand boost your chances of getting the position of your choice.

    Construction Project Manager Salary in 2024

    Check the construction project manager salary based on various factors and experience levels:

    Construction Project Manager Salary: Based on Experience

    Beginner: At a beginner level with less than one year of experience, a construction project manager earns $54,607.

    Intermediate: Intermediately experienced construction project manager with experience of 5 to 10 years earns $89,230.

    Advanced: An advanced construction project manager with 10 years experience earns $125,000.

    Construction Project Manager Salary: Based on Location


    It is estimated that the average salary for a Project Manager in Construction in India is ₹11.7 Lakhs per year, with a range of salaries between ₹ 5.8 Lakhs and ₹ 30.0 Lakhs.


    According to PayScale, construction project managers in the United States are paid an average salary of $86507 per year.


    Construction Project Managers in the UK earn an average annual salary of £54592 per year.


    According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the average salary for a construction project manager is $126,096 per year.


    As a Project Manager, Construction in Canada, the average salary is roughly C$74765 per year.


    Project Manager, Construction can expect to earn an average salary in Singapore of S$76935.

    How to Improve Construction Project Manager Salary? 

    A construction project manager salary can be boosted several folds if you follow the below ways:


    Pursuing and improving your skills could be a smart choice to be more competitive for promotions and higher-paying positions. These skills include understanding Construction Methods, Scheduling and Tracking, Budgeting Regularly, and Site Safety Updates.


    Certification is one of the best ways to increase your salary as a construction project manager. You can expect to earn an average of $89,230 more per year when you are certified. Project Management Institute (PMI) certifications are the most highly sought-after, but other options are available.


    Degrees are important when it comes to your salary. If you have an undergraduate degree in construction management, your starting salary will be $54,607 per year, and that salary goes up depending on where you live and which company you work for.


    Experience is the most important factor when it comes to salary. When you look at construction project manager job postings, you will see that experience is always listed first. It is also the most important factor for getting a job and getting promoted as a Construction Project Manager. Similarly, if you are looking for a raise or bonus at work, experience will be your best ally in convincing your boss that you deserve more money.

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    Why are Construction Project Managers Paid So Much? 

    Construction project managers are well paid because they are responsible for planning, coordinating, and managing construction projects. They ensure that deadlines are met by coordinating all phases of a construction project from beginning to end.

    They also make sure that each phase is completed within budget and schedule. Construction project managers must be good leaders to manage their teams and communicate with clients effectively.

    On a daily basis, construction project managers do the following tasks:

    • Work with engineers, architects, etc., to develop project specifications.

    • Bargain contracts with outside vendors to obtain advantageous terms.

    • Obtain licenses and permits from the proper authorities.

    • Determine the resources (people, tools, and materials) required from beginning to end while keeping budgetary constraints in mind.

    • Schedule all construction activities, including interim phases, to guarantee that deadlines are met.

    • Purchase supplies and equipment, keep an eye on inventories, and promptly address deficiencies.

    • Employ consultants and other workers and assign duties.

    • Monitor the work of mechanics, laborers, and others and provide guidance when necessary.

    • Evaluate your progress and provide thorough reports.  

    • Ensure that all health and safety regulations are followed and report any problems.

    Who is a Construction Project Manager?

    Managers are essential in every project, irrespective of the niche, and it also stands true for construction sites. It can be a commercial project, including building bridges, hospitals, or roads. Moreover, it can also be a project to construct a personal home or a residential society for which you need a manager at all these sites.

    These experts manage everything at a construction site, from resource allocation and management to ensuring safety from potential hazards. Other duties performed by the construction managers are:

    • Designing and planning the construction project timing and schedule to ensure that the team delivers the project with desired results at the right time.
    • They analyze the requirements and request the resources for timely delivery with the required results.
    • On receiving the required resources, raw material, labor, or equipment. They allocate the resources well, ensuring every part of the construction project gets the things needed for project completion.
    • Overlooking the entire project, each part of it, to ensure work at every level completes with utmost perfection and precision.
    • The construction manager handles the hiring process, ensuring the appointment of the best people for the construction site to get the best work done.
    • Managers also do budget management in the best possible manner to make things work in the company’s favor and get the best results on an excellent budget.
    • Another thing the construction managers do is obtain the necessary certificates and licenses to make sure the construction happens legally.


    Construction Project Management is a promising career option that people working in the construction industry can choose. You only need relevant educational background, proven expertise, and hands-on work experience to get an attractive salary.

    There are multiple factors that the director of construction keeps in mind to figure out what package the industry experts should get. Therefore, it is vital to thoroughly understand these factors so that you can also work in the right direction to attain the highest possible salary package. Go for KnowledgeHut Project Management training courses and increase your chances of receiving your expected salary.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    1. What is the per month salary of a Construction Project Manager in India?

    The average per month salary of a construction project manager in India is around 40K. However, this figure may vary depending on the multiple factors listed above.

    2. Who is a Construction Project Manager?

    A construction project manager is an expert who manages all the construction-related tasks. He is the one to gather, segregate, allocate, and manage the resources at a construction site. Moreover, these people also keep a keen eye on every aspect of the construction project, ensuring timely deliveries with desired results.

    3. What is the salary of a Construction Project Manager with no experience?

    If you are a fresher with no work experience, you can expect an average salary of 3 to 4 LPA in India. However, this salary package can get higher if you have a professional certification that proves your worth.

    4. Is Construction Project Manager a well-paid job?

    It is a well-paid job if you start your career in the right direction. You can begin by getting the relevant qualification, taking the construction management course, and getting hands-on industry experience.


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