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IT Project Manager Salary in India 2024

19th Feb, 2024
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    IT Project Manager Salary in India 2024

    In addition to having a positive economic expansion impact on the nation, Information Technology has enhanced administration by boosting efficiency and flexibility. Indian Information & Technology is growing at its peak and will reach USD144 billion by the end of 2023. Several international companies are coming up with huge projects as they believe in India's capabilities to manage them well.

    Among various roles in Information and Technology, the IT Project Manager is already a blooming career in India. People are showing interest and enrolling themselves in certified programs such as learning Project Management to brush up their expertise in this field. One of the main reasons for individuals to select this field is the IT project manager salary in India, which is quite impressive. 

    Who is an IT Project Manager?

    By coordinating and implementing projects, an information technology (IT) project manager facilitates companies in achieving their Information systems priorities. IT project managers will supervise operations to expand IT operations, incorporate fresh software solutions, or alter cloud hosting for a company.

    Computer programming may be under the supervision of certain IT project managers. Again, IT project managers can engage with the technical teams of a range of groups, including universities, tech firms, and healthcare facilities, as well as other categories. IT project manager salary in India depends on several tasks that they have to perform.

    The primary roles of an IT project manager are as follows: 

    • Manage several IT projects from beginning to end 
    • Create and monitor the budget for the project 
    • Evaluate the IT reports 
    • Work closely with other IT managers, stakeholders, and vendors 
    • Check on the risk factors related to a project

    Demand for IT Project Manager in India

    India is a highly competitive country in the world when it comes to Information and technology. Multinational enterprises arriving here are certain that India has the competence to manage their projects. The career option as an IT Project manager in India is growing on a large scale. The main reason for the steady demand in this field is the IT project manager salary in India. A high salary and huge scope of work opportunities tempt people to opt for this as their job role.

    However, to get a lucrative IT project management job in India, you will need to have certain skills. Technical aptitude to comprehend the objectives and strategies of the project. Critical thinking abilities to analyze and assess a scenario to help solve issues before they arise. Effective teamwork and management require strong communication abilities, as you will be expected to connect with vendors, stakeholders, and customers. 

    Moreover, having certifications like below-mentioned list will boost your chances of

    Getting selected by the top companies: 

    1. CompTIA Project+ 
    2. PMI Project Management Professional (PMP) 
    3. Google Project Management Certificate 
    4. (ISC)2 Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) 

    What is the Average Project Manager Salary in India?

    In the corporate world, the Project manager's salary is one of the top-notch payments that you can expect. Again, it is important to keep in mind that the starting salary also depends on the company you are working with and other factors.

    Junior/Entry-level IT project managers are in charge of organizing, planning, and leading the company's ongoing initiatives. They serve as team leaders in the project development division and keep an eye on company projects to ensure they progress according to schedule. 

    As your experience furthers, as an experienced IT project manager, you are expected to oversee more complex tasks like end-to-end project execution and delivery, manage and lead multiple project teams, and adhere to all guidelines while sticking to the project timeline. You are expected to have a bird's eye view of the entire project development life cycle, support the continuity of work culture, manage junior project managers and promote team empowerment. 

    The below table shows the IT project manager fresher salary in India and experienced IT project manager salary in India: 

    Level Of ExperienceAverage Salary Per Year

    For Freshers 


    For Experienced Employees


    Salary Range Based on Knowledge and Experience in India?

    With proper experience and expertise, the Senior Product Manager gets their responsibility in an organization. The key role of their work will include supervising and directing the functional components of current projects. Therefore, he will act as a bridge between the project team, planning, line management, and program management.

    Again, preparing a budget plan for a specific project and reviewing it from time to time is also the responsibility of an experienced Product Manager. An experienced Senior IT project manager salary in India can make an average salary of ₹22, 05,649 per year. 

    On the other hand, the entry level IT project manager salary in India will be based on certification courses, training, handling clients, and a thorough understanding of IT. The junior IT project manager salary in India, on average, is 5 lakh rupees. 

    Knowledge and ExperienceAverage salary per year

    Senior IT project manager


    Junior level IT project manager


    Key Skills Required for IT Project Manager

    To become an IT project manager, a few necessary skills and expertise should be kept in mind, such as: 

    1. Flexibility

    An IT project manager should know the value of time. Balancing the resources and the pressure of targets to achieve the company objective will need flexibility. As an IT Project manager, you have to estimate a time for submitting the project. For that reason, you and your team might have to work on holidays, week-offs, and your availability is required.

    Also, taking in consideration your employee's health is required. If they need sick leave while the project is ongoing, you have to plan accordingly. IT project manager salary in India per month depends on your flexibility and meeting deadline ability. 

    2. Communication Skills

    An IT project manager should have effective communication skills in terms of the needs of the project, organization, and team. To communicate properly, he should also be open to active listening. Otherwise, he will not understand the goals and risks associated with the project.

    It is the responsibility of IT project manager to discuss the project and the methods to achieve goals with his team members, stakeholders, management, and other vendors. Hence, he should have to develop an open approach in his work where everyone can discuss the project easily with him. The associate IT project manager salary India also depends on a high communication level while talking to the clients and users. 

    3. Problem-solving Skills

    Any task or project may have different problems. As an IT project manager, it is important to work on problems efficiently with the required skills. You have to analyze the root cause and possible solutions to it. Some problems tend to be resolved quickly while other issues take longer than ever. Irrespective of the problem, using a systematic approach to solve it is where the role of IT project manager comes into the picture. An IT project manager takes the below approaches to solving the problems:

    • Defining the problem
    • Determining the causes
    • Generating Ideas
    • Selecting the best solution
    • Taking action

    4. Monitoring and Measuring

    After a project is assigned, an IT project manager must keep closely monitoring the project. From the beginning of the project, execution, and till the end of it, this observation goes on. The project manager should check all the metrics, quality, budget, and remedies for any issues related to the project.

    Moreover, the performance of the team members and the requirement for any other resources - all of these should be noted by the IT project manager. With the help of accurate tools and healthy communication, this monitoring process takes place. Regular reporting on metrics and other reports keep project managers and others informed and help in the creation of high-performing teams.

    5. Risk Management

    Risk is associated with every business and project related to it. Therefore, as an IT project manager, you should sit with the members to analyze the risk or threats associated with a specific project. Moreover, you should have a backup plan for these risks and challenges. To be an IT project manager you should have the below skills so as to tackle the situation:

    • Analytical skills
    • Problem-solving skills
    • Relationship-building skills
    • People management and leadership skills
    • Business understanding
    • Strategic thinking
    • Ability to choose mitigation strategy
    • Ability to quantify risks

    6. Creative Mindset

    When it comes to IT project managers, they are masters of thinking out of the box. These managers are open-minded to various solutions to problems, the same way it helps IT project team members. IT project managers should be skillful when it comes to articulating creative ideas. They should motivate and inspire the teams to look beyond established practices and look for simple focused solutions to real-problems. IT project managers innovation processes include:

    • Open innovation
    • Discovery
    • Ideal management
    • Knowledge brokering
    • Seeking innovation partners

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    IT Project Manager Salary in India Based on Certifications

    Achieving a project management certification will allow companies to acknowledge your expertise and skills. You can expect an increment in your salary if you have certification in your resume. 

    According to the surveys in 2021, it is seen that IT Project managers with the certification get an 18% hike in their salary as compared to non-certified managers.

    This will help you to gain relevant skills for project management. Moreover, you can expect a lucrative salary hike in your next job selection process. 


    CompTIA Project+ 

    INR 13,00,000- INR15,00,000 

    PRINCE2 Practitioner 


    CPD: Certified Project Director 


    Project Management in IT Security (PMITS) 


    ACP: Agile Certified Practitioner 


    CSSBB: Certified Six Sigma Black Belt 


    Highest Paying Cities for IT Project Managers in India

    According to different high-paying cities, the IT project manager jobs in India salary is shown in the table below: 

    CitiesSalary range per year


    Rs. 15,00,000 


    Rs. 20,00,000 


    Rs. 18,00,000 








    Rs. 9,00,000 



    Top Paying Industries for Project Managers in India

    Your income as a project manager may be significantly impacted by the industry you want to operate with. The following table shows salary survey based on different industries for IT Project Managers in India: 

    Top Industries Project Managers IndiaSalary Per Year



    Health care 


    Information technology 




    Financial service 










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    Top Paying Companies for Project Managers in India

    The following table represents the data of the top paying company's average salary of IT Project Manager in India: 

    Company NameTotal Pay Average/per year

    GE IT 

    Rs.20, 32,387 

    HSBC Software Development India 


    Tata Consultancy 

    Rs. 15,90,900 


    Rs. 16,33482 


    Rs. 17,64,084 



    Cognizant Technology Solutions 

    Rs. 18,93, 537 

    HCL Tech 

    Rs. 11,64, 714 


    Rs.18, 09,871 


    Rs. 17,27,019 

    DXC Technology 

    Rs. 15,94, 361 

    Tech Mahindra 

    Rs. 13,45, 079 

    Dell Technologies 

    Rs. 15,35,860 




    Rs. 21, 44,441 

    Hexaware Technology 

    Rs. 19,37567 

    IT Project Manager Salary Comparison By Gender in India

    Any individual in India, if capable and has a piece of considerable knowledge in Product Management (Information Technology) can easily apply for the post. This position in any company operating in India is not restricted to Genders. Therefore, females, males, or any other gender can apply for the position.

    Moreover, everyone has equal pay and bonus depending on their expertise, experience, or location of the workplace. India follows no gender bias in terms of work culture. The average salary of an IT project manager salary in India, indicating all genders in the country, is ₹14, 20,745 annually. 

    IT Project Manager Bonus and Incentive Rates in India

    The IT project manager salary in India is different based on the compensation and bonus rates that are granted to the employee by the company. Now, to analyze this bonus and incentive, we have to understand that it depends on certain elements. Every company's bonus structure is different from others. The factors are as follows: 


    For the bonus and incentives add-on payment, the IT project manager should meet their performance metrics. Generally, the parameters for performance include scheduling a project, giving an estimated date for completing the task and controlling the budget of the project. If any risk is associated with the project, then the IT Project manager has to find the required solution. 


    The IT team and the related IT Project manager's productivity and quality of work also rely on incentive patterns in the salary. 


    Often, companies share the profit numbers of the project with the IT Project managers. After implementing a set target for the project budget, the profit is calculated.

    Industry & Work Pattern

    The industrial payment for bonuses and incentives for project managers differ from company to company. Depending on the resources and data that are required for project completion, a project manager chooses his team members. The performance of the overall team also results in the incentives of the IT Project manager's salary. 

    How to Get the Highest Salary Possible with the Help of KnowledgeHut?

    Achieving a certification and gaining a clear understanding can automatically fetch you a decent job with a well-paid salary package. Moreover, during interviews, if you have specific certifications in the job role you have applied for, then you get a high chance of getting selected by the employer. 

    The experts in Knowledge Hut will help you to gain complete learning about the different courses that you select. The online training and assistance will give you real-time work experience.

    Regarding project management, courses like best online PMP training courses can help you get a high paid salary in your career. 


    The global financial system is changing and is depending more on Information and technology. Therefore, the world is in constant need and improvement of projects related to this field. Several companies are transforming themselves digitally and becoming more dependable on IT. Therefore, the demand for project management in the IT sector will grow more in India in the upcoming years till 2027.

    From every operational project, an individual can earn more and learn about trending methods or techniques. To fetch IT Product management jobs in India, you should focus on and develop the relevant skills required for these jobs. The PRINCE2 certification training course can help you get a high paid salary in your career. Upskilling and gaining more knowledge in Information Technology can serve you in better ways.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    1Is an IT Project Manager internship a good way to get a job in India?

    Yes, after completion of your MBA, you can apply for IT Project Manager Internship jobs. For this, you should have a legit understanding of Information technology software and product management skill. 

    2What is considered to be a good IT Project Manager salary in India?

    The decent salary range of the IT Project Manager in India starts from Rs. 6 lakhs to 28 lakhs. 

    3Who gets paid more IT Project manager or IT Program Manager in India?

    The IT Program Manager gets paid more than an IT Project manager. The average salary per year in India for an IT Program manager is around RS. 26, 62157. 

    4Do IT project managers make more than engineers in India?

    Usually, IT Project managers do make lucrative money as compared to engineers. Again, it depends on certain factors like the location of the job, experience, and education. 

    5What month do IT Project Managers get appraisals in India?

    In a few companies, the appraisals start in December, which reflects in the salary of January. In India, the most financial year is counted during March and April. Hence, the IT Project manager happens in March-April in most companies in India. 

    6Is IT Project Manager, a high paying job in India?

    Yes, the IT Project manager job role is a high-salary position in India. The average salary in a year of an entry-level IT Project manager starts from Rs. 4.2 lakhs per year. 


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