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In-Demand Project Manager Jobs in India [2024]

19th Feb, 2024
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    In-Demand Project Manager Jobs in India [2024]

    Due to rapid globalization, constant business competition, and the emergence of new markets, the role of a project manager is growing in every field of work. As per a report from PMI, on average, India alone will need more than 70K professional project managers annually in the coming decade to meet industry needs.

    This role is in demand in almost every industry for better decision-making, results, and revenue growth. Due to increasing demand in various sectors, project managers can expect enormous career opportunities, leadership roles, and growth in India and worldwide. There are various courses and certifications available for project managers, like certificate training in Project Management.

    Who is a Project Manager?

    A Project manager is a professional who leads a project using specific knowledge, tools, skills, techniques, and experience for planning, scheduling, budgeting, and tracking the entire project plan. There are many tools like Jira, Zoho, Click-up, Microsoft Project, Asana, etc., which project managers use to monitor real-time progress for project delivery. The PM oversees the entire lifecycle of the project and ensures meeting timelines.

    Between the client and the project team, Project Manager spearheads the project playing the role of an interface, ensuring both parties are provided necessary details, tools, skills, and knowledge within the specified deadline successfully.

    What does Project Manager do?

    In every industry, Project Managers are required. The project manager achieves the objective of project management by following the below steps: 

    • Gathering Project Requirement: Every project starts with an idea. There is a certain objective of a project. Project Manager must have all the information pertaining to objective, resources requirements, deadlines / timelines, budget, technical requirements etc. 
    • Team Setting and Dividing the Task Among the Team: Project Manager should make a core team which will work on the particular project. This team must be informed about their individual contribution, which, when brought together, shall attain the objective of the project. 
    • Defining Timeline for Each Task: Before and while creating the team, project manager must define the timeline for each task assigned. This helps in keeping track of work. Sometimes, projects demand working in stages. Second task is dependent on first, and if the first task doesn’t complete on time second can’t start thus, time management is crucial. 
    • Risk Management: A project manager knows the risks at all levels. For e.g., risks related to resources, budgets, technology etc. If these risks are well thought about beforehand, the project delays and conflicts can be removed thoughtfully and effectively.
    • Regular Monitoring of Task Completion and Providing Inputs When Needed: A project manager must monitor various task given to different team members regularly. This can be done manually (time consuming) or using project management tools. This helps project managers save time by paying attention to anything done wrongly without investing time. Inputs can be given in real time. 
    • Budgeting: It is important to ensure the project is delivered within budget. A project manager must be aware of approximate cost which will be incurred by his / her team to deliver the project. This also includes vision on any ad hoc requirement for which budgets can be needed. 
    • Motivating Team: Sometimes, teams work on multiple projects, and it can be overwhelming for them if all projects are at critical stages. Thus, Project Manager must ensure team is well guided and motivated and doesn’t feel overworked, which impacts productivity. 

    Project Manager Jobs Based on Experience in India

    Businesses these days are not conducted in traditional ways and are ever evolving. There is a continuous requirement for technical advancement. Industries such as Finance, IT, Insurance, Healthcare, Construction, etc., all need Project Managers.

    • Junior Level: Junior project manager jobs in India are plenty. As a fresher/junior, the responsibility expectation is to drive project planning, resource planning, documentation, time management, and organizing & direct operations for ongoing company projects.
    • Middle Level: At the middle level, project managers are responsible for contacting higher management to discuss project plans and requirements and provide updates on their execution. They delegate tasks and monitor their progress with their team and other support teams or departments in concern. One or more project managers in the organization can report to the director/head of project management.
    • Advanced Level: At the advanced or senior level of program management comes roles like director or Head of projects. This is the highest-ranking role in any organization's project management operations. This role is to look after all the projects at an organizational level.

    As per experience, the salary slabs are different for Project Managers: 

    Experience LevelRange (INR)

    Fresher / Junior Jobs (< 5 years exp.)

    from 2.5-5 Lakhs

    Mid-Level Jobs (5-15 years exp.)

    from 4.5-18 Lakhs

    Advanced Level Jobs (> 15 years exp.)

    from 18 Lakhs-37 Lakhs

    * At higher levels, salary is industry and work sensitively 

    Best companies for project managers in India are InfoEdge, Genpact, Wipro, TCS, Capgemini, etc., which have a high demand for project managers mostly. To increase your chances of getting into the top companies, you should go for PMP certification programs online and set yourself ahead.

    Freelance Project Manager Jobs in India

    For a few years now, an exciting option of freelance project manager has emerged. This allows one to work on diverse projects with the flexibility of working from anywhere. As a freelance project manager, you can lead the project on the company’s behalf.

    A freelancer can choose from various assignments, set their working hours and travel time, take on a variety of projects, can charge more from regular employees, and create a wide professional network. There are a few challenges as well, like long breaks with no assignments, the absence of a professional environment, and not having company benefits and support from managers and peers unavailable. 

    Skill-wise, a freelancer should have similar skills and experience as any regular employee in the company to manage a project. But certain attributes add more work success to a freelancer, like networking and communication skills, which can help them get more projects regularly; they must keep up to date with industry information & technologies to get better work. They also need to train regularly and do courses or certifications because clients don’t know much about them, and they need to build a strong portfolio for themselves.

    Freelancers can get work through job agencies or by using social media to highlight their achievements or traditional word of mouth. There is no one strategy for a freelancer. One can choose to work on small projects initially and pick big ones later. Freelance project manager jobs in India are a prevailing and growing concept. Freelancer earrings/salary ranges from INR 4.5 Lakhs to INR 20 Lakhs per annum with an average annual earning of INR 10 to 12 Lakhs.

    Remote Project Manager Jobs in India

    A Project Manager's job is to organize and coordinate end-to-end client/company work from development through implementation. Since most project management work can be done remotely/from home thus, it is an ideal career path for many. Many companies are opting for remote working as the project management tools (Trello, Slack, Asana, Basecamp) and programs make it easy for candidates to opt for freelancer project manager jobs in India. 

    The benefits of remote project manager jobs in India include decreasing operational costs, providing flexibility, promoting work-life balance, increasing staffing options, controlling employee retention, raising productivity (this change is since the pandemic), and enhancing focus. Employees get all company benefits. Thus, it works for the company and the employee, unlike freelancing project managers.

    But remote project managers need to stay connected with teams more frequently despite using tools & programs, take a versatile approach to accommodate individual team members' needs, create more options for collaboration, be flexible, etc. There are a few models, like fully remote, hybrid, and flexible, for the company to choose from. One can find and apply to many open positions by searching with keywords like “remote project manager jobs India.” 

    Companies like Amazon, Coinbase, HubSpot, IQVIA, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Twilio, and UnitedHealth Group are a few companies offering project managers online jobs in India. The salary structure for remote project manager jobs in India doesn’t change much from working out of the office. The average annual salary for a mid-level position remains INR 14 -15 Lakhs per annum. 

    Highest Paying Project Manager Jobs in India

    In project management, several senior project manager jobs in India are available in businesses across. Industry-wise, senior project managers in India, too, can have slight salary variations. Industries like construction, engineering, information technology, finance, insurance, healthcare, marketing, manufacturing, etc., all need project managers and offer pay scales per their industry standards.

    1. Marketing Project Manager

    A marketing project manager is often misunderstood as a general marketing manager who does only specific work. The marketing project manager's role is a 360-degree all-encompassing role of planning, assigning tasks, setting timelines, and executing all the work related to marketing campaigns. This is one of the best project manager jobs in India since its growth is evident since advertisers have increased ad spending, and the need to connect with customers is forever. In marketing, the average annual salary of a Marketing Project Manager ranges from 18 lakhs per annum to 40 Lakhs per annum.

    2. Project Management Consultant

    A Project Management Consultant is a professional responsible for expert advice on running projects for external clients. Many companies are giving consulting services wherein professionals are aligned with certain accounts/clients to whom they must provide professional and skillful advice, to run their projects or particular process.

    They can contribute their strategic, technical, or operational expertise to clients or projects. The salary range for a project management consultant can differ based on their contribution to the project. It can range from INR 25 thousand per month for an interim consultant to approx. INR 2 Lakhs per month if the nature of consulting is strategic.

    3. Construction Project Manager

    Construction is another industry that needs project managers, and they are often called CM’s. A construction project manager collaborates with stakeholders by providing insights specific to construction projects. This includes the owner, architect, trade, general contractors, and subcontractors.

    To culminate the project successfully, the construction project manager builds a team of specialists, designers, architects, contractors, construction workers, etc., through a series of tasks. Construction project managers' salaries can range from approximately INR 5 Lakhs to INR 20 Lakhs per annum, depending on the project size and experience.

    4. PMO Manager

    PMO manager stands for Project Management Officer Manager. Their responsibility is to clearly define and manage all projects as per company standards typically. The professional in this position has to work tightly and closely on the budgets, policies, processes, and guidelines to satisfy their client. PMO managers might have to collaborate with other departments for effective resource allocation.

    PMO managers depending on their skills and experience, PMO managers can earn a salary between INR 4.5 Lakhs per annum to INR 23 ~ 24 Lakhs per annum with an average annual salary of INR 12 -13 Lakhs per annum, thus making it one of the best project manager job opportunities in India.

    5. Engineering Project Manager

    A person who leads and measures the daily operations of an engineering team is called Engineering Project Manager. A project manager has these professional needs to ensure engineers, designers, and manufacturers work together and are aligned to develop and deliver a project. The engineering project manager has to review proposals and manage budgets for cost analysis of the project.

    Engineering project managers work closely with engineers and report to administrators. This role requires technical skills and experience. The salary range for an Engineering Project Manager in India is approx. INR 9 Lakhs to INR 37 Lakhs per annum, with an average annual salary of INR 12 Lakhs.

    6. IT Project Manager

    A professional who is responsible for overseeing and running an organization's IT (information technology) process planning, delegation, and execution to achieve their goals is called IT Project Manager. IT goals of an organization can be network upgrades, projects on business analytics & data management, hardware installations, software and app developments, etc.

    IT Project Managers are needed in all kinds of industries as most organizations rely on Information technologies. The salary range for an IT Project manager is experience and skill sensitive and ranges from 6 lakhs per annum to 27 lakhs per annum, with an average annual salary of 15 lakhs per annum. 

    Top Cities where KnowledgeHut Conduct Project Management Certification Training Course Online

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    Project Management Courses in MelbourneProject Management Courses in Toronto
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    Project Management Courses in MumbaiProject Management Courses in Brisbane

    Top Companies with Project Manager Jobs in India

    All companies need project managers, but there are a few top enterprises that are the most desirable for the Project Managers role. Not only do these companies offer a variety of projects, but most also have a global presence, which makes them top on the list. Below is a table providing a glance at the salary range they offer in India for jobs related to project manager in India: 

    Top Companies with Project Manager Jobs in IndiaSalary Range (INR / Average - Per annum)


    10.0 Lakhs-20.0 Lakhs 


    10.0 Lakhs-28.0 Lakhs 


    11.0 Lakhs-80.0 Lakhs 


    14.0 Lakhs-23.6 Lakhs 


    10.0 Lakhs-36.2 Lakhs 


    7.0 Lakhs-29.0 Lakhs 


    12.3 Lakhs-30.0 Lakhs 


    9.4 Lakhs-30.0 Lakhs 

    Lead your team to success with confidence! Start your PRINCE2 Foundation certification preparation and become a project management expert today.

    Best Cities for Project Manager Jobs in India

    Project Managers demand is growing every year because this role covers working on all aspects of any Project, which makes it the most required role for most companies. Most metro cities have the best/top company establishments, and therefore they become the best cities for Project Manager roles/jobs in India.

    Best Cities for Project Managers job in IndiaSalary Range (INR / Average - Per annum)Fresher / JuniorExperienced


    Approx. 6-21 Lakhs 

    Approx 6.35 Lakhs

    Approx. 21 Lakhs 


    Approx. 6-14.21 Lakhs 

    Approx 6.0 Lakhs

    Approx. 14.21 Lakhs 


    Approx. 5.5-12.13 Lakhs 

    Approx 5.5 Lakhs

    Approx. 12.13 Lakhs 


    Approx. 7-12.13 Lakhs 

    Approx 7.0 Lakhs

    Approx. 12.13 Lakhs 


    Approx. 4-12.12 Lakhs 

    Approx 4.0 Lakhs

    Approx. 12.12 Lakhs 


    Approx. 5.25-14.58 Lakhs 

    Approx 5.25 Lakhs

    Approx. 14.58 Lakhs 

    Required Skills for Project Manager Jobs in India

    There is no specific skill requirement for a Project manager, as it is project sensitive when it comes to hard skills. Many certifications can help PM work as per project demand, like: 

    They are based on whether the work required is in a controlled environment or not. All certifications are globally recognized. Thus, there are plenty of opportunities to work within and outside India.

    Other than professional skills, other skills needed are as below: 


    This is the most critical skill and most underrated. A project manager needs to achieve everything needed for successful project delivery via timely and effective communication with relevant stakeholders within and out the organization. Poor communication can derail the project and incur cost and time for the organization. Listening is another aspect of communication which is needed from a Project Manager


    As a project manager one is responsible not only for their work but the work of the team they are leading / heading. Being organized can skip communication issues, time management issues and more. Easiest way is by setting calendar. 


    Sometimes, the decided flow of work is challenged by new ideas or issues from within the team or support teams. Being empathetic towards anything new can work in conflict resolution and save time. Also, this empowers the project manager to understand each individual from team, knowing their right skill set in getting work done and grow productivity. 


    Project managers should be flexible but firm. Sometimes, teams come with innovations which can enhance project value. If project managers are not open to adapt to new ways and ideas, team can feel undervalued or pressurized. Agile way to handling change is suggested. 


    A project manager must play the role to perfection in leading and guiding the team. It can be by knowing new methodologies or leading a situation in crisis and ensuring team looks up to you for solutions, include planning projects, assessing resources for assigning work, calculating risk, creating budgets, communicating with “C” level employees, and troubleshooting.

    Education Requirements to Get Project Manager Jobs in India

    Various subjects can help you land entry level Project Manager jobs in India. A degree in Business Administration or equivalent must be from a recognized and good university to get project manager jobs for freshers in India. The key subjects may include Managerial Economics, Bank Strategy and Management, Strategic Management, Accounting, HR Management, International Business, or others. In India, IIMs offer project management courses.

    Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies and the National Institute of Industrial Engineering also have PM courses. The admission is based on the Management entrance exam to these colleges like SET, CAT, XAT, SNAP, NPAT, etc. After the exam, there is a GD (Group discussion) and PI (Personal Interview) round. Few colleges offer courses on a merit basis too.

    Top Certifications to Get Project Manager Jobs in India

    There are many certifications available to become a Project Manager in India one can choose from. For example, business analytics certification will differ from Scrum trainer certification. One can keep upscaling while working to getting involved in other projects or grow the scope. The top certifications to get Project manager jobs in India can be listed below: 

    How to Get a Job as a Project Manager in India?

    If you are a working professional in any industry and want to be a Project Manager, first scan your experience. You might work in operations management, resource management, risk management, quality management, or any other field. Check your skill set and upgrade it if needed by a relevant certification. Apply knowledge to current projects, and then one can apply for the project manager's role.

    As a student, if you have decided to become a Project manager, firstly pick the relevant course/certification. The most well-known certifications are CAPM or PMP certifications. One key difference is that CAPM certification doesn’t need project management experience, but 4500 hours of project management experience is required for PMP certification.

    The steps are: 

    • Get a degree in business management or business administration. 
    • Get work experience to achieve communication and organization skills.
    • Get relevant certification. 
    • Apply for a Project Management job in India. 
    • Upgrade with other necessary project management skills 

    Future of Project Manager Career in India

    Project Management is a role which demands taking ownership of all aspects of any particular project. All industries, like construction, healthcare, advertising, insurance, information technology, consulting, etc., want project managers who can drive all aspects of projects (internal + external). The most significant advantage of a project manager's role is the availability of versatile work and high pay scales depending on experience and the size of projects. Due to government initiatives like “Digital India” and technical innovations giving rise to startups, the demand for project managers will undergo colossal expansion. 

    Companies understand the risk of hiring not qualified or unqualified professionals for project management and thus invest in good institutes for higher project managers. Demand for practitioners with a mix of competencies like technical knowledge and business management in addition to leadership and strategic skills is the highest. With the adaptation of AI and ML, companies can give and get deeper insights for making better decisions. Agile methodologies used by project managers are more collaborative and flexible to meet the needs. Overall, the future of the project manager career in India is rewarding and demanding.


    There is accelerating growth in many fields like education, information technology, gaming, banking, financial inclusion, etc. The organization's work culture has shifted and focuses more on on-the-go, real-time flexibility. Project Manager jobs in India and across the world becomes critical role, which also shapes you at advanced levels for higher positions like CEO, MD, etc., who have to keep a 360-degree view of organizations growth and revenues.

    This profile offers an assortment of work and a scope of ongoing learning with the emergence of new markets, products, and technologies. The opportunities are endless and propelling. Go for KnowledgeHut Project Manager courses and boost your management learnings.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    1Which job search portals are best for Project Managers in the India?

    There are many job / executive search portals that can prove helpful in finding Project Managers jobs in India. They help look for positions at junior as well as senior levels. Some top ones are: 

    • Naurki.com 
    • Linkedin 
    • Indeed 
    • Glassdoor. 

    A few boutique companies also work only at senior profiles in project management and other domains. Like ABC Consultants, Accord India, leap club, etc.  Portals like Upwork help provides part-time and freelancing jobs in the field of Project management too. All these portals are available for free to explore open positions. 

    2What are the major selection criteria for a project manager in a Fortune 500 company?

    Below are the major selection criteria which are seen as key requirements:

    • Experience in managing Projects 
    • Well conversant with project management tools and processes 
    • Attention to detail is vital 
    • Relevant certification/course done (if any) 
    • Ability to assign resource and time for projects success
    • Skills like - Communication, Networking, Relationship building, Flexibility, Patience & tenacity, Leadership, time management 
    3In order to get shortlisted at India companies, what should a project manager include on their resume?

    A Project Manager's resume/curriculum vitae should mention some key points which make their profile stand out. 

    • Summary with mention of skills, project deadlines, number of projects handled, etc. 
    • If possible, do mention the increase in revenue % or multiplier 
    • Mentioning Budget management and Crisis/conflict management is vital and suggested 
    • Mentioning certifications/courses is mandatory 
    4In India, can anybody become a project manager?

    The answer is affirmative. But to become a Project Manager, one must have clarity of the industry and field they wish to pursue. One must have education and experience in the same field to work in analytics. Project Manager’s profile is a mix of many skills, and as per one's level, they are used and come into practice. One must have basic knowledge of project management concepts, tools, processes & methods to manage project risks. Soft skills are another aspect apart from experience and certifications of becoming a Project Manager. One doesn’t need to be an expert, but experience gives you enough credibility in handling the profile on the job.  

    5Is the project manager well-paid in the India?

    The role of Project Manager is generally well rewarded as per education and experience. However, it also depends on one's level, location, company, project size, and skills. A fresher / junior project manager can earn an approx average of INR 4.5 to 6 Lakhs per annum. However, at the mid-level, the salary ranges from INR 10 Lakhs to INR 15 ~ 16 Lakhs per annum. At higher levels, salaries and benefits fluctuate from INR 20 Lakhs to INR 80 Lakhs per annum with an average CTC of INR 25 ~ 35 Lakhs per annum.  

    6Do project managers have a future in the India?

    Today Project Managers in India is a well-accepted, respected, and wanted job role. This is both from a candidate and company point of view. Companies want to spend on experienced and qualified project Managers. India will second the global requirement for Project Managers in the coming decade. Companies like IBM, Capgemini, Infoedge, Amazon, etc., are constantly raising requirements. At junior levels, the job requirements typically have similar needs across industries. At mid and higher levels, professional responsibilities start to vary. Due to the rise in Project Management roles, demand for relevant courses has also increased. Thus, it is evident that this role is here to stay for a long.  

    7Which is the best place to learn project management in the India?

    Many recognized institutes offer courses and certifications online and offline in India. Listed below are a few top ones to consider. 

    • L&T Institute of Project Management 
    • National Institute of Construction Management & Research (NICMAR) 
    • National Institute of Industrial Engineering (NITIE) 
    • S.P. Jain Institute of Management and Research (SPJIMR) 
    • MIT Pune 
    • IIM’s 
    • RICS School of Built Environment (RICS SBE), Amity University 

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