Project Management Consultant: Job Description, Skills, Salary

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12th Jul, 2022
22nd Jun, 2022
Project Management Consultant: Job Description, Skills, Salary

To design and implement solutions that pertain to quality or process improvements, a project management consultant serves as a planner, counsellor, and team leader. Project management consultants are essential assets to any company because they help project stakeholders discover and correct inefficiencies in procedures and workflows. So, to secure a job in the same field, you must consider taking project management certification online courses. Project management consultant responsibilities sometimes include overseeing many projects simultaneously, which can be either enterprise-wide efforts or business-specific projects. 

In this post, we'll discuss project management consultant employment, project management consultant duties, independent project management consultant compensation trends, and the abilities required to become a successful project management consultant. 

What is Project Management Consultancy?

A project management consultancy is an organization that provides expert advice to others. It specializes in providing project management advice to other businesses. A project management consultancy may be hired by a company that lacks expertise or seeks project management advice from an outside, neutral source. Get to know more about what is pmp

Who is a Project Management Consultant?

A project management consultant delivers specialized expertise and abilities to organizations, allowing them to make educated decisions through the project's lifespan, from planning to conclusion. 

These consultants are responsible for developing project management strategies for effective execution and completing projects on schedule, within budget along with the allotted resources. 

Aside from putting in place a project management strategy, managing budgets, and effectively utilizing resources, these consultants’ role also includes monitoring the project management team, coordinating with key stakeholders, identifying project risks, and developing innovative solutions that aid in the achievement of organizational goals.  

A project management consultant looks at business-critical data to discover inefficiencies and trends in projects, which helps avoid difficulties and ensure smooth project execution. Consultants in project management are also in charge of developing and implementing contingency plans, planning roadmaps, and offering periodic recommendations. Know more about the amazing benefits of pmp certification

Project Management Consultant Job Description

A project management consultant must be well-versed with the tools and procedures required to complete projects quickly and efficiently. Their other important tasks include planning, coordinating, delegating, influencing, and managing the project management team. You can join the best pmp course to get all the skills mentioned below. 

  • To effectively lead projects, you must first become familiar with the client's business environment. 
  • Collaborating with essential stakeholders both inside and beyond the company 
  • Providing frequent counselling to team members and assigning work to the project management team 
  • Assuring that project scope and schedule are met within the time and financial constraints 
  • Reviewing initiatives regularly to ensure that they are on track 
  • Consistently updating project documentation and communicating it to management  
  • Developing positive working relationships with teammates and customers 
  • Defining a project's structure, goals, and resource needs 
  • Using theoretical, managerial, and technological abilities to meet pre-determined goals and deliverables 
  • Implementing a robust task interdependency project management approach 
  • Issues relating to a project are discussed with the project management team, clients, and other interested parties. 
  • Project risk management, contingency, and mitigation plans 
  • Keeping team performance and productivity at a high level 

Project Management Consultant Skills

Today's recruiting firms are looking for project management consultant abilities such as: 

  • Analytical talents that are exceptional 
  • Familiarity with project management software and tools 
  • Experience leading both virtual and real teams with strong leadership and motivating skills 
  • Ability to work in a range of project situations with stakeholders 
  • Excellent time management and cost control abilities 
  • Understanding of the organization 
  • Excellent resource management and problem-solving abilities 
  • Creating project reports is a skill that you should have. 
  • Interpersonal communication skills 
  • Task prioritization and management efficiency 
  • Superior communication abilities, both verbally and in writing 

Project Management Consultant Salary Trends

According to many surveys, businesses are experiencing a severe scarcity of competent consultants, boosting demand and raising project management consultant salaries. Below is a breakdown of their salaries by nation. 

  • The project management consultant’s compensation in India ranges from 283,000 to 3,000,000 rupees per year. The average annual income for a project management consultant is 767,675. 
  • In the United States, project management consultants earn between $56,000 and $174,000. So, it leads to the average compensation being $84,252 per year. 
  • In the United Kingdom, project management consultants earn between £25k and £81k a year. The average compensation for a project management consultant is £37,726 per year. 
  • The project management consultant’s compensation ranges from C$50k to C$217k in Canada. However, the average annual income for a project management consultant is C$74,991. 
  • In Australia, the project management consultant’s compensation ranges from AU$60k to AU$199k per year. And the average salary for a project management consultant is AU$91,563 per year. 
  • In Singapore, project management consultants make between S$17k and S$65k per year. A project management consultant makes an average of S$48,000 per year. 
  • Project management consultant salaries in the UAE range from AED 59k to AED 594k per year. The average income for the same is AED 230,727 per year. 
  • In Saudi Arabia, project management consultants earn between SAR 0 to SAR 397k per year. Average income for the consultant is SAR 386,700 per year. 

Pros and Cons of Project Management Consultancy

The following are a few advantages of working as a consultant: 

  • You can pick and choose which tasks to work on. 
  • You have greater scheduling freedom since you are in command of your time. 
  • You may choose your prices and typically earn more every hour. 
  • You can work for various firms in a variety of sectors. 

The following are some of the disadvantages of working as a consultant: 

  • You'll have less job security because you'll be working for yourself, and consulting employment may not be consistent. 
  • You'll be operating your own company, which means you'll have to deal with more complicated bookkeeping and taxes. 

How to be a Project Management Consultant? 

To work as a project management consultant, you'll need the following skills: 

  • Project management methods and best practices are well-understood. 
  • Working knowledge of how to implement project management concepts in a range of circumstances 
  • Ability to effectively manage customer relationships and expectations 
  • Credibility 

As a consultant, you must demonstrate to others that your abilities and knowledge make you worth hiring and advising. A successful consulting relies heavily on its reputation and trustworthiness. 


Some of the prominent project management consultant positions on the market include Strategic Project Management, Business Analysis, Project Risk Management, Process Improvement, and Consulting Management. Organizations are increasingly choosing to hire applicants with an industry-recognized certification from a world-leading school, such as Knowledgehut project management certification online courses. A bachelor's degree in business administration, project management, or a comparable field will help you start as a project management consultant.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What does a project management consultant do?

A project management consultant's other important tasks include: planning, coordinating, delegating, influencing, and managing the project management team. 

  • It is imperative for you to understand the client’s business environment to effectively lead its projects 
  • Communication is the key. You must be effectively able to collaborate with key internal and external 
  • Timely feedback and analyzing the work progress with the team members 

2. Can a project manager be a consultant?

Yes, Years of hard labor generate skills, knowledge, and experience as a project manager. After working as a consultant, the project manager might pass on their hard-won knowledge and expertise to others. Consultants are responsible for organizing their own time and determining their charges. They have the option of just accepting employment that they are interested in. 

3. How do I become a Project Management consultant?

You'll need high school graduation, 35 hours of project management-specific coursework, and 7,500 hours of project management experience to become a Certified Project Management Professional. You can also have a bachelor's degree and 4,500 hours of project management experience, and 35 hours of project management coursework. 

4. What is the difference between the project manager and consultant?

A Project Manager is generally a specialized specialist, whereas a consultant is a generalist. It aids them in better planning, decision-making, and attaining long-term objectives. The line manager is more knowledgeable about their company, the goods, procedures they work with, and the staff and culture. 

5. What are the many sorts of project management consultant positions available?

Some of the prominent project management consultant positions on the market include Strategic Project Management, Business Analysis, Project Risk Management, Process Improvement, and Consulting Management.


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