Stakeholder management – a brand new Knowledge Area!

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04th Jul, 2022
07th Jul, 2014
Stakeholder management – a brand new Knowledge Area!

Why did PMI felt the need to introduce Stakeholder management as a brand new Knowledge area?

This was, in all probability, because if we look at the factors influencing the success (and implicitly failure) of a project, the people and entities impacting project play a major role. What does this mean? We have learnt enough about Stakeholder management in Communications Management, some would say. Well, if the Project management community had said in the past to PMI that this was an important topic, they would now agree that it is very important. If one looks at the Appendices, it can be seen that there are dozens of pages filled with Contributors’ names, which shows us the importance that PMI gives to what the practitioners have to say. PMI has in fact acknowledged and agreed to this. Voxpopuli, vox Dei to quote the old Latin saying! So the 5th edition of PMBOK® has incorporated this topic, in order to reflect its current relevance and importance.

Also, check out the details on communication channels here.

Why was this topic added to the end (as Chapter 13) and not just after the chapter on Communications management? This is because new additions to the book are always added at the end, however I would not be surprised to see it re-grouped differently in future editions.

I am confident this new (and certainly old) knowledge area will contribute to enhance the project’s rate of success. Taking the example of the London Olympics, good stakeholder engagement and effective management was one of the major keys to the success of the event.

by Marian OpreaPMP ®


A guide to Project Management Body of Knowledge Fifth Edition, ISBN 978-1-935589-67-9



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