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Lean Six Sigma Training- Experience the Wonders of Lean & Six Sigma

05th Sep, 2023
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    Lean Six Sigma Training- Experience the Wonders of Lean & Six Sigma

    Offering the quality product at the competitive price in the line of customers’ preference is the only way to succeed in the competitive global market. This simple looking statement involves two challenges- to know the customers’ preferences and to produce the quality product at the genuine price. The first challenge of knowing the consumers’ need can be successfully tackled with Lean concept. The second challenge of producing the best quality product can be managed successfully with Six Sigma methodology. Lean Six Sigma online training delivers the combined benefits of Lean and Six Sigma to help you sustain the growth despite changing market conditions.

    Lean Six Sigma online Training– You Too Need It:

    Lean-Six Sigma is the structured set of different methodologies that any business can apply to manufacturing, service and transactional processes. Lean – Six Sigma theory encompass all the basic principles: ‘Define Value’ to address the customer needs; ‘Stream Value Mapping’ to check the effectiveness of processes; ‘Consistent Flow’ to ensure on time delivery; Pull Production to ensure the flexibility responding to ever-changing needs; Perfection at best level. The benefits come from the reduction of waste and elimination of no- value activities. Lean – Six Sigma is a program that can be incorporated into organization’s culture to get the short-term benefits through long-term transitions. The Lean -Six Sigma training also keeps the innovation activities on the right track to deliver in the form of ‘quality product in high demand’ that puts challenges to your rivals. The benefits of six sigma certification can be proven by corporations and the individuals that has been improves the business operation.

    Six Sigma Online Training Is Available for Different Levels:

    Lean Six Sigma training is available online at different levels; the more in demand formats are lean six sigma green belt training and lean six sigma black belt training. Business Management Consulting Companies also provide Six Sigma Yellow Belt training for the basic level. The black belt and green belt Lean- Six Sigma training ensure the benefits of yellow belt training also but both these training are structured for advanced level professionals. After the successful completion of Black and Greenbelt Lean -Six Sigma Training, participants experience improved confidence and perfection in:

    • Defining the scope and execution of DMAIC projects
    • Application 5s principles of Lean
    • Conducting statistical analyses for effective planning
    • Application of DMAIC for transitions
    • Managing the team dynamics
    • Presenting the projects
    • Closing and Handing over the complete projects to owners

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    The lectures and experiential exercises maximize the participants’ comprehension. During the Lean Six Sigma training period, each participant gets enough opportunities to apply the learned skills to solve the actual business issues related to strategy, planning, innovation, processes and management. Within few months after the completion of training, organizations experience the improvement in processes and management efficiencies at different levels.


    Shubhranshu Agarwal

    Freelance content writer

    Shubhranshu Agarwal is a technical writer with special interest in business management and project management subjects. Over the 15 years of freelance content writing, he has written a lot to help the industries, businesses and project managers to achieve the sustainable growth by implementing strategic critical management methodologies.

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