Four Tips To Pass PSM Certification Exam

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01st Mar, 2023
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Four Tips To Pass PSM Certification Exam

Agile and Scrum are the most popular and widely accepted project management techniques that are used by many corporations around the globe. There are many certifications available to improve your proficiency in these techniques. Professional Scrum Master (PSM) is one such certification that can give your career a boost. The benefit of pursuing this certification is that you will be able to help your teammates perform better since you will gain in-depth knowledge about the various concepts and techniques involved in Scrum. Below mentioned are a few tips that will enable you to pass the examination with flying colors.

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1. Scrum Guide

The Scrum Guide is written by Ken Schwaber & Jeff Sutherland. This guide contains all the roles, artifacts, events, and rules that are included in Scrum methodology. In this, the concepts that you need to know in order to work in Scrum are mentioned. Scrum Guide is a condensed version of the entire structure. It consists of a framework that helps to develop and sustain complex products in the market. You need to thoroughly understand all the concepts mentioned in the guide in order to perform well in the examination. The examination will consist of 80 questions and you will need to answer 68 questions (85%) accurately in order to obtain the certification. The size of the guide is 16 pages and you won’t require much time to understand it thoroughly.

2. Scrum Forum

You need to understand that millions of people around the globe are appearing for the PSM certification or have already cleared it. These members will be active on the Scrum Forum. You can improve your skills and also seek help from these individuals. As long as your query is genuine, members of the forum will definitely come to your aid. At present, there are close to 1200 Scrum topics discussed on the forum and this has received over 6000 replies. This signifies that the forum is active and people are posting their queries and receiving replies as well. There are chances that your query has already been discussed on the forum and has garnered a lot of replies. This ensures that you get the best solution for the problem. To get a better understanding of the topics and to discover new tips, be active on the forum.

3. Scrum Open Assessments

The only way to improve yourself is to challenge yourself in each step. The best way to do this is take up Scrum open assessments. They are available for both Scrum Master and Scrum Developer. If you attempt the certification exam directly, there are chances that you might panic and may not be able to perform well in the exam. To avoid this, regularly write assessment tests and complete it within the time frame to get a feel of the actual examination. This practice will ensure that you are well-prepared for the actual examination. In the Scrum Open Assessments, you will be given a set of 40 questions. These questions will be similar to the questions asked in the certification examination. Continuously take up these assessments until you start scoring 95% on consecutive attempts. This will ensure that you are calm and composed when presented with the actual questions in the examination.

4. Join a training course

At times, you need the right guidance to push yourself towards your goal. Candidates find CSM training courses to be useful to successfully prepare for the certification examination. There are various CSM classes available in the market. Choose the right one based on their credibility and the success rate of their students. A certified scrum master training institute will follow a systematic approach to training the candidates in all the necessary concepts to write the examination. The CSM certification cost of the course may also vary depending on the capabilities of the training institute.

Before taking the actual examination, ensure that you’re sitting in an isolated area far away from all forms of distractions. You need to have an internet connection that works efficiently as the certification examination is of the online format. Once you get the questions, do not Google them. Not only will the answers mentioned in Google be incorrect, you will also lose loads of time trying to find it. At the end of the day, the examination will test your proficiency in Scrum and you need to prove yourself to obtain the certificate.



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