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Highest Paying Cyber Security Jobs in Singapore 2024

17th Jan, 2024
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    Highest Paying Cyber Security Jobs in Singapore 2024

    Cybercrime is one of the greatest tech disasters that may even cost an individual's life, so advanced digital technologies are essential! Cyber security is one of the most lucrative jobs for implementing technology to protect personal and other confidential information. This growing need for cyber security has led to a need for more and more Cyber Security Experts as they are formally trained to control any similar situation. Cyber-attacks are common in every country, and Singapore, experiencing rapid technological implementation, needs more people to look after cyber safety. So, if you, too, are among the cyber experts, look at these cyber security jobs in Singapore and save your spot in this flourishing industry.

    What is Cyber Security?

    Cyber security is an arrangement of software tools to defend computers, servers, and data from malicious attacks. Like software applications, cyber security modalities, such as end-to-end encryption, involve codes written using programming languages. These codes block any user from an authorized person or specified device.

    The overall success of a cyber security arrangement includes the following elements.

    • Application Security
    • Information security
    • Network security
    • Disaster recovery plan 
    • Operational security
    • End-user education

    Cyber intruders make their way to electronic and data storage systems to read, modify, delete, destroy, or extort information with destructive intentions. The infiltrations give access to commands that control operations in the cloud and devices connected to the internet. Cyber security professionals create vaults to prevent unauthorized access and restore security systems when breached. One can definitely delve deeper into the field through the Best Courses on Cybersecurity, readily available online.

    Who is a Cyber Security Expert?

    Security experts are software engineers who detect insecure features and malicious activities in a network and infrastructure built for the company's operations. They regularly assess the security features and identify possible software created to break the vault to access confidential information. Being the home to some of the largest regional headquarters, Singapore needs the best Cyber Security Experts to secure its enterprise ecospace. A report published in September 2022 unveiled a pool of cyber security jobs in Singapore, showing the need for about 1.2 million cyber security professionals.

    Cyber Security Jobs Based on Experience in Singapore

     The cyber security jobs in Singapore are divided into three levels which are as follows:

    1. Junior/Entry-Level Jobs

    With the surge in data breaches and high demand for cyber security professionals in the country, newly passed-out software graduates have great cyber security jobs in Singapore for freshers. Some roles a fresher can consider are system security architect, IT security analyst, Network architect, IT auditor, and systems engineer.

    The minimum qualification for an entry-level cyber security job in Singapore is a graduate degree in information technology and computer science. Cyber security certifications enhance the competence required to fulfill the responsibilities. An online Hacking course can help you upskill and land junior cyber security jobs in Singapore.

    2. Mid-Level Jobs

    Mid-level jobs related to cyber security in Singapore include security administrator, penetration tester, security engineer, cryptography engineer, and cyber security manager. A successful advancement into mid-level roles requires you to gain in-depth knowledge of prospective threats and complex systems for better protection and the ability to create and test novel digital vaults.

    3. Advanced Level Jobs

    Advanced-level roles in cyber security require the candidate to be proactive and able to handle complex security systems. In addition, he must have experience dealing with security breaches and the caliber to take recovery actions quickly.

    10 Most in-demand Cyber Security Job Roles in Singapore

    There are various jobs a cyber security professional can take up in Singapore. The Cyber security job market in Singapore is highly expanded as it has significant tech giants. Many talented coders and computing professionals can find jobs in cyber security in Singapore.

    1. Systems Security Architect

    It is a management role of designing, updating, and managing security systems to protect the data of the employer or client. The professional is responsible for reviewing security strategies and overseeing the security team.

    2. Network Architect

    Network architects design and build data communication networks, such as Local Area Networks (LANs), wide area networks (WANs), and Intranets.

    3.Information Security Analyst

    The primary role of an information security analyst is to defend computer networks operated by a client or his employer. In addition, he investigates security breaches and maintains data encryption systems and firewalls.

    4. Ethical Hacker

    The role of an ethical hacker is to look for vulnerabilities in security systems and secure data accessed by an intruder.

    5. Cyber Security Consultant

    A cyber security consultant comes into the picture during security breaches clients report. He investigates, assesses risks, and implements restoration action.

    6. Digital Forensic Analyst

    A digital forensic analyst retrieves data hacked by an intruder and analyzes how the hacker gained access. Then, he plays an investigational role, gathering all the evidence to execute legal charges against the intruder.

    7. Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)

    A CISO oversees the requirements of cyber security experts of an organization and procures teams and technology to build a vault for the data.

    8. IT Security Analyst

    The primary roles of IT security analysts are to research prospective hacking tools and make new security strategies in advance.

    9. Security Software Developer

    A security software developer writes codes for new security features and updates the existing ones within the company.

    10. IT Auditor

    An IT auditor enlists security breaches, reviews them against existing security strategies, and recommends security improvements.

    Remote/Freelance Cybersecurity Jobs in Singapore

    Remote cybersecurity jobs in Singapore require professionals to work full-time but from a place of their convenience, such as at home. The cyber security jobs in Singapore salary depend on their experience, certifications, and skills. However, freelancers come into the picture only when necessary, during security breaches or updating existing security systems. Freelancers receive their salaries weekly, while full-time jobs earn monthly. Many companies involved in cloud computing and need ethical hackers in foreign countries offer cyber security online jobs in Singapore. depends on their experience, certifications, and skills.

    The Best Cities for Cybersecurity Jobs in Singapore

    Among the best cities for Cyber security Jobs in Singapore, sights like Marina Bay and Singapore Flyer have the largest number of openings. You can explore more exciting and thrilling options in the field through the SATS Security options that will help you know about the diverse roles in the country.

    Required Skills for Cybersecurity Jobs in Singapore

    Cybersecurity jobs in Singapore demand technical and workplace skills for a successful career and advancement in cybersecurity. A host of soft skills and other skills are required to obtain a job in the professional world of cyber security. Soft skills include qualities like critical thinking and adaptability. Acquiring fundamental computer forensic skills can be an add-on as it will help you excel in your career and achieve the best. Also, effective communication helps to crack cybercrime and leads to quick recoveries of the loss. The technical skills include having skills like scripting and being an in-depth knowledge of controls and frameworks. An idea about cloud technology and software development software is a different quality. Nevertheless, the greatest of all has always been the desire to learn more through your experiences and the attitude of never giving up.

    Education Requirements to get Cybersecurity Jobs in Singapore

    Several degree programs offer specialization in cybersecurity and related fields in many Singapore universities, such as Curtin and Murdoch universities. Alternatively, graduates specializing in IT or computer science can take cybersecurity certification courses to enter the field.

    You can also go for a master's degree in the field and work closely with other experts to constantly brush up on your skills. The degree may work as an add-on and help you achieve your career goals faster. Some special certifications or courses that you may take up include- 

    • Diploma in Cyber Security and Forensics 
    • Certification in Penetration Tester and Web Application Penetration Tester 
    • Certified Ethical Hacker Courses 
    • Certified Risk and Information System Control Course 
    • Diploma in InfoComm Security Management 
    • Diploma in Cyber and Digital Security 

    Top Certifications to get Cyber Security Jobs in Singapore

    The certifications that increase the scope for someone to gain the highest paying jobs in cyber security Singapore are divided into entry-level and advanced level. The various certificates under each category are as follows: 

    1. For entry-level

    • CompTIA Security+ 

    CompTIA Security+ certification is a program that enriches your knowledge about security functions and IT security. It is one of the in-demand certifications for cyber security jobs for freshers in Singapore.

    • Systems Security Certified Practitioner 

    This course helps you get complete coverage of the seven concepts, including Access Controls, Security Operations, and Administration. 

    • Global Information Assurance Certification 

    These Certifications provide the most assured cyber security knowledge. It caters to industry, government, and also military clients. 

    • GIAC-certified intrusion analyst

    GIAC Certified Intrusion Analyst can manage the network traffic. The certification validates the knowledge in the same sector. 

    • GIAC-certified incident handler 

    The certification teaches the skills required to configure and monitor intrusive detection systems.

    • GIAC security essentials 

    This certification encompasses skills like detection and control responses in any security incidents. This is the best certification for cyber security jobs in Singapore with no experience.

    • EnCase Certified Examiner 

    The certification is valid for private and public sectors and helpful in computer forensic software programming.

    2. For advanced levels

    Advanced-level certifications are invaluable for high-pressure roles protecting systems under constant attacks or threats. Hence, these certifications are a must for the best cyber security jobs in Singapore. 

    • Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) 

    This certification is the most sought-after. It teaches the candidates to design, implement and monitor a cyber security system.

    • CompTIA PenTest 

    The certification course is a comprehensive course inclusive of teaching about the tools and methods used in programming. 

    • GIAC Certified Penetration Tester (GPEN) 

    The GPEN provides you with knowledge used in the military, government, and private sectors. 

    • EC-Council Certified Encryption Specialist 

    ECES, or the EC-Council Certified Encryption Specialist program, gives knowledge about cryptography and is a detailed course in the field.

    How to Choose the Right Cybersecurity Job in Singapore?

    The blooming sector has a space for all the Cyber Security Experts. However, the best way to choose cyber security jobs in Singapore is to understand the intricacies of the roles and expectations of the employers. Keep yourself equipped with the right skills and knowledge, as you may have hard interviews and tests to get the right job.

    Choosing the right Cybersecurity job depends on the special skills and certifications that you acquire. Nevertheless, it is only the first step towards a successful career. After all, getting a desired option is not always easy.

    How To Get a Cybersecurity Job in Singapore in 2024?

    A degree in cyber security or a relevant discipline will help you check for openings on job sites or websites of companies that offer cyber security services and shortlist them as per your expertise. However, you need to upgrade your knowledge and skills from time to time to excel in the field.

    Drop your resume/CV to the job poster and visit the sites regularly to find your perfect fit. Be consistent and keep on trying. Having the KnowledgeHut’s Cyber Security training and certification, along with the necessary skills and positive attitude, will guarantee you a successful career in the field of Cybersecurity in Singapore by 2024.

    Scope of Cybersecurity Job in Singapore

    Singapore is one of the countries that has recorded the highest number of security breaches in the past few years, which has led to rapid growth in cybersecurity. A risk-based security analysis estimates its market value to grow to 363 million dollars by 2025. Cybersecurity jobs in Singapore have a continuously growing scope, so experts in the field are in high demand.


    Due to rapid technological advancement leading to the development of more sophisticated software to intrude into data systems, a market has evolved for cyber security. This evolution has created ample opportunities for prospective cybersecurity experts in Singapore. With such high demands in the cyber security sector, several certifications are available to enhance the skills. These certification courses help you to work and hone your skill set, which includes activities required to protect data, giving a reason for considering an exciting career in cyber security. We hope this blog on cyber security jobs in Singapore presents a wholesome chunk of information.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    1Which job search portals are best for Cyber Security professionals in Singapore?

    Some top outlets best for cyber security professionals are LinkedIn, TechinAsia, Hatch, eFinancialCareers, and WordPress Jobs. 

    2What are the selection criteria for Cyber Security professionals in a FAANG/MAANG/Product based company in Singapore?

    The primary criteria for these companies are in-depth knowledge and sufficient hands-on experience in the field. They do not mandate degrees in cybersecurity when the candidate has the potential to be a cybersecurity expert.

    3To get shortlisted at Singapore companies, what should a Cyber Security professional include on their resume?

    The resume of a potential candidate applying for the job of a cyber security professional must include experience, projects, and certifications related to the field. 

    4In Singapore, can anybody become a Cyber Security professional?

    Any degree or diploma certificate holder in cyber security can become an expert. But companies prefer those who have earned certifications and experience in the field. 

    5Are Cyber Security professionals well-paid in Singapore?

    Yes. Cyber professionals are one of the well-paid jobs in Singapore. The average salary of cyber security professionals in Singapore is S$ 72,000 dollars a year. 

    6Do Cyber Security have a future in Singapore?

    Yes, Singapore offers a bright future for cyber security. With industries like education mushrooming, the demand for cybersecurity professionals is rapidly increasing. 

    7Which is the best place to learn Cyber Security in Singapore?

    Many institutes are offering cybersecurity courses. One can search online or in web journals to choose the academy's best suited.


    Vitesh Sharma

    Blog Author

    Vitesh Sharma, a distinguished Cyber Security expert with a wealth of experience exceeding 6 years in the Telecom & Networking Industry. Armed with a CCIE and CISA certification, Vitesh possesses expertise in MPLS, Wi-Fi Planning & Designing, High Availability, QoS, IPv6, and IP KPIs. With a robust background in evaluating and optimizing MPLS security for telecom giants, Vitesh has been instrumental in driving large service provider engagements, emphasizing planning, designing, assessment, and optimization. His experience spans prestigious organizations like Barclays, Protiviti, EY, PwC India, Tata Consultancy Services, and more. With a unique blend of technical prowess and management acumen, Vitesh remains at the forefront of ensuring secure and efficient networking solutions, solidifying his position as a notable figure in the cybersecurity landscape.

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