Backend Developer Skills You Should Know

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29th Dec, 2022
Backend Developer Skills You Should Know

Every day people search or visit several websites. However, many don't know that the sites are split into two distinct parts: one of them is the backend. This is a job that requires specialized skills along with a tad bit of creativity. Hence, it is no wonder that people who have in-depth knowledge about the technicalities and technologies involved in this field are always in high demand. Are you interested in joining this world too? Then this article will help you to know how. Here we will discuss the various aspects you should know and the backend web developer skills you should develop to have a successful career. Go for the best Web Development courses and stay ahead.

What is Backend Development? 

Back-end development refers to designing, altering, and fixing the software part of a website. It is the part that the typical users don't see while using a site. It is a field that refers to the behind-the-scene activities that happen when someone acts on a website. A back-end developer is a person who creates the features that a user indirectly uses through a front-end applicationBackend web development is also a booming profession that is always in need of skillful professionals. You can also enroll in a web development course to add more skills to your backend developer resume and benefit. 

Essential Skills of Back End Development 

The backend developers are often referred to as the backbone of web development. This is because they work behind the curtains so that magic can happen in the front end. Hence, you must have a strong foundation as a back-end developer, which makes you capable of doing your job with perfection. 

From in-depth knowledge of programming languages to problem-solving skills, there are various qualities that a successful backend developer must possess. This section will discuss some of the aspects you need to learn or develop to succeed in this field of work. 

1. Backend Programming Languages Java, Python, PHP 

You need to know specific programming languages to have a career path that leads you to success. These are also the aspects that will form the basis of your work. So, why are these languages important? Let's dig a bit deeper. 

  • Java: This is a language that many often confuse with JavaScript. However, both are different. This programming language is used for general purposes and is a robust system. This is an essential language for a backend developer to know. 
  • PHP: Do you know what is among the most common server-side language that the backend developers often use? It is PHP. Several websites are being developed using this language. This language is not just open-source but also cost-effective. So, you need to have PHP backend skills. 
  • Python: You cannot be a backend developer if you don't have Python skills. It is one of the premier languages and is often used by developers to handle simple and complex projects. Some popular applications, including Spotify and Dropbox, are created using this programming language. 

2. Knowledge of Popular Frameworks 

Backend developers use certain tools to design the architecture of a website. Frameworks make the process easy. It also helps with security and scalability. There are several frameworks that the developers can select to create web apps that have high performance and are flexible. 

  • Ruby on Rails: Several aspects make this framework stand apart from the crowd. It has automated testing, libraries, and scaffolding and can help with localization. It is also an open-source web app development framework written in the Ruby programming language. 
  • Django: It is open-source and is considered one of the best Python-based web frameworks. It helps with scalability and security. Besides, it has also added a battery and uses asynchronous programming. 
  • Flask: This is another Python-based web app framework that many developers prefer as they can create modern web apps using it. Some of the primary features of Flask include WSGI assistance and templating rapid development and deployment and an in-built development server. 
  • Express: The best part of Express is that it is a lightweight Node.js web app framework that is adaptable too. It helps with debugging and has rapid side-server development. 

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3. Data Structures and Algorithms 

In simple terms, the way to organize and store data can be referred to as data structures. There are various things that you should learn under this, and some of them are: 

  • Arrays 
  • Linked Lists 
  • Stacks 
  • Queues 
  • Graphs 
  • Hash Tables 
  • Binary Search Tree 

Now we come to algorithms. As previously mentioned, backend developers need to know about algorithms that can help them be the best in their profession. Here are some things that you should learn: 

  • Recursion 
  • Bubble sort 
  • Selection sort 
  • Binary Search 
  • Insertion Sort 
  • Databases and Cache 

To build a high-performance system, programmers need to rely on the cache. In addition, it is required in a database to keep track of the users' responses. Hence, as a backend developer, it is of utmost necessity that you know how to work on these aspects. 

4. HTML, CSS, and JavaScript 

HTML, CSS, and JavaScript make for a back-end developer’s vital skillset. Though front-end developers mostly use them, they are essential inclusions in your back-end developer skills list. 

  • HTML: This is a fundamental building block. It helps in determining the web page structure. 
  • CSS: This language deals with how elements on a webpage will be rendered. 
  • JavaScript: It is a commonly used scripting language for web pages. Hence, java backend skill is essential. 

5. Familiarity with Servers

A server is a medium that is most commonly used to deliver essential services. Hence, it is the one that can never be turned off. Therefore, you must have proper knowledge about the working of the servers. Consequently, it is an essential element for a backend developer to learn. 

6. Knowledge of APIs

Application Programming Interface can be defined as the base that helps run the entire Internet. It is a component that allows the computers to talk to each other. Hence, we don’t need to highlight how important it is for a person dealing with backend programming to know more about APIs. Two of the most recognized positions for API information are XML and JSON. 

7.  Version Control and Version Control Systems

It helps track and manage the changes included in the software. As for version control systems, they are tools that enable developers to manage the changes to source code. A backend developer must be knowledgeable about both. 

8. Problem-solving

Problems can pop up in any field of work, and the domain of backend development is no different. As a python backend developer, it is your job to make sure that you find proper and fruitful solutions for those problems. Hence, having creativity and the proper understanding of the field is essential if you are keen on becoming a successful name in your profession. 

9. Good Communication and Interpersonal Skills

The job of the backend developer doesn't end with creating a technically superior project. They also need to communicate with other team members and departments to implement the project smoothly. Hence, you must have good communication and interpersonal skills. Without these, it will be tough for you to be a team player. 

What Backend Skills are in Demand? 

You should know certain things to create a fruitful career as a back-end developer. So, here are some more skills you need to possess besides learning about C# backend developer skills. 


  1. As a backend developer, you must possess in-depth knowledge about algorithms. Why? You may ask. This is a process through which a proper solution for a given problem can be determined. Hence, the lack of knowledge about the algorithm can damper your chances of getting employed as a backend developer. Let's look at the aspects that you should know about algorithms. 
  2. You should be proficient in searching algorithms, especially Breadth-First Search and Depth First Search. 
  3. You should know about sorting algorithms. You should know how to deal with them, insertion sort, bubble sort, quick sort, merge sort, or something else. 
  4. Knowing about iterative and recursive algorithms is also essential. 

Data Structures 

The next in the line after algorithms are data structures. They are considered the essential aspect of the skills of a backend developer. This aspect forms the base for several tasks like accessing, organizing, and modifying data in programming. Here are some data structures you should know if you want to make it big as a backend developer. 

  1. List functions
  2. Array operations 
  3. Hashmap and hash tree concepts 
  4. Operations performed on various trees 
  5. You must be knowledgeable about popular databases. Some of them are PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, etc. Besides, it would help if you also had a grasp on non-relational databases (NoSQL) and relational databases (SQL).
  6. Besides hosting the code, you should also know about SaaS or Software as a Service platform. 
  7. You have to be proficient in version control systems such as GitLab, Git, and GitHub. 
  8. Last but not least, a backend developer needs to have in-depth knowledge of Java, Python, and PHP. They are the most-used technologies of the current era. So, you should have java backend developer skills and others too. 

Learn Backend Web Development 

There are various options you can explore when you want to join the domain of backend development. Certain institutions have specially designed courses that you can opt for to acquire the necessary educational qualification to get started in this field of work. Besides the offline platform, you can also opt for a web development course online. You can also continue the course while studying some related subject or as a working professional. 


Suppose you are interested in programming and, at the same time, are passionate about the various technologies available in the market. In that case, this is the perfect profession for you to choose. However, if this is a career path you opt for, you need to select your educational path accordingly. Then, when you gain your Backend Development skills, you can be sure to embark on your journey in a career that is not just satisfying but exciting too. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

1. What skills are companies looking for in a node.js backend developer? 

When it is about node.js backend, then besides the technical skills, companies also look for something extra in their potential candidates. Here are a few points that can help you understand the skill set that this kind of backend developer should possess: 

  • Proficient in the basics like Node.js Architecture, Node Package Manager, Installation of Node.js, and creation of JSON Files 
  • Knowledge about database management 
  • Problem-solving skills 
  • Familiarity with servers
  • Error handling skills 
  • Understanding of API communications 
  • Familiarity with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript 
  • Good communication skills 
  • Proper inter-personal skills 
  • Knowledge of front end technologies 

2. What security knowledge do I need to know to be a backend developer?

As a backend developer, you should know how to implement security structures and follow their best practices. You should also know security compliances. 

3. How do I learn design skills being a backend developer? 

Courses are available to help you understand design skills as a backend developer. You can also opt for a KnowledgeHut’s web developer online course

4. Backend Developers: What projects to practice your skills would you do? 

One of the best projects to pick is the one that requires the real-time exchange of data between the backend infrastructure and the client. Other than that, you should also check out Google Cloud Platform and get involved in Java-related projects and the ones that involve backend processing and data layering. 


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