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Learn HTML5 free of cost and become a job-ready web development professional!

  • Get a good grip on the fundamentals of web development with HTML5 free training 
  • Learn how to build robust web pages with various HTML5 tags for your unique needs 
  • Learn the basics of the environment needed to set up a website in this HTML5 Free course 
  • 450,000 + Professionals trained
  • 250 + Workshops every month
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Learn HTML5 from Scratch

Learn HTML5 for free to launch your career as a developer and build websites and web applications with attractive interfaces. In this comprehensive self-paced course, you will learn about how to use HTML5 to build well organized web pages and web applications. Learn about how to use the latest tags and features enabled by HTML5.

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  • 15 Hours of On-Demand Learning

  • Practice With Guided Hands-On Exercises

  • Immersive Learning with Hands-on Exercises

  • Test Your Learning with Recall Quizzes

  • Unlock Knowledge with Interactive Ebooks

  • Accelerate Progress with Auto-Graded Assessments

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prerequisites for HTML5 Free Course


  • Knowledge of previous versions of HTML will be beneficial but not necessary 
  • There are no specific prerequisites needed to take this course

Who Should Attend

Aspiring web developers

Aspiring app developers

Front-end developers







App developers working on hybrid frameworks

What You Will Learn

Web Development

Learn about the basics of web development and the components that go into building web pages. 

Dev Environment

Understand the web development environment and all the tools and professionals involved in it. 

HTML Elements

Get an understanding of various HTML elements and the way they play a part in web development. 


Explore the different tags used in HTML, and how to use them while developing a web page or app. 


Learn to hyperlink several types of content to both internal and external URLs or locations. 


Discover how to represent data as a list in the front-end using HTML tags, explore the types of lists.  


Display content in an organized way with the help of tables, learn how to customize them. 

Form Elements

Master how to build forms in HTML5 to collect user data, understand the different elements to be used. 

Labels and Inputs

Understand what labels and inputs are in a box and how to use them to give a good  

Skills You Will Gain

Build interactive web pages

Write clean, efficient HTML code

Style HTML elements

Create forms to collect data

Incorporate multimedia elements

Use HTML for making lists

Show data in tables

Explore colors in HTML

Leverage datalist tag

Improve navigation with hyperlinks


Learning Objective: Understand the web development environment and where HTML and CSS fit in. Learn about the fundamental tools used in web development.  

  • What is HTML 
  • What is CSS 
  • Setting up the environment 
  • Hello World! 
  • Using VS Code with Live reload 
  • Using Emmet and online tools 
  • Using Chrome developer tools 

Learning Objective: Gain an understanding of how to use HTML tags and attributes for different types of content and media.  

  • HTML elements and Tags 
  • Singular and Paired tags 
  • Structure of an HTML page 
  • Heading and Paragraph Tags 
  • Attributes in HTML 
  • Images 
  • Links - Internal and External 
  • Lists 
  • Tables 
  • The style attribute 
  • Colors in HTML 
  • HTML5 semantic tags 
  • HTML5 audio and video tags 

Learning Objective: Learn how to build a form and collect data from users. Learn the best practices to be used for a smooth user experience.  

  • The Form tag 
  • Using the label tag 
  • HTML Input tag 
  • Select and TextArea 
  • Buttons 
  • Datalist 
  • Building a contact form 

Frequently Asked Questions

HTML5 Free Course

You can learn HTML5 for free with KnowledgeHut’s HTML Free Course. HTML5 is an essential and fundamental tool used in web development, hence it is important to get your basics right. This course covers all the features of HTML including the new ones and how they are used in web development. This course can be a great start to your journey as a web developer, you can continue to learn web development by learning CSS3 and JavaScript to create more interactive and attractive web pages. 

Yes, you will experience KnowledgeHut's immersive learning in an on-demand format. This will include e-learning material to help you: 

  • LEARN with recall quizzes, interactive ebooks, and case studies! 
  • ASSESS your skills progression with diagnostic, module-level, and final assessments. 
  • PRACTICE with real-world simulations and immersive learning.
  • GAIN INSIGHTS with real-time reports and analytics on how you're progressing, you're learning challenges, and suggestions of sections to revisit to build competency in the required areas. 

Yes, our online course is designed to give you flexibility to skill up as per your convenience. The course is delivered in a Self-Paced mode so that you can balance your work and learning as per your schedule. 

HTML5 is beginner friendly. It is a markup language; hence it does not require you to have a background in coding or tech. It would be helpful if you have a preliminary understanding of how the internet works. If you know how to use a computer and are familiar with basic internet-related terms, learning HTML5 will be easy.  If you have learned previous versions of HTML, learning HTML5 will be even faster as you will only need to learn about the added features and elements.

Yes, the free HTML5 and CSS3 courses come with a certificate of completion which will be issued by KnowledgeHut once you complete the course. You will be able to use these certificates as proof of the skills and knowledge that you have acquired in using HTML5 in web development.

Yes, this HTML5 free course can be completed well within three months. This is a self-paced course, so you can do this at your own convenience. The learning materials can be covered in a short amount of time. Your skills in using HTML5 will develop with practice. It is recommended that you try the different features and challenge yourself to make better web pages to improve your skills as a web developer.

You will also need to learn CSS3 to make your website look better. Remember that HTML5 is only the first in a list of numerous tools at the hands of a web developer. 

Please make sure that your computer meets the following software and system requirements:  

  • Software Requirements: Internet browser 
  • System Requirements: Windows or equivalent environment with Internet browser and high-speed Internet connectivity. 

Learning HTML5 and exploring all the new opportunities will help you become a skilled web developer. Even app developers can extensively benefit from learning HTML5. It is especially helpful if they work on web-based app development, hybrid app development or just want to get a better grasp of web views and web content.

In this HTML5 free course, you will learn about the new elements introduced in this version. The offline functionalities introduced in HTML5 help web applications to work offline and even store data on the client-server to provide a seamless user experience. It also introduces better forms, several new APIs, and support for multimedia formats, along with a few new elements.


HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language. HTML5 is the latest version of this language. It is one of the fundamental languages used in web development. HTML5 comes with new features and capabilities that increase the scope of its usage and make it better suited for the more advanced and modern functionalities a webpage is expected to have.

HTML5 is usually used along with CSS3 to build most websites that we use today. In its current version HTML5 can be used to create better, and more interactive websites.  

Yes, HTML5 is easy to learn. It is a markup language; hence you do not need a lot of technical skills to understand it. Learning the different tags and how to use them is straightforward. How to apply this learning on an actual webpage is the challenging part. Producing remarkable results with HTML5 will require practice and in most cases, you will learn more tools that will help you to build advanced features.

This HTML5 free training focusses on strengthening your basics as a web developer by giving you a good grip on how to use HTML5 and all its features and functionalities.

HTML is the first version of the language and HTML5 is the latest iteration. The language grows and becomes more robust with every iteration by adding more features and functionalities. There are also several tags that have been removed or modified from HTML to HTML5. This makes it important for web developers to know the latest version so all the tags work in the way that they are expected to work. In HTML5 we have new tags to support audio and video without an additional plugin. It allows new offline functionalities. HTML5 is also more mobile-friendly when compared to the earlier versions. 

HTML5 is the first thing you will normally learn if you want to develop web pages or web applications. It is used to structure the page and layout and it is a foundational skill. It is used to define the type of content and its attributes with reference to how it would appear on the web page.

It is widely used across web pages and web applications. It is an essential skill for a web developer. In accordance with the changing technology HTML has also been evolving to meet with the changing demands of web development.

HTML5 is used across web pages, web applications, and hybrid mobile app frameworks like React Native and Ionic. HTML5 is a foundational technology that is extensively used to deliver any kind of experience across the web irrespective of the medium. With the latest version there are more multimedia features and even offline functionalities that make the language more robust and capable.

HTML5 is a mandatory skill for web developers or app developers who develop web apps or use frameworks that rely on HTML5.

HTML5 has many features that distinguish it from HTML. Here are a few:  

  • Audio and video tags to embed audio and video elements in the page or app 
  • Header and footer tags to clearly define which part of the page will be loaded first 
  • Nav tag for easy navigation within the page and to different pages on the site 
  • Vector graphics to draw graphics with various shapes and colors
  • Figure and fig captions to give captions for images on the page

There are several other features that help developers to add more features to the pages they are working on.

What Learners Are Saying

Kieth Malaza Team Lead

I had tried learning html a long time ago. I barely remember anything from back then. I got stuck when I wasn’t able to get the image to load and I gave up. This time with the course, it was so much easier and there was so much more I could learn within the limited time I spent in it. I’m glad that I took this course and it helped me expand my understanding and scope of HTML, I would recommend this course to anyone who uses internet. 

Joseph Livaic Business Analyst

I don’t know what made me try this course, but once I started it something clicked. I finished this course in a week and now I am learning CSS3. I am hooked and I have found myself reading up a lot about HTML and other languages and web development in general. I look at websites very differently nowadays. I am more interested in looking at the code of the websites now even though I understand very little about it. 

Eisleen Freeman Communication Specialist

I never saw myself as a techie or a coder. It was my friend who asked me to try this course. I surprised myself with how much I enjoyed this course. I still do not consider myself as a web developer, but I know someday I will be, and I will have this course and my friend to thank for that. I’m looking forward to doing more such courses to develop my scope as an aspiring developer.  

Steffany Hilliard Graphic Designer

Learning HTML5 made my life a whole lot easier. I used to rely on my colleague to provide me with the HTML files and this process was causing so many delays in my work as a designer. Now I can do these tasks myself and my productivity has been so much faster since I can do it at my convenience without waiting for anyone else. The whole experience was exceptionally smooth, and it is great to have added a useful skill to my profile. 

Margaret Brady Key Account Manager

I was in a dead-end role, and I wanted a change of career. This course gave me the opportunity to explore web development with HTML. I was surprised at the ease with which I was able to pick it up. The instructor was very insightful in how to proceed with the exercises and how I should proceed to enhance my skillset. Thanks to this course, I am looking forward to building a career in web development.  

Billy Page Student

The HTML5 course was very well structured in a logical manner. It was easy to understand how it works and I was able to build interesting pages with the limited tools I had. I am learning CSS3 and JavaScript. This course has helped me understand web development and given me a clear idea of how to become a developer and the tools that I will need to use. Thank you KnowledgeHut for this incredible offer!