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The need for software testing

As projects get more and more complex and volatile, the need for software testing increases. Testing is a major part of the software development process and must be carried out early on to flush out any discrepancies and ensure that we create what the customer needs. Testing any product before you launch it will give you the confidence that it is doing what it is supposed to do. Also, given the fact that there are so many platforms and devices on which your software may run and so many users may use it, you have to ensure that your product runs seamlessly and if it’s a website, it doesn’t crash with multiple users using it at the same time. Testers need to put themselves in the shoes of the user and test each and every aspect of the software. No area should be left uncovered.

When is the right time to perform testing?

Testing is an ongoing quest for improvement. So while it may have a start time there is never really an end time. The software you build needs to be supported all the time and if there are any modifications or enhancements requested by the customer then it has to be thoroughly tested before introducing into the existing product. That said, it is always better to start testing early on, parallel to development. Agile, in fact requires that testing be carried out simultaneously and this also has its advantages such as cost cutting, by identifying and fixing the bug early on and ensuring that your client gets what was promised to them.

With so much importance placed on testing it is natural that organizations are looking for testers who are qualified and have the right experience with the tools and techniques needed for testing. We at KnowledgeHut understand the importance of a testing certificate and the practical knowledge of testing tools in your career and hence bring you testing courses that will help you fast track your career. We offer several testing courses certification training such as Certified Agile Tester (CAT) training, Certified Professional Master Agile Tester (CP-MAT) training and also Coded UI Testing Using Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 Training.

These workshops are geared towards giving you maximum learning benefit through a highly interactive workshop conducted by experienced and certified coaches, hands on training exercises and plenty of training for the certification exam. With in-depth courseware and a well laid out course structure our testing courses training are geared towards your success.

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We understand that there are many professionals out there who are unable to attend classroom sessions due to time or money constraints. We therefore bring you testing courses training online that will help you get access to e-learning online training sessions and study at your own pace and convenience. These testing courses online will give you all the benefits of a regular classroom course including in-depth courseware and exercises for preparation for the exam. 

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