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Data Scientist Salary in India in 2024 [Fresher to Experienced]

19th Jun, 2024
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    Data Scientist Salary in India in 2024 [Fresher to Experienced]

    We've all seen how jobs have grown exponentially in Data Science in the past few years. If you keep a close eye on job platforms, these jobs can’t go unnoticed, especially for the impressive salary packages they offer. This is making the field more popular than ever!  

    Data Science professionals utilize programming, mathematics, statistics, and other domain knowledge in data science to extract important insights from big data, hence they hold a very integral position in businesses. 

    Data scientists and other data-related jobs such as data analysts and data engineers are also getting great salary packages from various companies that want to hire them. The more experience you have in the field, the better. There are several factors like this that influence a data professional’s salary. Read the article to see the average data scientist salary in India and what you can do to increase yours. 

    Average Data Scientist Salary in India

    Let us first start with the average data scientist salary in India. This way, you can get a little idea about what salary package you can expect when you start looking for a job as a data scientist in India.

    Per Hour₹476
    Per Day₹6,584
    Per Week₹19,804
    Per Month₹76,636
    Per Year₹11,08,597

    Source: Indeed (updated at 8 April 2024)

    data scientist's average salary per year

    • The data scientist's average salary in India is about ₹11,08,5597 per year.
    • According to PayScale, the lowest salary, which is the entry-level data scientist salary in India, is about ₹5,90,840 per year.
    • But depending on your experience, your location, and the company you work for, your salary can go up to ₹19,44,566  per annum.

    entry-level data scientist salary in India

    Your salary as a data scientist in India depends on many factors, which we will discuss in detail in the next section. Your salary as a data scientist in India depends on a lot of factors, which we are going to discuss in detail in the next section.

    If you wish to develop the right skillset to build your career in Data Science, you may want to check out our Data Science Bootcamp offerings.

    Data Scientist Salary in India - Deciding Factors

    The data scientist salary in India is affected by some factors. Of course, your experience in the field makes the most difference. But factors like skills, job roles, the company you work for, and your location also affect the salary of a data scientist in India.

    1. Data Scientist Salary in India: Based on Experience

    Experience is a huge factor when it comes to data science jobs salary in India. According to PayScale, the average data scientist fresher salary in India, who has less than one year of experience in the field, is about ₹5,77,893. Someone with 1-4 years of experience can expect an average salary of data scientist about ₹8,09,952. With 5-9 years of experience, a mid-career data scientist's annual compensation could go up to ₹14,48,144. And someone with 1-019 years of experience in the field can get an average annual salary of up to ₹19,44,566 in India.

    ExperienceAverage Salary Per Year (Source: Payscale)
    less than one year₹5,77,893
    1-4 years₹8,09,952
    5-9 years₹14,48,144
    10-15 years₹19,44,566
    15 Years & above 25,61,000

    2. Data Scientist Salary in India: Based on Skills

    Your skills in the field also come into play when determining data science salary in India. The more different skills you have in the field, your chances of getting a higher salary will also increase. Even the data scientist starting salary in India is also higher for people who have different skills in the IT field. If your resume stands out, it will make recruiters notice you more. Skills like Machine Learning, Python, Statistical Analysis, and Big Data Analytics can improve your chances of getting a higher salary.  You can also try data science training courses like the Data Science Certification to make your resume more impressive. Having additional skills in the field of data science can improve your chances of having a better paycheck. For example, learning ML can bring your average salary to ₹9,17,694, and learning Python can bring it up to ₹8,86,948.

    3. Data Scientist Salary in India: Based on Companies

    In India, there are many companies that hire data scientists on a regular basis, but usually, they have different job roles or positions. Depending on the position you get into in one of these companies, your salary will be different. Other companies also pay different annual salaries to data scientists in India. You can always check the salary of a data scientist in India per month or annum in other companies before you take up a job offer.

    4. Data Scientist Salary in India: Based on Location 

    Another deciding factor in data science job salary in India is your location. There are many large cities in India that hire data scientists, but all of them have different salary packages. For example, according to PayScale, the average salary of a data scientist in Mumbai is about ₹8,61,357, whereas, in Bangalore, it's about ₹10,11,972. Later in the article, we will discuss the different salaries based on location.

    Data Scientist Salary in India
    Source: Codingblocks.com
    Top 10 Data Scientists Hiring Companies and Their Salaries in India

    Data Scientists Hiring Companies
    Average Salary Per Annum 
    Amazon and AWS₹13,00,000

    Top Company Salaries in India: Based on Experience

    Company Name    

    Annual Salary (Data Scientist)   


    2-9 years of experience   

    Ranges between ₹ 4.4L and ₹ 15.0L with an average of ₹ 7.5L per annum.  


    2-10 years of experience   

    Ranges between ₹ 4.8L and ₹ 17.0L with an average of ₹ 9.5L per annum.  


    2-8 years of experience  

    Ranges between ₹ 4.8L and ₹ 14.6L with an average of ₹ 8.6L per annum.  


    2-7 years of experience   

    Ranges between ₹ 4.5L and ₹ 21.0L with an average of ₹ 8.8L per annum.  

    Top Data Scientists Hiring Cities in India and Their Salaries

    As we discussed before, the salary for a data scientist in India can fluctuate depending on the city you work in. Here I have compiled a list of some cities in India and what salary you can expect if you work as a data scientist there can fluctuate depending on which city you are working in. Here, I have combined a list of some cities in India and the salary you can expect if you work as a data scientist there.

    Highest-paying Cities in India for Data Scientists
    Salary Ranges
    BangaloreThe average salary of a data scientist in Bangalore is ₹10,11,972 per annum. The lowest base pay is about ₹6,39,940 per annum, and the highest is about ₹21,00,000.
    MumbaiThe average annual salary of a data scientist in Mumbai is about ₹8,61,357. The lowest base pay is about ₹5,65,845, and the highest is about ₹16,09,453.
    ChennaiThe average data scientist's salary in Chennai is about ₹8,32,180. The average entry-level is about ₹5,17,153, and with experience, it can go up to about ₹17,99,391.
    DelhiThe average annual salary for a data scientist in Delhi is about ₹7,86,108. The average data science salary for fresher is about ₹5,85,549, and the highest it goes up to is about ₹13,00,000. In the New Delhi area, the average annual salary is ₹9,35,241, while the lowest average pay is ₹5,59,551, and the highest is ₹15,53,396.
    Gurgaon The average base salary of a data scientist in Gurgaon is about ₹10,26,972. The lowest base average is about ₹650,000, while the highest is about ₹15,50,000.
    Hyderabad The average salary for data scientists in the city of Hyderabad is about ₹8,55,749. The lowest average pay is ₹5,90,645, and the highest is about ₹19,85,057.
    Pune The average annual salary for data scientists in Pune is about ₹8,07,457. The entry-level salary for data scientists in Pune is about 5,05,203, and with experience, it can go up to ₹17,71,831.
    NoidaThe average annual salary of a data scientist in Noida is about ₹8,79,850. The average entry-level salary in the city is about ₹5,05,652, and with experience, it can go up to ₹14,00,000.

    Data Scientist Salary in Top 10 Industries

    Depending on which industry you work in as a data scientist, your data scientist salary per month in India can be pretty different. Below, I have compiled a list of industries where data science is a popular career option and what type of average annual compensation you can expect in these industries.

    Top Industries in IndiaAverage Salary Per Annum
    RetailOne of India's biggest retail companies- Flipkart, gives its data scientists an annual compensation of about ₹14,24,311 on average.
    HealthcareThe average salary of a data scientist in OptumHealth, one of India's leading healthcare companies, is about ₹5,73,913.
    LogisticsThe average range of data scientist salaries in XPO Logistics is about ₹16,24,673 - ₹22,05,048
    FinanceThe average salary of a data scientist in a leading finance company like Bajaj Finance in India is about ₹4-6 lakh.
    TelecommunicationOne of the leading telecommunications companies in India, Vodafone pays an average of ₹11,50,000 to its data scientists.
    AutomotiveThe average annual pay of a data scientist in one of the leading automotive companies in India, Tata Motors, is about ₹12,67,125.
    Digital MarketingIn the US, the annual salary for a marketing data scientist is about ₹72,27,026.
    Professional ServicesThe average data scientist salary in Tata Consultancy, one of India's leading professional services companies, is about ₹9,00,000.
    Cyber SecurityCyber Security company Quick Heal pays their senior data scientists around ₹19-21 lakh per annum.
    Mining, Quarrying, and Oil and Gas ExtractionThe estimated pay for a data scientist with 5-6 years of experience in Indian Oil is about ₹19,50,000.

    Data Science Salary Based on Job Role in India

    Data Science jobs come with different responsibilities and job roles. Here is a comprehensive guide to what you may expect your job role and salary to be when you join one of these fields in India.

    Job RolesAverage Salary
    Data Analyst
    Data Scientist
    Data Engineer

    1. Data Analyst

    • Average Data Analyst Salary Range in India: The average salary of a data analyst in India is about ₹4,78,442. The entry-level salary is about ₹3,82,956, and it can go as high as ₹15,00,000
    • Data Analyst Responsibilities: The main responsibility of a data analyst is to solve business problems in an organization with the help of data. They collect, manage, and analyze data, exert important insight from them, and communicate it to the company stakeholders and management. 
    • Required Data Analyst SkillsThe main skills that a data analyst needs are- knowledge of statistical analysis, data analysis, communication, etc. 

    2. Data Scientist

    • Average Data Scientist Salary Range in India: The average base pay of a data scientist in India is ₹8,74,528. The fresher data scientist's salary in India is about ₹5,77,893. The highest salary of a data scientist in India is about ₹19,44,566.
    • Data Scientist Responsibilities: Data Scientists must collect large amounts of data from various sources using their statistical, analytical, and programming skills. Their job is to use this data to offer solutions to the organization as needed. Their responsibilities include- mining for data, using ML to classify and structure data, process and cleanse data, analyzing the info to come up with a solution, and presenting it to the company and clients. 
    • Required Data Scientist Skill: Some of the skills you need as a data scientist are ML, Programming, Math Statistics, etc.

    3. Data Engineer

    • Average Data Engineer Salary Range in India: The average annual salary of a data engineer in India is about ₹8,71,312. The entry-level salary is about ₹447,890, and with experience can go up to ₹19,21,618.
    • Data Engineer Responsibilities: The job of a data engineer is to collect, cleanse, manage and convert raw and unstructured data into insightful data that data analysts and data scientists can use. They must work on data architecture, collect and cleanse data from different sources, and conduct research.
    • Required Data Engineer Skills: The main skills a data engineer needs are SQL, Data Architecture, Coding, OS, etc.

    Average Salary of Other Best Jobs in India

    Let's look at the average salaries of other related roles compared to the Data Scientist salary in India.

    Other RolesAverage Salary Per Annum
    Software engineer's average salary
    INR 510,982
    Senior Business Analyst
    INR 975,409
    B.Sc. data science
    INR 5,00,000
    MS data science
    INR 6,98,412
    Technical Consultant
    INR 895,842
    MBA data science
    INR 6,00,000 

    Career Growth and Advancement in Data Science


    Years of Experience 

    Key Skills & Experience 


    Roles (Examples) 

    Average Salary (₹/yr) 

    Entry Level 


     Programming (Python, R), Basic statistics & machine learning concepts, Data cleaning & manipulation, Data visualization, Communication (written & verbal) Problem-solving skills 

    Gaining foundational skills and experience. Focuses on data cleaning, manipulation, and basic analysis. 

    Data Analyst, Junior Data Scientist, Data Analyst Intern 

    5,00,000 - 7,00,000 (Source: Glassdoor) 

    Mid Level 


    Builds on Entry Level Skills, Advanced machine learning algorithms, Big data processing technologies, Cloud computing platforms Domain expertise (e.g., Finance, Healthcare) Project management skills 

    Applying core data science skills to solve business problems. Independently build and deploy models, manage data pipelines, and communicate insights. 

    Data Scientist, Machine Learning Engineer, Data Engineer (with data science focus) 

    8,00,000 - 14,00,000 

    Senior Level 


    Builds on Mid-Level Skills, Strong leadership & communication skills, Team mentoring & management, Business acumen & industry trends, Translating technical concepts, Advanced problem-solving & critical thinking 

    Providing strategic leadership and guidance on data-driven initiatives. Oversees teams, defines data science strategy, and ensures projects align with business objectives. 

    Lead Data Scientist, Machine Learning Architect, Director of Data Science 

    15,00,000 - 25,00,000 

    Specialized Roles 

    3+ (Varied) 

    Deep expertise in a specific area (e.g., NLP, Computer Vision, Data Security), Builds upon core data science skillset, Delves deeper into specific technologies or domains 

    Specialization paths requiring deep knowledge in a focused area of data science. Experience may vary depending on the specific specialization. 

    Natural Language Processing Scientist, Computer Vision Scientist, Data Security Analyst, Data Architect, Business Intelligence Analyst 

    12,00,000 - 30,00,000+ 

    How To Improve Data Science Salary?

    Your ability to make earnings as a data scientist might be considerably impacted by your job choice. Generally speaking, working for major MNCs will allow you to earn more money than working for a smaller company. The organization you work for, however, is not the only factor that can affect your data scientist compensation. Your ability to generate more money can also be increased by taking on more responsibility.

    Every time you advance from a Level 1 data scientist to a Level 2 data scientist, and so on, you can often anticipate a pay raise. Additionally, managing data scientists frequently involves managing people, which generally results in higher pay. 

    1. Skills

    You can't afford to let your skill set stale out. For greater professional opportunities, you must always be a go-getter and upgrade your skills! Certain skills that aid a company in improving its operations are sought after by employers. There is a reason why having a skill set is important. Data science requires a variety of abilities, which reduces the amount of time it takes to complete tasks. Knowledge of these data science skills also helps one solve problems. Along with hard skills, soft skills let professionals think creatively and work more effectively for improved customer satisfaction. 

    2. Certifications

    Due to the difficulty in locating qualified candidates with the ideal combination of education, training, experience, and abilities, businesses face a shortage of these specialists, which contributes to the high competition in their pay scales. The industry offers countless opportunities, and jobs in data science promise a wealth of opportunities and great compensation. Your career will advance, and you will get first-hand experience with key technologies like R, SAS, Tableau, Python, and Hadoop. Enroll immediately to learn Data Science online and enter the fascinating world of data. 

    3. Degrees

    The most likely prerequisites for becoming a data scientist are a bachelor's degree and coding proficiency. However, a lot of data scientists earn their PhDs and master's degrees. The higher your level of education, the higher your expected salary level. A master's degree in data science could be quite beneficial for you if you want to be a competitive candidate in this profession. A master's degree could help you advance in the field of data science by helping you get hired at your ideal organization or get promoted.

    4. Experience

    One of the most important criteria that determine the ultimate salary is experience. The ability to develop more workable solutions, having more in-depth knowledge, operating agility, and better leadership qualities all increase with experience in the sector. You'll probably earn more money as a data scientist the more experience you have.

    How Much Can You Make as a Data Scientist?

    How much do data scientists make? Data Science offers a huge range of applications, and with the quick uptake of big data ideas and technology, more businesses are in desperate need of qualified Data Science specialists. While some organizations use data for insights, some businesses use enormous amounts of data directly to run their day-to-day operations or to support their services (or applications). Data is a critical tool for businesses of all types to use when making decisions. As a result, experts in data science are needed by all kinds of businesses.

    It's no secret that data scientists can add tremendous value to a position. However, it can be difficult to locate just one person who is capable of performing all the duties expected of a data scientist, and there is intense rivalry for these positions. Employers are, therefore, willing to pay huge compensations to skilled and experienced data scientists. Thus, a data science job's salary is comparatively higher than other job roles.

    Transform data into decisions unleashing your potential with business analyst training . Gain the expertise to drive success in today's dynamic business world.

    What is Data Science, and Why It's Important in Current Business?

    Data Science is a field where career opportunities are flourishing and I feel blessed to be working in this field during this time. India has the world's second-highest data scientist recruitment, second only to the USA. This means that if you are a data scientist in India, you can get a great salary package right off the bat, even as a fresher in the field.

    But before we talk about the salary of a data scientist in India, let’s talk about what Data Science is and why it is so important in the current business sector. As I already said before, Data Science is a field where different methods are used to extract important insights from batches of data. AI and Machine Learning are also used to process all the available data and make it into data that has commercial value.

    The process starts with gathering and extracting data from various sources. Then the data is entered into the system, and the management stage begins. The data goes through various stages, such as cleansing, processing, warehousing, and some other processes, before the data scientists start analyzing the data they have garnered. The data analysis stage is important as the data scientists extract value and knowledge from the processed, structured data. After that, the insights are applied to the practice field to improve the organization. That is why Data Science is a valued field in the IT and Business sectors. Next, we are going to tell you what salary you can expect as a data scientist in India. You can join a Data Science course if you want to learn more about the field or need some training. Not only will it help with your data science knowledge, but it will also improve your resume.

    Who is a Data Scientist?

    As a data scientist, my expertise lies in finding, collecting, and evaluating large sets of data. I recognize the crucial role data scientists play in any firm, as today's business decisions heavily rely on insights derived from data analysis. I've undergone training in computer science, mathematics, and statistics to excel in my data science role. Beyond modeling and processing both structured and unstructured data, I go a step further to translate the results into practical strategies for stakeholders.

    Data scientists are very knowledgeable in math and statistics, and they also have a strong grasp of ideas such as big data, machine learning, data mining, deep learning, and data warehouses, among others. They also have a perfect command of statistical software and programming. The duties of a data scientist go beyond just processing and analyzing data.

    Business analysis and data science responsibilities often overlap because data science roles differ from organization to organization. Expert data scientists typically have extensive industry knowledge and years of expertise. Data scientists are among the highest-paid workers on the market because of how they collaborate with several stakeholders and support important business decisions.


    I hope this data science salary in India article was helpful for you. The job description and pay for data scientists are highly attractive. It's time if you believe you possess the necessary aptitude and zeal to pursue a career as a data scientist. To enter the world of data science, you can also think about taking some pertinent data science courses based on your degree of expertise and skill. Opportunities abound, and the market requires qualified professionals. Enroll in KnowledgeHut's best Data Science Certification and learn to tackle complex Data Science problems by acquiring skills across programming languages and technologies from industry experts.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    1Is it hard to become a data scientist?

    Data Scientists need to have extensive knowledge not only of ML and programming but also statistics and mathematics. It can be pretty tough to become a data scientist, but with the right training, it is not too difficult.

    2Can I learn data science in 1 month?

    Even if you have extensive knowledge about all the related fields, you need more than a month to learn data science. 

    3Where do I start with data science?

    You can start learning data science on online training courses and also do research about the subject yourself. 

    4Which skills are required for a data scientist?

    Some of the required skills of a data scientist are- ML, Programming, and Mathematical and Statistical Analysis. 

    5Does data science require coding?

    Coding is important in data science, but you do not need to be a coder. Knowing one of two languages is enough. 

    6What is the highest salary in data science?

    The Highest salary in Data Science is INR 25.0 Lakhs per year in India. 

    7How much money can you make in data science?

    The median income for a data scientist is INR. 698,412. An entry-level data scientist with less than a year of experience makes around INR 500,000 per year. Data scientists with 1 to 4 years of experience make around INR 610,811 per year. 

    8Is data science in high demand?

    Data scientists are in high demand as data can be used for different purposes. Data Scientist jobs have grown by 650 percent, and this trend shows no signs of slowing down. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, demand for data science abilities will rise by 27.9 percent by 2026. 

    9What is the Starting Salary for a Data Scientist in India?

    As per Glassdoor, the starting salary for a Junior Data Scientist is ₹6,82,500 per year in the India.  However, you can enhance your salary by developing your skillset with the help of a Data Science course.  

    10What is the lowest Data Scientist Salary in India?

    With 0-2 years of experience, you can earn between 5-7LPA as a Data Science fresher in India. This salary is subject to vary as per your skillset, experience, location, among many other factors.  

    11What is the Highest Data Scientist Salary in India?

    According to Ambition Box, the lowest salary for a Data Scientist is 3.8LPA. Professionals can upgrade their skills to earn a greater salary.  


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