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Top Data Science Project Ideas with Source Code to Strengthen Resume

27th Oct, 2023
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    Top Data Science Project Ideas with Source Code to Strengthen Resume

    Data Science has been booming in recent years, and the drive in the field of Artificial Intelligence because of several inventions will only take it to the next level. More opportunities emerge in the market as more industries recognise the power of Data Science.  

    If you are interested in Data Science and want to gain a firm grasp on the technology, now is as good a time as any to hone your skills in order to fully understand and organise the forthcoming challenges in Data Science. 

    Understanding Data Science can be difficult initially, but with consistent practice, you will be able to understand the different concepts and terminologies in the specific topic. Apart from reading the literature, the great way to maximize your experience is to on data science projects with python, R, and other tools. These projects will not only upscale you and will also make your resume more remarkable. 

    Know more about measures of dispersion.

    A good data scientist must possess a variety of skills, some of which are technical in nature and others which are not. As a data scientist, you must have a good portfolio that clearly shows your technical and soft skills. Most importantly, their portfolio must demonstrate that they have a thirst for knowledge. 

    In this article, we will be discussing 4 types of data Science Projects for resume that can strengthen your skills and enhance your resume: 

    • Data Cleaning 
    • Exploratory Data Analysis 
    • Data Visualization 
    • Machine Learning 

    Data Cleaning 

    Adata scientist,most likely spend nearly 80% of their time cleaning data. On an unclean and disorganised dataset, it is impossible to build an effective and solid model. 

    When cleaning the data, it can take endless hours of study to find the purpose of each column in the dataset. After giving a lot of time in cleaning, you may discover that the dataset you're trying to analyse is still not suitable as to what you're attempting! Then you'll have to start the whole thing over again. 

    Cleaning data can be a difficult and time-consuming task. It is, however, a necessary component of any data science job role. To make it less challenging, practice is required, and there are data sets available to assist. 

    When looking for a good participant for data cleaning projects, make certain that the data set: 

    • is spread across multiple files 
    • has a lot of nuances, null values, and cleaning approaches. 
    • To fully understand, a substantial amount of research is required. 
    • should be as close to a real-world application as possible 

    On websites that collect and aggregate data sets, we can frequently find good data sets for cleaning. These websites gather data from various sources without sorting it, making them excellent options for cleaning projects. 

    Websites you can check:  

    3. Reddit datasets. 

    Exploratory Data Analysis 

    After your data has been cleaned and organised, you will need to conduct exploratory data analysis (EDA). EDA is a crucial component in any data science project. 

    There are numerous techniques we can use to perform an efficient EDA, the majority of which are graphical in nature. 

    The specific graphical techniques used in EDA tasks are quite simple, for example: 

    • Plotting raw data to gain relevant insight. 
    • Simple statistics, such as mean and standard deviation plots, are plotted on raw data. 
    • For better results, concentrate the analysis on specific sections of the data. 

    There are numerous resources available to help you learn the fundamentals of EDA. 

    Data Visualization 

    When a data scientist creates a data science project, they are frequently looking for secrets and information to help enhance or recognise the data in different ways. 

    For much of the time, this is done in an educational and business setting. The ability to tell a fantastic story with data is one of the skills that every data scientist must develop. 

    Visualizing a story is the most effective way to tell it. 

    There are numerous freely released datasets with which you can use to start practicing data visualisation, dashboard creation, and data storytelling. 

    You must be a good storyteller to keep going. Your data must be visually appealing. Fortunately, there are a plenty of resources available to help you continue to practice your data visualisation skills. 

    Machine Learning 

    Machine learning proficiency is one of the factors that can make or break your chances of landing a data science job. When newcomers enter the field, it's common for them to skip over the fundamentals and dive right into the project's more enhancedconcepts. 

    Before diving into the enhanced concepts of machine learning, make sure you have a firm grasp on the fundamentals. Perfecting the fundamentals will not only strengthen your skill base but will also provide you with the knowledge you need to pick up advanced concepts quickly and easily. 

    Make sure your projects cover all the fundamentals of machine learning, such as regression, classification algorithms, and clustering. 

    To stand out from the crowd, your portfolio must demonstrate that you understand the fundamental concepts of data science. 

    With a solid foundation, you'll be able to quickly learn, enforce, and react to different models and algorithms. 

    Further, to improve your skills and enhance your resumé, you must work on the above-mentioned types of projects. To learn more about data science, you can opt for a certificate in data science with minimum course fees online.  

    Data Science Projects for Beginners with code 

    For students new to Python or data science, wewill provide a list of data science project ideas. These python data science projects will equip you with all the tools you'll need to excel as a data scientist. The data science projects for beginners with source code link to GitHub repo are listed below.  

    1. Forest Fire Detection Project:

    Forest fires are one of the most frightening and common disasters in today's world. These natural disasters are extremely harmful to the environment. A large amount of money is required to deal with such a disaster in terms of infrastructure, control, and handling. We can create a Data Science project using 'k-means clustering,' which can identify any forest fire hotspots as well as the severity of the fire at that location. 

    It can also be used for better resource allocation and faster response time. As a result, using meteorological data such as the seasons when these types of fire tragedies are more likely to occur and the various weather conditions that worsen them may improve the accuracy of these results. 

    Source Code: Forest Fire Detection 

    2. Fake News Detection:

    Fake news does not need an introduction. In our increasingly interconnected world, it is quite common to popularise false information across the internet.  To combat the spread of fake news, it is crucial to know the validity of the info, which this project will assist with. Python would be used to accomplish this, and TfidfVectorizer would be used to create a model.  

    To make a distinction among true and false news, PassiveAggressiveClassifier can be used. Python packages appropriate for fake news detection projects include Pandas, NumPy, and scikit-learn, and the dataset can be News.csv. 

    Source Code: Fake News Detection 

    3. Detection of Road Lane Lines:  

    Another Data Science project idea for beginners is a Live Lane-Line Detection Systems built using the Python language. In this project, lines placed on the road provide lane detection instructions to a human driver. The lines painted on the roads indicate where the human driving lanes are located.  

    Not only that, but it also refers to which way the driver should steer their vehicle. This app is essential for the advancement of self-driving cars. This Data Science Project application is critical for the development of self-driving cars. 

    Source Code: Detection of Road Lane Lines 

    4. Project on Sentimental Analysis: 

    Sentimental analysis is the act of evaluating words to define sentiments and opinions which may be favourable or unfavourable in polarity. This is a classification in which the classifications are either binary (optimistic or pessimistic) or multiple (happy, angry, sad, disgusted, etc.). The project is written in R, and it makes use of the Janeausten R package's dataset. General-purpose lexicons such as AFINN, bing, and Loughran are used to perform an inner join and display the results in the form of a word cloud.

    Source Code: Sentimental Analysis 

    Intermediate Data Science Projects with code 

    1. Speech Recognition with the emotions:

    Recognition of speech emotion is a popular Data Science project idea. This project is ideal if you want to learn how to use various libraries. You've probably seen a lot of editor toolkits which can show us of how our speech emotion is coming across. This programmodel can be developed as part of a Data Science project. 

    We will use 'librosa' in this Data Science project to perform 'Speech Emotion Recognition.' The SER procedure is a trial procedure that can detect human emotion. It can also recognise speech based on affective states. We express emotions through our voice by using a combination of tone and pitch. 

    The Speech Emotion Recognition model is unquestionably feasible. However, because human emotions are so subjective, it can be a difficult project to complete. The annotation of human audio is also quite difficult. So, in this case, you will employ the mfcc, mel, and chroma features. For the emotion recognition process, you will also use the dataset known as 'RAVDESS.' You will also learn how to create a 'MLPClassifier' for this model in this Data Science project. 

    Source Code: Speech Emotion Recognition 

    2. Diabetic Retinopathy Detection: 

    Diabetic Retinopathy is the leading cause of blindness in diabetics. It is possible to create an automated diabetic retinopathy screening system. A neural network can be trained on retina photographs of both damaged and healthy people. The purpose of this study is to determine whether the patient has retinopathy. 

    Source Code: Diabetic Retinopathy Detection 

    3. Chatbot Development: 

    Chatbots are an important part of any business. Many businesses need to provide services to their customers, which necessitates a significant amount of manpower, time, and effort. Chatbots can automate the majority of customer interactions by responding some of the most frequently asked questions. There are two kinds of chatbots: domain-specific chatbots and open-domain chatbots.  

    You can find many companies worldwide using chatbot technology to make their user experience more engaging. Swiggy & Zomato, the top food delivering apps are using chatbots to speed up the delivery process.  

    Even the biggest MNCs like Amazon are using chatbots to make their customer experience more interesting and help the customers to clear their queries regarding any delivery. 

    A domain-specific chatbot is frequently used to solve a specific problem. For it to work effectively in your domain, you must smartly customise it. Because open-domain chatbots can be asked any type of question, massive amounts of data are required to train them. 

    Chatbots work by analysing the customer's input and responding with a pre-programmed response.  

    Recurrent Neural Networks trained on the intentions JSON dataset can also be used to train the chatbot, which can then be implemented in Python. The chatbot's goal will decide if it is domain-specific or open-domain. 

    Source Code: Chatbot Development 

    4. Gender Detection and Age Prediction:

    This project will put your Machine Learning and Computer Vision skills to use by detecting the gender and making predictions onthe age as a classification challenge. The goal is to develop a system that can analyse a photograph and determine a person's age and gender.  

    Python and the OpenCV library can be used to implement Convolutional Neural Networks in this entertaining project. The Adience dataset can be downloaded for this project. Remember that cosmetics, lighting, and facial expressions can all make this difficult and throw your model off. 

    Source Code: Gender Detection and Age Prediction 

    Advanced Data Science Projects with code 

    1. Credit Card Fraud Detection:

    Credit card fraud is more common than you think, and it's been on the rise recently. Credit card companies, on the other hand, have been able to successfully identify and decrypt such frauds with good precision,thanks to advancements in technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Data Science. 

    The idea is to analyse the customer's typical spending behaviour, including tracing the location of those expenditures, in order to distinguish fraudulent activity from non-fraudulent ones. For this project, you can use R or Python to intake the customer's transaction history into decision trees, Artificial Neural Networks, and Logistic Regression. You should be able to improve your system's overall accuracy as you feed more data into it. 

    Source Code: Credit Card Fraud Detection 

    2. Breast Cancer Classification:

    If you ever want to add a project related to healthcare to your resume, you could try developing a breast cancer detection system in Python. Breast cancer cases have increased in recent times, and the best way to tackle it is to detect it early and take countermeasures. 

    To create such a system in Python, you can use the IDC (Invasive Ductal Carcinoma) dataset, which contains histology images of cancer-inducing malignant cells and train your model on it. Convolutional Neural Networks are better suited for this project, and for Python libraries, you can use NumPy, OpenCV, TensorFlow, Keras, scikit-learn, and Matplotlib. 

    Source Code: Breast Cancer Classification 

    3. Recognition of traffic signals: 

    The goal of this project is to create a model that will achieve high accuracy in self-driving car technologies by utilising CNN techniques. Traffic signs and traffic rules are critical for all drivers to follow in order to avoid accidents. To follow these rules, the user must first comprehend how traffic signals appear. 

    It is a general rule that in order to obtain a driver's licence, a person must learn all the driving signals. However, for self-driving cars, programmes such as 'Traffic signs recognition' using CNN have been developed, in which you can learn how to programa model that can precisely identify various types of traffic signals based on an image input. 

    The 'German Traffic signs recognition benchmark' is a dataset. It is commonly referred to as the GTSRB, and it is used in the development of a Deep Neural Network for recognising the class of all traffic signs that belong toward which class type. You will also gain hands-on experience in creating a graphical user interface (GUI) for application interaction. 

    Source Code: Traffic Sign recognition 

    4. Customer Segmentations: 

    Businesses today strive to provide customers with customized services, which might be unlikely without some kind of customer segmentation or categorization. As a result, businesses can easily construct their product and services across their clients even as targeting them to increase revenue. 

    The project makes use of 'K-means clustering,' and you will discover the way to visualise gender and age distributions. Annual incomes and average score values of customers can indeed be examined. As an example, you can use the Mall Customers dataset. 

    Source Code: Customer Segmentations 

    Get, Set, Practice! 

    We attempted to cover many interesting and useful Data Science project ideas for you in this article, which will help you understand the fundamentals of the technology. The source code linkfor all of these data science projects GitHub is also available.  

    We began with some simple projects that you can complete quickly. Once you've completed these data science projects for beginners, I recommend going back and learning a few more concepts before attempting the intermediate projects. 

    When you are confident, you can move on to more difficult projects. If you want to improve your data science skills, you should start with these data science project ideas. Now go ahead and put all of the knowledge you've gained from our data science project ideas and use that in creating your very own data science project. 

    Check out knowledgehut data science projects with python, this course comes with no prerequisites and helps you get hands-on learning data science with python skills.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    1What are some good data science projects?

    Some Top Data Science Projects you can go for are: 

    • Sentiment Analysis 
    • Detection of Fake News 
    • Prediction Of Next Word 
    • Movie Recommender  
    • Customer Segmentation 
    2What are some beginner data science projects?

    Most famous data science projects for beginners are: 

    • Forest Fire Detection Project 
    • Fake News Detection 
    • Detection of Road Lane Lines 
    • Project on Sentimental Analysis 
    3How do you create a data science project?

    Let's look at a few hints and tips to help you get started on your own data science projects. 

    • Choose a dataset 
    • Select an IDE like Pycharm, Jupyter Notebook, Google colab. 
    • List Down the activities early: Data ingestion, data cleaning, data transformation, exploratory data analysis, model building, model evaluation, and model deployment are all common activities on data science projects. 
    • Take up tasks one by one 
    • Prepare a Summary 
    • Share it on open-source

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