PMI ACP Course Exam Questions to Prepare For

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16th May, 2022
PMI ACP Course Exam Questions to Prepare For

1. Time: The 3 hours to answer 120 questions were sufficient. I finished answering all questions in 2 hours. There were 4-5 questions which were not very clear and another 10-12 questions I marked for “review” later. I used my extra time to review those Marked questions to guess best answer PMI may be expecting.

2. is very useful site in preparing for PMI ACP certification, The “Study Mode” taught me how to eliminate the wrong answers after reviewing the logical reasoning at arriving the correct answer. The “Full Exam” mode gave me required confidence to sit and answer 120 questions at a stretch. I used the “Short Exam” mode multiple times to boost my understanding. Overall played a vital role in preparing and appearing confidently for this Certification exam.

3. Agile Practices: There were multiple questions on SCRUM and XP, very few questions on Kanban and Lean, almost none on Crystal, FDD, and DSDM.

4. Roles: Fully Understand the Roles in SCRUM and XP, what are the responsibilities carried by those roles, various meetings, input and outcome of those meetings like review, retrospective etc,

5. Scenario Based Questions: There were multiple questions based on scenarios and how best will you apply Agile practices under those scenarios.

6. Understand the difference between terms of coordination, collaboration and communication. Multiple questions on team Collaboration

7. Surprise questions on Agile Portfolio Management.

8. Multiple questions on Agile Risk Management.

9. Multiple questions on Story Points, Burn-down Charts and Velocity calculations.

Overall PMI ACP certification training course exam is challenging and tests the knowledge of Agile Manifesto, Agile Principles, Agile Practices, and Agile Methodologies very well.



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