Top 5 Benefits Of Taking The PMI-PBA Exam

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19th Apr, 2021
10th Sep, 2016
Top 5 Benefits Of Taking The PMI-PBA Exam

The PMI-PBA is exclusively made for business analysts who work on programs and projects, as well as the project and program managers who do business analyses as part of their daily routines. According to the PMI, if you have this certification, you’ll be effectively qualified to be an integral stakeholder in small and large scale projects.

In order to receive a PMI-PBA, you must meet the following requirements:

● Have a minimum of 3 years (or 4,500 hours) experience in business analysis over the past 8 years. This is applicable only if you have a bachelor’s degree. But if you don’t, you’ll need to have a minimum of 5 years (7,500 hours) experience.
● Have 2,000 hours of experience working on project teams over the past eight consecutive years.
● Have 35 contact hours of business analysis education.

Then, there’s the actual PMI-PBA exam, which is composed of the following:
● Analysis (35%)
● Planning (22%)
● Needs Assessment (18%)
● Traceability and Monitoring (15%)
● Evaluation (10%)

There are many benefits to taking the PMI-PBA exam.

Increase Your Career Opportunities

A PMI-PBA certification almost always guarantees a greater number of leads in terms of your career advancement. It also opens the doors to a variety of opportunities. Credentials by the PMI make you a practitioner who can demonstrate both knowledge and competency in the project management process. With this certification, you’ll become invaluable to the company that chooses to employ you. And recruiters will always want you to join their companies.

Increase Your Earnings

There are a multitude of reports that how PMI-PBA certificate holders experience an increase in their salary due to their certification status alone. The PMI Annual PM Salary Survey conducted in 2015 showed that the average salary of 143 PMI-PBA-certified participants was approximately at 6.1 Million. This was in comparison to against the average salary of 4.2 Million, which was the median salary of 69 respondents that did not have a PMI-PBA certification. Thus, if you pass this exam, you may get an increase of approximately 45% in your salary.

Grow Professionally

With a PMI-PBA certification, you’re likely to grow in terms of career. Since the PMI-PBA test provides you with the relevant skills you need by consistently conducting in-depth studies to assure that it reflects the current practices and trends, you’ll be up to date with everything that’s happening. And with this exam, there’s something called the PMI Continuing Certification Requirements, or the CCR program, which makes sure that you continue to develop your skills and stay as current as possible as the profession grows and changes.

Get Recognised

A PMI-PBA certificate serves as an unbiased endorsement of your professional experience as well as your expertise, and that too, on a global level. These credentials are renowned all around the world, and have been for over 25 years now. So with a certification, you’re guaranteed to gain more recognition from employers and recruiters that belong to well-known companies.

Develop On A Personal Level

Perhaps the most important part of studying for the PMI-PBA exam is that your personal abilities will strengthen. You’ll realise how much you’re able to not only study advanced information, but retain it, as well. You can also use this exam as a way to train yourself to become proficient in any skill you’re faced with.

Taking the PMI-PBA exam clearly has many benefits. Enrolling for one is the right path to go down if you wish to not only grow professionally, but challenge yourself.



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