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Benefits and Advantages of PRINCE 2

05th Sep, 2023
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Benefits and Advantages of PRINCE 2

The Projects IN Controlled Environments Certification, or PRINCE2 is a management methodology that has been implemented in a large number of organisations around the world. It is the most widely used project management system in the European Union, with Agile systems coming at a distant second.

It offers a systematic method using templates, rules and processes in order to carve out a successful project. Being standardized in approach, PRINCE2 can be used for just about any project in any organization with utmost ease.

Why get certified?

  • PRINCE2 methods are implemented in organisations the world over. A Certification implies that the holder has studied the methodology in depth, and is qualified to implement them at work. With the method being generalized, it can be implemented in most organisations- increasing your job prospects. A PRINCE2 certification can really beef up your CV, since most companies need employees who know their methods.
  • Studying for the PRINCE2 certification can also broaden your mind as a whole. Principles of PRINCE2 encourage you to analyse a problem from all angles, which help in enhancing problem solving capabilities. This analysis helps you understand the product you are working on, and can increase the efficiency of the project with your input.
  • PRINCE2 is all about efficiency. Its methodology is clearly defined, with a well laid-out set of templates, rules and roles. Each and every position in a product development process is touched upon, and optimized for the best efficiency. It provides a framework to execute projects with ease, rather than directly managing the projects yourselves. Being certified in PRINCE2 provides a link between the framework and the project.
  • PRINCE2 also encourages its users to look inward, or introspect; no project is a success without ample self-assessment. A Certified Practitioner understands this, and guides his team throughout the process using the knowledge he has of PRINCE2.
  • Finally, coming to the heart of the matter, a PRINCE2 certification increases your employability by a country mile. Organisations need employees who are reliable assets, and the certification means that you know how the organisation works, or is supposed to work. The chances of landing a higher paying job in countries like the UK increase dramatically, as you get a PRINCE2 certification.
  • It is a fact that certified professionals earn significantly higher salaries than their non-certified peers- it is no different in the case of PRINCE2. The average salary of a certified PRINCE2 practitioner worldwide is approximately $80,000, or fifty lakh rupees. Which is almost 20% higher than the colleagues who have no certification, on average. Female professionals earn almost as much as their male counterparts, confirming that there is no gender divide when it comes to PRINCE2 professionals. According to the Project Management Salary Survey, the average salary of project managers around the world is on the ascent for the foreseeable future.
  • Almost 700 people take the PRINCE2 Certification exam every week, adding to the tens of thousands of professionals who have already passed it. This statistic alone indicates the extensive use of PRINCE2 in organisations, and the need for more certified practitioners. A PRINCE2 certification opens you up to a new world, a new language and new processes which helps you in orchestrating the success of your project. Follow tips to prepare for PRINCE2 Certification What’s more, PRINCE2 can be implemented for any project of any size with the utmost ease. So what is stopping you? Go get Certified!


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