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Best Career options after BA [2024]

10th May, 2024
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    Best Career options after BA [2024]

    One of the most crucial decisions a student must make is their career. Students who graduate with a bachelor's degree must choose between a job and further education. After earning a BA, those with degrees in the arts stream can pick from a variety of postgraduate programs. So, if you have earned a Bachelor of Arts degree, here is a thorough list of the courses after BA you may take to further your job opportunities and go deeper into your area of interest. 

    We'll examine some of the best courses after BA employment alternatives. If you're looking for jobs or career opportunities after BA, you might be shocked by some of the professions we've included here. Read on career options after BA and share your thoughts. KnowledgeHut offers Business Intelligence and Visualization online course, from Microsoft Power BI training to Data Visualization with Tableau training, to help you master the most crucial Business Intelligence concepts, acquire in-demand Business Intelligence and data skills, and earn top Business Intelligence certifications that will enable you to land high-profile jobs in illustrious companies. 

    What is Bachelor of Arts (BA)?  

    You need to pause and reflect if you are currently stumbling around trying to choose the ideal professional courses after BA. Thinking long-term is the best strategy for choosing the proper professional path. Make sure the profession you choose is something you will enjoy doing for the rest of your life if you want to succeed in your career. The future you envision today might look very different in ten years. But if you adhere to the advice provided in this article, you can be certain that whatever professional path you pick will be the most suitable. What steps do you take to determine your job path? 

    You must first calm down and begin to think. Asking yourself a few crucial questions will help you achieve this. What do you truly enjoy doing? What do you excel at? What are your advantages and disadvantages? What are the most crucial objectives in life? What values do you hold? These inquiries will provide you with guidance and help you make sense of the complex and intimidating world of employment. 

    Scope of BA Degree   

    The BA is one of the most varied programmes in terms of graduate prospects for higher education as well as work options across several industries. The student will be able to locate relevant work in their field or the right course for future education, depending on the BA specialization they choose. Whether a BA graduate chooses to work or pursue higher education, their options are extremely broad. 

    Career Option after BA  

    1. Business Management   

    A Diploma in Business Management, which is frequently provided as a 1-year short-term course, seeks to give students knowledge of the various business activities as well as the fundamental management principles. Students also get the opportunity to explore the various fields of business and management, and they are given the necessary knowledge and skills to manage an organization successfully. 

    2. Advertising / Broadcast / Journalism and Mass Communication   

    As technology has advanced and new forms of entertainment have been introduced, platforms other than TV and radio that were previously only considered to be a component of broadcast media are now gaining popularity. We can assert that online streaming, digital journalism, podcasts, blogs, and advertising websites are all inextricably linked to this field. 

    3. Law  

    People who want to continue their study after earning their BA frequently choose the Bachelor of Laws, or LLB. The three-year curriculum offers in-depth knowledge on subjects like legal reasoning, environmental law, arbitration, insurance law, and the Consumer Protection Act, among others. You can pursue an LLM after finishing the course, start practicing law after registering with the necessary organizations, or work in the public or private sectors. 

    4. Library and Information Science   

    The demand for human resources in the field of library and information activities is met in part by the Bachelor of Library and Information Science degree. These people work in a variety of capacities in information centres, documentation centres, and libraries. The need for certain talents has changed over time, as have the course requirements. 

    5. Business Process Outsourcing Units   

    Young people now have a wide range of employment opportunities thanks to globalisation and liberalisation in many areas of the Indian economy. Many BPO positions have opened for young people in the information technology sector. 

    As India has become a popular location for business process outsourcing, upscale contact centres have sprung up in numerous cities across our nation (BPO). Large employment prospects have been created in India by the establishment of numerous global corporations. 

    6. Policing / Civil Services   

    The Civil Service Examination is one of the most competitive UPSC Exams used to find young, intelligent candidates for a variety of administrative positions. Preliminary exams, main exams, and interviews are the three stages of the process. A candidate must read through two objective-type question papers for the preliminary exam. 

    7. Professional Writing   

    When we think of a writer, we typically see someone who expresses their views in a creative manner. What if we told you that it is now a legitimate career that pays you a steady salary and truly puts money in your pocket? If you have a degree in literature, you can absolutely find work in creative writing. You've been asked to compose scripts, songs, speeches, screenplays, poems, and other works of English literature. They receive more than respectable pay as is to be expected. 

    8. Public Administration   

    When we consider a writer, we typically envision someone who expresses their ideas through creative writing. What if we told you that it is now a legitimate job that truly puts money in your pocket and gives you a consistent income? The answer is that if you have a degree in literature, you can find work in creative writing. You have been given the assignment of creating English-language scripts, songs, songs, poetry, and other literary works. They receive more than adequate compensation as is to be expected. 

    9. Film Editing and Direction   

    Film editing is one of the most frequently chosen areas in the film industry. It is a profitable career field that requires storytellers with a natural grasp of camera methods as well as video editing software. For those who desire to learn this sophisticated kind of visual storytelling, there are numerous Film Editing courses available all around the world. 

    10. Public Planning  

    Administer governmental land-use plans and policies. assemble and analyse data from surveys, economic and environmental studies, and market research. Investigate issues in the field, such as land use, that affect community growth and decline. 

    11. Graphics and Printing Industry   

    Complete form of a BTech in printing, graphics, and packaging. The four-year bachelor's degree programme in printing, graphics, and packaging technology is for undergraduate students. The course covers a variety of tools and machines used in printing, graphic design, and packaging that are frequently used in the news, magazines, and printing press. 

    12. Religious Studies / International Relations   

    The study of religions from all over the world is covered under the field of religious studies, which also includes in-depth investigation into religious organizations, doctrines, practises, and social effects. Students get to study about the religious aspects of many cultures' various religions. Additionally, the curriculum for these courses is structured so that studying religion is objective, factual, and comparative in order to provide students a historical and global perspective. 

    14. Social Work / Community Service   

    A postgraduate degree in social work is known as a master's in social work. It specialises in community work, research, and forecasting upcoming changes that could affect the general public. A social work degree not only qualifies you to work as a social worker, but it also aids in the development of soft skills like leadership, teamwork, communication, and problem-solving. 

    Best Courses after BA  

     best courses after ba

    After earning your BA, picking the correct course is crucial since it can have a big impact on your life and welfare. Your employment decision will undoubtedly have a significant impact on your emotional, mental, and general welfare. You are considerably less likely to feel anxious and stressed when you are working a job you enjoy. Your sense of self-worth and confidence are also likely to grow. Therefore, it's crucial to take your time and avoid rushing the process of choosing the best job path. Rushing the process can, cause you to choose a career path that is only a suitable fit for you on a technical level. 

    Following are the top 10 courses after BA: 

    1. Master of Arts (MA)  

    One of the most popular employment alternatives for BA graduates after graduation is a master's degree in the arts. A Master of Arts degree may be an excellent option for you if you're interested in learning more in-depth information about the subjects you studied. 

    You will have the opportunity to study more about the topics you studied for your bachelor's degree while pursuing a Master of Arts.

    You'll generally gain more in-depth knowledge of the subjects you've chosen. For those who want to pursue higher education and enrol in doctoral or M.Phil. programmes, MA programmes are ideal. With an MA, you can gain more advanced alternatives in those fields and broaden your knowledge of a subject.

    For instance, if you pursue an MA in History, you can become a historian. On the other side, you can obtain an MA in Economics if you wish to become an economist. 

    2. Master of Business Administration (MBA)   

    Master of Business Administration, or MBA, is the official term. Among Indians, an MBA is one of the most popular choices after a bachelor's degree. MBA essentially provides students with a wide range of employment options, which is why it is always favoured. 

    You will gain management skills by learning how to solve business problems while studying your MBA. A MBA not only increases your employment options but also improves your ability to negotiate a fair salary with employers. 

    You will study management, administration, and organization in the MBA programme. Your ability to solve and scale business-related difficulties will be expanded. 

    An MBA can lead to several professional opportunities. Business development, marketing, human resource management, and finance offer leadership prospects. There is a huge need for MBA professionals. Everyone needs their services, whether they are small businesses or large organizations. 

    3. Master of Journalism and Mass Communication (MJMC)   

    The most popular and greatest course after a BA is journalism, which is offered to students. The information must be gathered and presented through many forms of mass media in journalism. In written, spoken, and visual modes, journalists report on the news and bring up other relevant subjects. They may select a specialized industry niche (crime, politics, sports, entertainment, business, and finance), or they may concentrate on a particular media (print, broadcast, or digital). 

    Your entrée into the professional world will be built on the foundation of a conventional six-semester BA degree. If you wish to work in journalism, you should also aim to get some real-world experience in fields like publishing, radio, etc. Additionally, relating to people from various backgrounds will be a key component of your journalistic career. 

    4. Master of Fine Arts (MFA)  

    A graduate degree that concentrates on visual and performing arts, design, or creative writing is called a master's in fine arts, design, or creative writing. It appeals to persons who are passionate about a certain artistic discipline or creative line of work and want to increase their knowledge. Students in an MFA programme learn through doing, gaining practical experience in their field and familiarity with its background, statistics, and well-known works. 

    Many people opt to pursue an MFA, including writers, editors, playwrights, dancers, actors, painters, and sculptors. Others teach college students using their postgraduate degrees. 

    5. Masters/PG Diploma in Digital Marketing   

    Digital platforms have essentially evolved into "new markets" for businesses and service providers because of advances in technology and expanding social media involvement. A short-term course like the Diploma in Digital Marketing is growing in popularity among those interested in the industry. Previously, it was thought that only an MBA in Digital Marketing could get you into high-paying professions. A diploma programme that emphasizes skills that is in high demand among recent graduates and postgraduates worldwide. Around the world, it is commonly taught as a certification programme, and those who complete it are well-versed in content creation, SEO optimization, web development, marketing automation, blogging, and social media marketing. 

    6. LLB  

    The law is one of the most popular post-BA job alternatives. In India, obtaining a Bachelor of Legislator Law (LLB) is necessary to practise law. You can practise law once you've finished this course. For those who are interested in the judiciary, the options are numerous. You can work as a legal counsellor for organizations and businesses if you have an LLB. Another well-liked job option is to study for the Judicial Services Exam and work toward becoming a judge. 

    7. Bachelor of Education (BEd)  

    Through on-campus and field study, the Bachelor of Education (BEd), a three to four-year professional degree programme, strives to improve the competences and skills needed by teachers. In fields including Primary Learning, Adult Education, Child Development and Pedagogy, Special Education, and developing gender-inclusive classrooms, the well-structured and diversified BEd Syllabus establishes a solid foundation. After graduating, individuals who want to continue a career in teaching can enrol in special education courses or seek an MEd/MA in education. Traditional teaching and learning methods have developed as a result of the introduction of new age technology like internet-based learning and online classroom programmes. 

    8. Creative Writing Courses   

    We are fascinated by a writer's artistic brilliance when we read a piece of writing or a poetry book. It is a writer's imaginative creativity and skill in the craft of storytelling that keeps us hooked until the very end whenever we become absorbed in a book or feel as though a writer is connecting to us through a set of words. One of the uncommon job paths chosen by highly motivated candidates with an artistic bent is creative writing. Due to their highly individualized teaching and wide range of specializations, creative writing courses have attracted a large student body and are best career options after BA English. 

    9. Graphic Design Courses   

    One of the hippest careers, graphic design combines technical proficiency with creative talent in an interesting way. The discipline of graphic design is the best one to pursue if you want to tell tales through images. In a period of rapid technological advancement, enrolling in Graphic Design courses exposes you to a market that is constantly expanding and in need of creative experts to produce eye-catching images and graphics that may effectively transmit messages. You can further explore worldwide employment options in the corporate, entertainment, and publishing sectors by earning an international degree in graphic design. 

    10. Fashion Design Courses   

    In terms of the arts, fashion design is one of the most popular academic specialties since it combines a financially lucrative career with a gratifying creative life. It focuses on developing clothing and other accessories. Fashion designers have a crucial role in the creation of the apparatus, as well as in the choice of the appropriate material for it, for everything from bracelets and necklaces to business suits and party attire. Social views and culture have an impact on their work. The two fundamental elements of contemporary fashion design are haute couture and ready-to-wear. Courses in fashion design cover a broad range of patterns, trends, aesthetics, styles, and colors. 

    11. Visual Arts Courses   

    In terms of the arts, fashion design is one of the most popular academic specialties since it combines a financially lucrative career with a gratifying creative life. It focuses on developing clothing and other accessories. Fashion designers have a crucial role in the creation of the apparatus, as well as in the choice of the appropriate material for it, for everything from bracelets and necklaces to business suits and party attire. Social views and culture have an impact on their work. The two fundamental elements of contemporary fashion design are haute couture and ready-to-wear. Courses in fashion design cover a broad range of patterns, trends, aesthetics, styles, and colors. 

    12. Foreign Language Certifications   

    Don't you think it's time to move past knowing only a few basic French words? You will be able to gauge your proficiency level when you enroll in the French Language Certificate Courses. The fifth most spoken language in the world, French is also one of the simplest to learn. A French-speaking individual or country is referred to as a Francophone in both English and French. In 29 nations, French is the official language. French was ranked as the third most useful language for business by Bloomberg Businessweek in 2011. Although learning a new language is challenging, with the correct tools, you can do so rather quickly, and a certificate course gives you those tools. 

    13. Photography Courses  

    With the development of modern cameras and digital technologies, the art of photography has evolved from a simple pastime to a fully-fledged career. A full-time job in photography allows people to follow their passion for documenting moments, whether in the fields of nature, fashion and entertainment, journalism, travel, or documentary filmmaking. It is an essential component of numerous forms of journalism, fine arts, and mass media for its ability to bring tales and emotions to life. 

    14. Event Management Courses  

    Event managers organize and plan events of various sizes, from weddings to mega-concerts, book fairs, and sporting events. Students are choosing event management as a career because of how much demand there is for it. A dynamic school like Event and Leisure Management requires you to learn a variety of skills over time, including budgeting, risk management, public relations, leadership, marketing, and business development. Many foreign universities and colleges offer courses in event management that teach students the fundamentals of the field and the skills necessary to succeed as event managers. 

    15. PG Diploma Courses  

    • PG Diploma in Management (PGDM)  

    A postgraduate diploma programme called the Post Graduate Diploma in Management, or PGDM, examines the complexity of numerous aspects of management and the business environment. This management course is popular among working professionals and students because it helps students develop their critical thinking skills to handle the problems they face daily at work, in the classroom, and in other settings. 

    The PGDM is a very demanding degree that is best suited for those who want to pursue a career in management. The requirements of organizations, institutions, and enterprises are changing along with the world's constant change. There is a significant demand for managers, leaders, functional heads, and specialists. 

    • PG Diploma in Business Analytics (PGDBA)  

    A thorough grasp of business analytics is provided by the two-year postgraduate degree known as the Postgraduate Diploma in Business Analytics (PGDBA). The course equips qualified students enrolled in it with a special blend of analytics-related subject knowledge. 

    PGDBA is designed to offer accelerated learning with the main emphasis on helping students strengthen their application abilities. The integration of business analytics and other information resources is the main topic of this course. PGDBA offers a lot of potential due to the development of self-starting businesses and enterprises. Business analytics are highly sought-after to assist organizations in creating and maintaining their growth targets. 

    KnowledgeHut Business Intelligence and Visualization online brings you a comprehensive guide to Business Intelligence reporting.  

    • PG Diploma in Marketing  

    The most crucial component of every business is marketing. Since the only way to reach the right target audience and generate revenue is through marketing. Businesses could not prosper if marketing was not used properly. Therefore, it is accurate to claim that marketing is the most crucial component of large organizations. Large corporations spend a lot of money on recruiting industry specialists to ensure that marketing is carried out effectively. 

    • PG Diploma in Fashion Designing  

    One of the most creative and in-demand professions in the world is fashion design. It is especially for individuals who enjoy researching fashion trends, drawing patterns, and coming up with original, creative ideas for the world of style. Have you ever wondered how to begin a career in fashion design? To start a career in this sector, you will need to enrol in a basic design certificate or degree programme. This can teach you the nuances of creating clothing and garments as well as the newest trends. 

    • PG Diploma in Finance  

    A career in finance is one of the most lucrative fields you may choose from because it is regarded as the study of money, investments, risks, debit and credit, and market trends. By developing effective financial strategies and policies, every business aspires to increase profits and revenues, and the experts in financial management have a crucial role in conceptualizing and crafting these plans and policies. It is one of the best career options after BA economics and job opportunities after BA economics. 

    • PG Diploma in Computer Applications (PGDCA)  

    A wide variety of computer applications courses, including BCA, MCA, and Diploma programmes, are offered that can give you an advantage in the tech world. PGDCA, or Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications, is one of the most sought-after courses out of all of them. PGDCA, which is offered by many universities, will give you a foundational understanding of computers and different operating systems, bringing you up to date with technology. 

    • PG Diploma in Development Studies  

    As a fusion of various multidisciplinary social science fields. As third-world nations attempted to establish themselves after years of colonization, it rose to prominence as a topic of study in the latter half of the 20th century. As a field of study, it places a strong emphasis on how nations have changed from political, economic, cultural, socioeconomic, and geographical viewpoints. 

    • PG Diploma in Social Work  

    A specialised degree called MSW, or Masters in Social Work, aims to give students a thorough understanding of the social structure and hierarchical structure of society. Students who complete the course will be equipped with the knowledge and abilities needed to help others in need. 

    • PG Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication  

    The fourth pillar of Indian democracy is the media. After earning a BA, one may want to pursue a career in journalism. Using various forms of media, journalism is the process of acquiring information and disseminating it to the public. 

    Journalists speak out on various problems in written or visual form in addition to reporting on news. 

    A journalism student can select their area of specialisation (crime, politics, sports, entertainment, business, or finance) based on their interests.

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    Government Jobs after BA  

    Following are the job opportunities after BA: 

    1. Civil Services   

    Even though the civil service exam is among the most difficult in the world, graduates still opt to try their luck in it because of the lucrative positions, bright future, high pay, and government incentives. To reach this milestone, you must put in your all-out effort and demonstrate your worth for the highest-paying government job in India. 

    2. Indian Railways (RRB Exams)   

    The recruitment of employees is carried out through several RRB exams which range from non-technical roles to management-level positions. Along with UPSC exams, government Bank PO exams and NDA exam, it makes up the Highest Paying Government Jobs in India and offers job security, perks and other benefits.  

    3. IPS, IAS, IRS   

    Millions of Indians aspire to work in government, particularly as an IPS (Indian Police Services) officer, yet it requires a tremendous amount of time, money, effort, and dedication to succeed. IPS is not as simple as it sounds, despite being at the top of the list of the greatest professions in India. 

    4. SSC exams   

    The prestigious Indian organization Staff Selection Commission (SSC) hires outstanding applicants for a variety of positions in the Ministries and Departments within the Government of India. SSC administers the bulk of competitive exams used by businesses to find qualified applicants for more than 20 different job profiles, including Group B, C, and D services. 

    5. Banking Exams, IPCC, SBI PO   

    Candidates hope to have a prosperous career in the financial sector. Millions of applicants take various banking tests each year. It entirely depends on the number of open bank positions. 

    Each year, the State Bank of India (SBI) conducts the SBI PO exam to select qualified individuals for the Probationary Officer position from a vast pool of applicants. 

    7. Defence Services like Indian Army    

    Taking the straight entry path through recruitment rallies or passing certain entrance tests are the two main ways to apply for prestigious positions in the Indian Army. The Lieutenant entry level job in the Indian Army's recruitment process is the first step, and it progresses all the way to General. 

    8. CDS (Civil Defence Services)   

    For the purpose of recruiting people for the armed services, the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) holds the Combined Defence Services (CDS) exam twice a year. On April 10, 2022, the CDS (I) exam was given. Three sections—English Language, General Knowledge, and Mathematics—make up the CDS exam. 

    9. Indian Airforce (AFCAT)   

    Candidates must take the AFCAT for all entries—aside from NDA and CDSE—and for all branches. In February and August of each year, the test is administered. 

    10. State Public Services    

    The State Public Service Commission is a legally recognised entity. A State Public Service Commission exists in each state. The Constitution also addresses a State Public Service Commission's authority and independence, as well as the composition, appointment, and removal of its members. 

    11. Indian Foreign Services   

    The nation's Central Services include the Indian Foreign Service (IFS). For the financial rewards and luxurious lifestyle, a diplomat enjoys as well as the distinctive challenges it presents, the IFS is a highly desired designation. This page sheds light on the instruction given to probationary IFS officers as well as the pay, benefits, abilities, positions, and duties related to the Indian Foreign Service. 

    High Paying Jobs After BA  

    1. Executive Manager   

    Based on a department's operational workflow, an executive manager's functions and responsibilities can change from firm to company. 

    Regardless of the size of the department, an executive manager plays a crucial function in any business and office. Executive managers—possibly the most prominent person in their office—oversee ensuring that departments' operations run smoothly. 

    2. Digital Marketing Manager   

    The implementation, supervision, and management of digital marketing tactics that increase visibility and advance an organization's mission fall under the purview of digital marketing managers. Increased donations, donations, or interest and involvement from the community are some outcomes of their efforts. 

    Salaries for digital marketing managers vary by industry, scale of the business, nature of the project, and level of education. As of May 2019, the median salary for all marketing managers was $136,850, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). 

    3. Government Jobs in Civil Services, Indian Railways, Defence Services, Indian Foreign Services   

    Which service you will receive depends on your UPSC rank assignment. The services are listed according to the choices of the students. The more posts you can apply for, the higher your rank is. Services and UPSC ranks essentially go hand in hand. You are admitted to these services based on your place on the UPSC rank list, which has been followed throughout. You can retake the exam, but this time the UPSC rank-based posts for that year are assigned. 

    Civil Services Jobs List 

    • Indian Administrative Service or IAS 
    • Indian Foreign Service or IFS 
    • Indian Police Service or IPS 

    4. Bank PO/Clerk Jobs   

    In actuality, the leading industry for creating opportunities for both recent graduates and seasoned professionals is IBPS PO, Clerk, SO, and Insurance jobs. Other than this, the main draws of working in the banking industry are the lucrative pay, job stability, benefits, and allowances (DA, HRA, Medical, Travelling, etc.) 

    Because of these incentives, many of students seek for openings at banks. This is what causes the competition to grow exponentially more difficult. The government authorities test your intelligence in numerous areas to prepare you for such a crisis. 

    5. Content Writer   

    Given that they have a firm grasp of the language required for the material, people from any academic background can seek profitable jobs in this industry either as a freelancer, part-time employee, or full-time employee. Additionally, writing material can be done for blogs, websites, videos, or any other type of content that can be distributed on digital platforms. 

    6. Copywriter  

    You will be needed to study and evaluate any content requests or briefs from clients as a freelance copywriter before incorporating them into the material of the relevant structure. White papers, fundraising pitch decks, and a few blogs every month may be requested by some clients, although these items may also be needed by other clients. 

    A copywriter has a wide range of specialties and career options after BA to select from. These include creating press releases, writing product descriptions, writing market copy, blogging, creating website and landing page text, and writing copy for a social media agency or firm. 

    7. Human Resources Manager   

    Human resource managers are experts who prepare for new hires, interview them, and make the appropriate hiring decisions to foster a productive workplace for everybody. To bring about long-lasting change inside a firm or company, they also consult executives on strategic issues affecting all management levels. 

    8. Business Development Manager   

    Business development managers are in charge of fostering business expansion inside an organization. They create a network of contacts to draw in new customers, look into emerging market opportunities, and manage growth initiatives while projecting sales and estimating revenue to match predicted income. 

    9. News Journalist   

    Today's journalists are a one-many army because they need to learn not just how to write news stories but also how to report, record, edit, and broadcast them. If you work for a reputable news organization, a career in journalism may be intellectually and financially satisfying. Depending on the news organization and the position you hold, the average monthly payment for a journalist in India ranges from 3.5 to 6.5 lakhs. 

    10. Teacher/Professor   

    Professors work for institutions of higher learning and divide their time between academic services, research, and instruction. Professors will spend more time conducting research and provide fewer courses as they develop expertise. Professors frequently serve in leadership positions, go to conferences, write articles, and help colleagues. 

    11. Graphic Designer   

    The position of graphic designer is one of the key job profiles for a career in graphic design. The expert is in charge of producing digital designs for reports, books, periodicals, and brochures. The graphic designer is skilled at creating designs and using them to convey ideas using programmes like Adobe Illustrator. According to PayScale, the average annual income for a graphic designer is $279,383. With expertise, this salary can go to between 3.8 and 4 lakhs. 

    12. Fashion Designer   

    Fashion designers are inextricably tied with the business and require no introduction as a career. 

    If you consider yourself to be a fashion enthusiast, you may be familiar with the work of prominent Indian fashion designers like Varun Bahl, Manish Malhotra, Sabyasachi, Rohit Bal, etc. They were successful in changing Bollywood's fashion landscape. 

    13. Video Editor   

    The raw video that a film crew and director shot must be transformed into the finished output by a video editor. This is compiling the footage into a single, coherent movie or film while adhering to an outline, script, or shot list. Many camera angles and takes are frequently taken during video and film production. 

    12. Filmmaker  

    In India, a filmmaker can expect to make between INR 1 and 2 lakhs in their first year. But as soon as you become well-known and have a large following, your pay skyrockets. The compensation may also be influenced by the kind of projects the filmmaker takes on.

    13. Interior Designer   

    Interior designers handle a variety of tasks, including drawing out a floor plan for the room, making sketches, choosing furniture, colors, materials, fixtures, and equipment. In addition to the design component, the role entails collaboration with many vendors and technicians, budgeting, project management services, schedule creation, and preparation of construction and legal papers. 

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    That being said, we did our best to respond to the query, "Which is the best course after BA graduation?" 

    Don't let the abundance of opportunities and employment opportunities for BA students overwhelm you. Instead, select which path is ideal for your career goals by conducting a self-assessment. There are numerous best career options after BA available, so pick one based on your preferences, and now you know after BA which course is better. 

    Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)  

    1. What is the average salary after BA?  

    The average pay for BA graduates in India is ₹436,168 LPA, according to PayScale. 

    2. What are my master courses after BA Economics?  

    Aspirants may choose to pursue appropriate postgraduate programmes in business administration (MBA), finance, management, international relations, political science, or public policy in addition to economics itself. 

    3. Can a BA student do web developer?  

    Candidates may pursue Web Design courses at the graduate level if they have successfully completed their 10+2 in any field (Science, Commerce, or Arts). The majority of well-known universities, however, only allow applicants to participate in their admissions process if they have completed their education from a recognised board. 

    4. How can I enter IT field after BA?  

    It has uses in data mining, big data, and deep learning. After receiving a BA, you must engage in a data science diploma programme. To become a data scientist, you must learn a multitude of technologies, such as Kera, MongoDB, Python, MS Excel, Hadoop, Tableau, and MySQL

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1What is the average salary after BA?

    The average pay for BA graduates in India is ₹436,168 LPA, according to PayScale. 

    2What are my master courses after BA Economics? 

    Aspirants may choose to pursue appropriate postgraduate programs in business administration (MBA), finance, management, international relations, political science, or public policy in addition to economics itself. 

    3Can a BA student do web developer? 

    Candidates may pursue Web Design courses at the graduate level if they have successfully completed their 10+2 in any field (Science, Commerce, or Arts). The majority of well-known universities, however, only allow applicants to participate in their admissions process if they have completed their education from a recognized board. 

    4How can I enter IT field after BA? 

    It has uses in data mining, big data, and deep learning. After receiving a BA, you must engage in a data science diploma program. To become a data scientist, you must learn a multitude of technologies, such as Kera, MongoDB, Python, MS Excel, Hadoop, Tableau, and MySQL


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