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A Novel Way To Design Your Career as a Scrum Master

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27th Aug, 2019
08th Nov, 2017
A Novel Way To Design Your Career as a Scrum Master

Today, the Scrum framework has become a renowned framework for the teams that are interested in embracing an Agile methodology. According to a survey conducted by Version One’s State of Agile Development, 2016 report, 58% of teams are purely following the plain Scrum approach to implement the Agile methodology in their organization. Moreover, this number has increased to 75%, if you include Scrum hybrid approach users. The Scrum hybrid approach is the blending of Scrum with another Agile approach like kanban to form ‘Scrumban’, or DevOps to form “ScrumOps”. 

Though the Scrum framework is simple, its adoption in an Agile approach is quite challenging, especially if you are a beginner. If you are already a part of a Scrum team, you must be knowing about the roles of a Scrum Master. A large part of the team’s success depends on the presence of a skilled Scrum Master. This person is solely responsible to ensure that the team conforms to the Scrum framework to deliver the product in the most effective way. As the popularity of Scrum framework is increasing, one should not forget that the demand for Scrum Masters is also rising.

According to one latest LinkedIn data assembled in the current financial year, the Scrum Master’s role is at the 10th position out of the 20 most promising jobs in 2017. Below is a rundown of the career prospects of a Scrum Master, as per the aforementioned- 

Scrum Master:
Median Base Salary:
Job Openings (YoY Growth): 400+ (104%)
Career Advancement Score (out of 10): 8.0
Top Skills: Agile Methodologies, Software Project Management, Scrum, Requirements Analysis, SQL

What do you think about Scrum Master’s role?

Authentic job lists consist of many highly specialized roles. Some roles such as Data Architect, Site Reliability Engineer, Analytics Manager and a few more require ample time and experience to attain a certain height. The Scrum Master role, unlike these roles, is easily attainable for an individual who already has a sound technical background. 

This role needs an in-depth knowledge of organizational software delivery process and readiness to build relationships with domestic and foreign bodies of the project. The Scrum Master has to build these necessary skills to guide the team so that they keep moving efficiently to achieve a target. That potentiality of solving obstacles and helping the team in getting through the target is the most important responsibility of a Scrum Master.  

If you already have working experience in software development in a role such as a developer, tester and if you like to interact with members associated with the project, then being a Scrum Master can be a good choice for your career as it doesn’t require years of training and experience as compared to other technical specializations.  

Requirements to become a Scrum Master:

You should be familiar with the practices and the elements of the Scrum framework to ensure that your team is using the Scrum principles effectively. Also, you need to know the Agile concepts and methods that are associated with a Scrum framework, in a broader way. Make sure that your team is always sticking to the Scrum and Agile principles.

Additionally, many people believe in holding a Scrum Master certification from the renowned certification centres. The Scrum Alliance certified ScrumMaster certification, identified as CSM, and the Professional ScrumMaster certification commonly known as the PSM I, are the most recognized certification standards. You can check certification requirements and processes to attain the certificate by visiting respective websites of each certification body. 

Today, Scrum Master is identified as the most rewarding role for those who are interested in technology, leadership, and businesses. Adequate knowledge in these domains helps the Scrum Masters make their teams more productive. Before choosing this career path, you should remember that there is no other option than continuous improvement for the Scrum Masters.   



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