The Increasing Role and Importance of Scrum Masters

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18th Apr, 2023
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The Increasing Role and Importance of Scrum Masters

The presence of an experienced and skilled Scrum Master is an important part of the success of Scrum teams. He is responsible for overseeing the correct implementation of the Scrum Framework and ensures effective product delivery by his team. This article throws light on the role and importance of Scrum Masters in context to prevailing job markets.


Increasing use and popularity of Scrum

The Scrum Framework is fast becoming an indispensable component for projects involving agile methodology. A recent survey undertaken by Version One 2016 reveals that over 58 percent teams are using the pure Scrum approach; while 75 percent teams are including hybrid agile approaches(e.g. a combination of Scrum with Kanban to create Scrumban) to enable successful project deliveries.

Given these figures, and recent growth trends in the IT industry, it is no small wonder that the job profile of a Scrum Master has scored a ranking of #10 on “LinkedIn’s list of The Most Promising Jobs for 2017. The role has been assigned with a median base salary of $100,000 USD. With the predicted year-over-year job growth being 400%, base salaries are expected to reach higher levels as the demand for Scrum Masters increases.



Role and importance of a Scrum Master

According to a much-quoted role definition by Tech Target, a scrum master is responsible for the overall facilitation of his agile development team. He uses the potential of Scrum; specifically as a methodology that permits any team to make changes and self-organize itself quickly, and in accordance with laid down agile principles.

  • A skilled Scrum Master has in-depth understanding of the software delivery processes of his organization and knows how to implement the steps needed for bringing products to the market.
  • He has the ability to connect, build and retain relationships with team members and all stakeholders.
  • In the role of a Scrum Master, he also understands the importance of other agile approaches such as XP, Kanban, Lean, etc.
  • He readily involves team members with setting up processes, recognizes and takes action on team conflict, and dares to take up a disruptive approach.
  • A Scrum Master is responsible for training agile teams in a way that helps them remain on a clear path to success. He encourages ownership, shares experiences, and coaches professionally.
  • With a strong understanding of all components and processes, an adept Scrum Master helps team members interpret agile concepts and methods in effective ways.
  • This role also incorporates proper transmission and management of information across all channels; facilitation of meetings with product owners to ensure smooth development and deliveries; removal of all impediments to progress, etc.

Certification courses for Scrum Master by Scrum Alliance Certified Trainers (CSTs)

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Comprehensive understanding of the critical areas of change linked with Scrum Framework – Self-Management, Iterative Development, and Visibility -are essential for aspiring Scrum Masters to perform the above-mentioned roles effectively. With this in view, individuals with prior knowledge of agile methodology and Scrum Framework are opting for CSM online course or Scrum Alliance CSM training as well as PSM or Professional Scrum Master Certification.

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Way forward

Do you desire to don the rewarding role of a Scrum Master? Do you have it in you to blend technology, leadership, and different business acumen to deliver great work? Make the most of your existing knowledge of Scrum and related methodology by honing your skills even further. You may like to acquire new credentials by enrolling for a Certified Scrum Master certification at the earliest.


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