Who is the Target Audience for Certified Scrum Master Certification Course?

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02nd Jun, 2022
03rd Jan, 2018
Who is the Target Audience for Certified Scrum Master Certification Course?

Who is the target audience for Certified Scrum Master certification course?

It is easy to understand the Scrum rules, but it is difficult to implement it in real-time projects. Scrum Master Certification course is the best to learn both in detail. It not only teaches you the principles and practices of Scrum but empowers and energizes you to make meaningful changes. Certified Scrum Master course focuses mainly on the Product Owner, Scrum Master and the Team in a software development company.

Who will be benefited from this course?

Certified Scrum Master course is helpful for everyone who wants to become smart in implementing Scrum in their organizations. Doing a certification course in Scrum strengthens the Scrum Master's experience. 

This learning event is highly productive and effective for both leaders and members. As the course is completely revolving around the Scrum Master role, individuals who are planning to take up this role will get benefited more from this course.

There is one reputed company in Denmark that sends all the employees from receptionists to senior management to the Scrum training, in order to make them knowledgeable about Scrum concepts and enhance operations throughout their company. 

Target Audience

There is no such fixed set of target audience for the Scrum Master Certification course. It is designed not only for Scrum Masters but also for the complete project or product delivery teams and anyone interested to work with the Agile teams. You may be a-

  • Software Engineer
  • Product Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Team Leader
  • Business Analyst
  • Development team member
  • Testers etc.

Irrespective of your current designation, there are a few basic qualities you should have as a Certified Scrum Master. 
It is best for organizations or teams who need memorable and practical instructions. Even students can join this course to get real-time work experience in Scrum by Certified Scrum Trainers (CST) such as:

  • Understanding Scrum framework
  • Building a backlog
  • Estimating a project
  • Different techniques to improve team productivity
  • Effective, project-proven exercises

You will also find a CFO, CIO, or CEO in the Certified Scrum Master training classes and others as well who are intended to expand Scrum throughout their organizations.

The State of Scrum in 2017

The 2017 state of Scrum report by Scrum Alliance suggested that most of the successful businesses are using Scrum irrespective of the sizes. Agile and Scrum are not limited to only software and IT departments, they are being applied to different industries such as government, education, manufacturing, banking, and finance. Moreover, some other departments such as human resources, finance, and accounting, sales and marketing reported their ongoing Scrum projects. Here are 3 statistics by Scrum Alliance:

  • 89% of Agile users said that they use Scrum approach.
  • 86% reported that they hold a daily Scrum meeting. 
  • 83% reported that Scrum was responsible and important to improve the team’s quality of work.

Taking a 2-day CSM course, qualifying the CSM exam, and accepting a license agreement primarily establishes you as a Certified Scrum Master. This certification is a way to tell your peers and the world that you have strong knowledge of Scrum and are fit to work as a Scrum Master. 

After all, in the Agile confines, CSM certification is the ultimate answer and the way forward.



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