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Who Should do Scrum Master Certification?

17th May, 2024
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    Who Should do Scrum Master Certification?

    A Scrum master certification is an entry-level credential providing new Scrum practitioners with an overview of different project management methodologies. It is a globally acknowledged degree offered by the Scrum Alliance. This certification enables you to learn skills about Scrum terminologies, practices, and principles encoded in the CSM exam.

    Earning a certified Scrum Master certification will help you become an exceptional Scrum Master with real-time Scrum activities and simulations. Scrum masters are in demand today, hence, going for a Scrum master certification is going to be advantageous for you. The technique facilitates speed and collaboration with proper client communication, even in complex projects.

    If you are still wondering who should do scrum master certification or what scrum master certification is worth, then this article will help you have a clear insight. 

    Who is the Target Audience for Certified Scrum Master Certification Course?

    The Scrum Master course helps in applying agile project management methodologies in real life. However, even though it might seem to be easy theoretically, it is not that easy to apply in real life. Let us read below who is the target audience for the certified Scrum master certification course and how they can help them in different ways: 

    Project Managers

    Before we analyze whether a project manager can be a target audience for a CSM course, let us see what the job role of a project manager usually entails. A project manager is mainly accountable for managing the business procedures in different sectors of the company. They are the leaders who regularly manage the scope of the business requirements and resources.

    Being a Scrum master would immensely help Project managers to enlarge their scope in business responsibility. The job role of Scrum Master and a project manager is somewhat similar as they are both responsible for their project maintenance state. During each project management process, both the Scrum Master and the Project Managers work with senior leadership periodically to uphold the project's success.

    Scrum Master

    Scrum Master job role is highly in demand. If you are thinking is safe Scrum Master certification worth it, then look no further. Becoming a Scrum master would help you be a team player and take your career to new heights.

    You will have important skills in methods of interacting with the clients, understanding their perspective, and thus being reasonable when it comes to the application. Becoming a Scrum Master is going to majorly help you upscale your career and give you a competitive advantage.

    Software Developers

    Since Scrum is an agile framework, it is enticing to software developers to accept Scrum for its innate flexibility. Scrum deals with inevitable changes and threats. Software developers can pick up Scrum skills easily and will make the most use of them.

    Additionally, it instantly enables quick inspection and early analysis. This helps in quick product development and management teams to perform simultaneously on the project efficiently during each sprint. If you are a software developer and you are wondering if being a certified scrum developer worth it, you can be sure that it will be beneficial to your career.

    Product Owners

    Getting a Scrum Master certification as a product owner would help you in many ways. Since they have a unique and demanding role in agile team planning, the product owner tends to deliver more value to the customer. Product owners with Scrum Master Certification are in demand, and it is one of the most certified courses a product owner can get to perk their career.

    Team Leads

    If you are a team player and want to earn success with your team, then a Scrum Master Certification is appropriate for you. The Scrum master certification acts as a differentiator that you possess the skills and experience to lead an Agile team feasibly. This would not only enhance your leadership skills but would also help you to stay on top of your game in the corporate world. 

    QA Managers

    Quality assurance is an important aspect of any product delivery. If the quality of the product is not up-to-the-mark, the business might tend to lose the customer. QA managers or Quality Assurance Managers help maintain the optimal product quality before it is passed off to the clients.

    However, a QA manager also has to be a team player to provide the best experience possible. Getting a Scrum master certification would help you to improve your team management and collaboration. You will be able to guide your team and help them work smoothly, retaining the best product quality. A credential in Scrum helps you to showcase that you can lead an agile team successfully.

    Eligibility for CSM Certification

    Scrum Master Certification is an important course that perks up your career. It helps you to gain leadership goals and stand out in the corporate world. Scrum Master Certification does not have any specific eligibility criteria. However, some essential criteria need to complete before becoming a certified Scrum Master. They are:

    • Attending an in-person 16 hours Scrum Master by a certified and Certified Scrum Trainer.
    • Clearing the online CSM exam by answering at least 37 questions among 50 of them. The time limit will be 1 hour.
    • Once you pass the CSM test, accept the CSM License Agreement.
    • Get your Scrum Alliance membership profile once you get your license.

    Discover the leading Agile Category Courses 

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    PSM CertificationSAFe Scrum Master CertificationSAFe SPC Certification
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    CSM Certification Exam Format

    CSM exam format consists of 50 multiple-choice questions. You need to answer 37 correct answers within one hour to get the certification.

    However, you will be eligible to take breaks during the exam and pause the test as often required and according to your convenience.

    The CSM certification exam enables you to skip questions, and further review them later. You can always go back to the option throughout the test. You can later review the book-marked questions at the end of the test and submit the answers via thorough evaluation.

    Once you click the submit button, you will see a warning message appearing on your screen if you have not answered all your questions. Your score would immediately pop up on your computer screen once you submit the exam. The passing score for CSM exam format is 74%.

    Top Cities where Knowledgehut Conduct CSM Certification Training Course Online

    CSM Certification in BangaloreCSM Certification in SydneyCSM Certification in Chennai
    CSM Certification in New YorkCSM Certification in LondonCSM Certification in Chicago
    CSM Certification in SingaporeCSM Certification in Pune CSM Certification in Washington
    CSM Certification in TorontoCSM Certification in DubaiCSM Certification in Los Angeles
    CSM Certification in HyderabadCSM Certification in MelbourneCSM Certification in Atlanta

    Benefits of CSM Certification

    CSM is considered to be the future of the agile project management framework. It consists of a plethora of opportunities to improve your career. Here we have listed out certain benefits of incorporating a CSM certification in your skillset.  

    • You will Learn to Use Scrum Effectively: The Scrum Master certification possesses immense effectiveness. The certification will expand your knowledge and overcome obstacles even if you are a Scrum novice. It also is an added advantage if you manage large teams from multiple departments.  
    • It Will Help Improve Team Management Techniques: One of the important components of project management is improving one's team management skills. With this certification, you can help your team work hassle-free. The credentials showcase the employees to have skills and experiences, providing an edge over their counterparts.  
    • You Will Get Ahead in your Career: This certification course will help you expand your horizons in career opportunities. It will make you a relevant and better competitor in the field. This will also help you gain a higher salary as compared to your peers who are not certified.  

    Unlock your potential with our project management training classes. Our course is designed to help you excel in the field and achieve mastery with ease. Enroll now and take the first step towards success!

    The State of Scrum

    The State of Scrum Report of 2022 quantifies what business leaders have been feeling for some time regarding agility in the requirement of success. According to the Scrum report, 87% of the respondents use Scrum at the team level, which has substantially increased from 54% in just two years. Scrum has taken a holistic approach to drive tangible business outcomes.  

    Companies are now choosing to be agile to accelerate their position in the market, encompassing predictability and lowering risks. This, in turn, has immensely helped in customer retention.  


    To be a Scrum master, you are required to go for the best Agile certifications. Anybody can do an SCM certification if they are a team player and want to perform leadership activities in the future. Scrum facilitates a more efficient method of project management instead of the traditional method.  

    If you are still thinking about who should get scrum master certification or if CSM Certification is worth it or not, then think about the increment of the salaries and how it spices up your resume in the future for any leadership roles. Going for KnowledgeHut CSM certification will help you become an exceptional Scrum master.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    1Who should go for Scrum Master certification?

    Anybody can do a Scrum Master Certification. If you are interested in performing leadership roles, it is an ideal course. However, to specifically answer this question, these people should do a Scrum Master Certification course to upscale their skillset. They are:  

    • Software Engineers.  
    • Project Managers.  
    • Team Leaders.  
    • Business Analysts.  
    • Testers.  
    • QA Managers.
    2What is Scrum Master certification good for?

    Scrum Master Certification is an important component of agile project management methodology. Irrespective of your current designation, you can also do a CSM Certification to upscale your skillset. The certificate helps you to work in a team feasibly and later on take up leadership roles in the future.  

    3Is there a demand for Scrum Master?

    Yes, there is a high demand for Scrum Master Certification. It is an important skill set to maintain an agile environment in the business framework. The demand for Scrum Masters in the corporate world entails high demand and thus is a lucrative job opportunity for aspirants.

    4What is the Scrum Master certification cost?

    KnowledgeHut provides a feasible Scrum Master Certification cost. It is around INR 23,999. You can renew the certificate after two years. The Professional Scrum Master Certification certification costs INR 23,998 without any renewals. You can check out their website right away for more details.  


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