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Scrum Master Salary Range Worldwide

13th Oct, 2023
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    Scrum Master Salary Range Worldwide

    A Scrum Master's salary is usually determined by experience, location, and employer. However, salaries can range significantly, depending on the company, the industry, and the experience of the Scrum Master.

    The Scrum Master is responsible for managing the development team and ensuring the successful execution of the project. They are also responsible for facilitating communication between stakeholders and the team, removing barriers and helping the team stay focused on the long-term goal.

    Scrum Masters can earn a higher salary depending on the company, industry, and experience. For example, a Scrum Master at a software company in California might make significantly more than an average Scrum Master salary in India.

    Who is a Scrum Master?

    A Certified Scrum Master is a professional who facilitates Scrum, an iterative and incremental Agile project management framework. Certified Scrum Master jobs involve helping to plan, manage, and execute projects and programs using the Scrum framework. They help a project team understand and implement Scrum principles, serve as a coach to the team and leadership, and help remove any impediments that may be blocking progress. They also ensure that the team members work together effectively and efficiently.

    In order to become an efficient Scrum Master, Professional Scrum Master™ Certification is a must-have for candidates to take over the role with the right set of skills, an excellent understanding of Scrum practices and how to coach Scrum teams towards successful collaborative efforts.

    Professional Scrum Master Salary Based on Experience

    • Beginner: For candidates who have recently stepped into the world of Scrum management, the salary is comparatively lower than what is offered to an experienced professional in the field. The entry-level Scrum Master's salary is USD 79,309 per year. However, this figure is subject to growth with a rise in experience and skill set.
    • Intermediate: Salary for senior Scrum Masters heavily rely on their expertise and years of experience inherited through working in the realm. The senior Scrum Master’s salary is USD 103,566 per year, which is subject to growth following their promotion to a higher role or upskilling.
    • Advanced: The average salary for an advanced-level scrum master is USD 140,000 yearly. Advanced-level skills are highly valued across top industry recruiters. Therefore, this figure is subject to growth as well if you’re employed by top industry recruiters such as Cognizant, Accenture, or Capgemini.

    Scrum Master Pay: Based on Location

    1. India

    Top Cities

    1. Bangalore: The average salary for a Scrum Master in Bangalore is INR 15.6 LPA.
    2. Mumbai: The average salary for a Scrum Master in Mumbai is INR 13.6 LPA.
    3. Delhi: The average salary for a Scrum Master in Delhi is INR 15.5 LPA.

    2. US

    Top Cities

    1. New York: The average salary for a Scrum Master in New York is USD 115,942 per year.
    2. San Francisco: The average salary for a Scrum Master in San Francisco is USD 151,200 per year.
    3. Los Angeles: The average salary for a Scrum Master in Los Angeles is USD 135,754 per year.

    3. UK

    Top Cities

    • London: The average salary for a Scrum Master in London is GBP 74,942 per year.
    • Edinburgh: The average salary for a Scrum Master in Edinburgh is GBP 74,474 per year.
    • Manchester: The average salary for a Scrum Master in Manchester is GBP 60,000 per year.

    4. Australia

    Top Cities

    • Sydney: The average salary for a Scrum Master in Sydney is AUD 137,125 per year.
    • Melbourne: The average salary for a Scrum Master in Melbourne is AUD 125,000 per year.
    • Brisbane: The average salary for a Scrum Master in Brisbane is AUD 100,402 per year.

    5. Canada

    Top Cities

    • Toronto: The average salary for a Scrum Master in Toronto is CAD 96,953 per year.
    • Montreal: The average salary for a Scrum Master in Montreal is CAD 87,450 per year.
    • Vancouver: The average salary for a Scrum Master in Vancouver is CAD 85,000 per year.

    6. Singapore

    The average salary for a Scrum Master in Singapore is SGD 84,658 annually.

    Factors Affecting Scrum Master Salary

    1. Location

    The pay range for a Scrum Master is greatly influenced by the location of the job posting. With higher-paying opportunities are more likely in cities with a high cost of living, and lower-paying opportunities in cities with a comparatively lower cost of living.

    2. Industry/Employer/Company

    Companies Hiring Scrum MastersAverage Salary in US$/year
    Thomson Reuters104,130
    UnitedHealth Group97,904
    J.P. Morgan91,786
    Capital One87,732

    The industry in which a Scrum Master works can also impact their salary. The highest-paying industries for Scrum Masters are the information technology, computer software, and financial services industries.

    3. Experience

    The amount of knowledge and industry experience that a Scrum Master has can significantly impact their salary. For instance, an entry-level Scrum master's salary ranges from USD 67,000 to USD 97,674. However, with 5-10 years of experience added to the equation, the average salary grows to USD 103,566 annually, which can further increase with time and industry experience.

    Here are a few of the required skills/experience:

    • In terms of landing a better Scrum master job with a high pay package, it is recommended for a professional to have worked as a Scrum Master for a minimum of one year with a software development team, one that was diligently applying Scrum principles, practices, and theory.
    • Adequate skills in and understanding of servant leadership, facilitation, situational awareness, conflict resolution, continual improvement, empowerment, and increasing transparency.

    4. Demand and Supply

    The order for Scrum Masters in the job market can also affect their salary. When the need for Scrum Masters is high, and the pool is low, the wages tend to be higher. Conversely, salaries tend to be lower when the demand is low, and the supply is high.

    5. Credentials/Certifications

    Having a Scrum Master certification salary is significantly better than having a non-certified salary. Here are a few certifications candidates can pursue to strengthen their skill set and resume as a Scrum Master.

    Scrum Master CertificationsSalary in US$/Year
    Certified Scrum Master (CSM)89,150
    Professional Scrum Master (PSM )91,000
    Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)108,000
    Disciplined Agile Scrum Master (DASM)115,000
    SAFe Advanced Scrum Master114,546

    6. Skills

    Having additional skills and experience, such as software development or project management, can also increase the salary of a Scrum Master. For instance, an average SAFe Scrum Master's salary might be higher than the salary of an average Scrum Master.

    7. Education

    The level of education that a Scrum Master has can also have a significant impact on their salary. While there are no specific academic prerequisites to becoming a Scrum Master, relevant experience in Scrum-specific domains is valued by recruiters. Here are a few educational requirements that you might consider obtaining to become eligible for a Scrum Master role.

    • Bachelor’s, Associate or Master's in Computer Science, Business, Electrical Engineering, Information Technology or Psychology.
    • Certifications such as CSM or SAFe Scrum Master.
    • Significant work experience in relevant domains through boot camps, internships or training.

    Consistent upskilling and higher academic proficiency can greatly benefit you. For example, Scrum Masters with proficiency in JIRA earn USD 92,245 annually, while the average salary for Scrum masters is USD 79,309.

    Start your journey to success with our PMP training certification and become a project management expert. Unleash your potential and take the first step towards your certification today!

    How to Improve Scrum Master Pay?

    1.  Develop your skills: Take courses, attend meetups or conferences, and get hands-on experience with Scrum to become an expert.
    2.  Get certified: Obtain a certified Scrum Master salary by gaining certifications such as Certified Scrum Master (SMC) or Professional Scrum Master (PSM). A CSM certification salary is rewarding compared to non-certifications.
    3.  Obtain advanced degrees: An advanced degree such as a master's degree, a Ph.D. in project management, or a related field can help you command a higher salary.
    4.  Build your experience: Build your experience in Scrum by taking on more challenging projects and positions.
    5.  Network: Join networks such as the Scrum Alliance or the Agile Alliance to find job opportunities and learn from others in the Scrum community.
    6.  Negotiate salary: Use your research and experience to negotiate a higher salary for yourself.

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    Why Are Scrum Masters Paid So Much?

    Scrum Masters are paid well because they play a critical role in helping teams and organizations achieve Agile success. They are responsible for facilitating scrum ceremonies, coaching sections on Agile principles, and assisting teams in overcoming challenges. It requires an intimate knowledge of Agile practices, experience dealing with team dynamics, and the ability to think strategically and tactically.

    These skills are in high demand in today's rapidly changing business environment, and the compensation reflects this demand. The best way to keep up with the dynamic nature of this role is to obtain the in-demand skills, and CSM® Certification Training is one such way to achieve it. The training aims to guide Scrum aspirants through fundamental and advanced Scrum concepts, enabling them to enhance productivity across the organization through their performance while obtaining a higher package than the average Scrum Master salary.


    Scrum Masters are certified professionals who can help organizations apply Agile methodology to their projects and processes. They provide guidance, support, and mentorship to teams, allowing them to become more effective and efficient in their work. Scrum Masters also work with stakeholders to ensure clarity and alignment across the organization and help manage the risks associated with any change.

    The certification process for Scrum Masters assures that the individual has the necessary knowledge and skills to be successful in the role. Ultimately, Scrum Masters are invaluable in ensuring that Agile methodology is implemented and maintained within an organization, resulting in better projects and outcomes. 

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    1Is Scrum Master a hard job?

    The role of a Scrum Master is daunting, but it can also be gratifying. It requires strong communication and organizational skills and the ability to motivate and lead a team. The role also requires a deep understanding of the Scrum methodology and the ability to apply it to various projects and teams. 

    2Does Scrum Master make good money?

    Yes, depending on the company, experience, and location, a Scrum Master can make a good salary. Per PayScale, the avg. The monthly salary for a Scrum Master in the United States is USD 10,634 annually. The Certified Scrum Master's salary per hour starts at USD 33.

    3What does a Scrum Master do?

    A Scrum Master is responsible for helping a team of individuals work together effectively and efficiently to achieve a common goal. It includes facilitating team meetings, organizing tasks and activities, and providing support and guidance to ensure that the team works towards their desired outcomes. 

    4Is Scrum Master in high demand?

    As organizations move towards Agile development and project management, there is an increasing demand for professionals who can manage and facilitate scrum teams. Companies are looking for Scrum Masters who can help them successfully adopt and use Scrum methodologies.


    Lindy Quick

    Blog Author

    Lindy Quick, SPCT, is a dynamic Transformation Architect and Senior Business Agility Consultant with a proven track record of success in driving agile transformations. With expertise in multiple agile frameworks, including SAFe, Scrum, and Kanban, Lindy has led impactful transformations across diverse industries such as manufacturing, defense, insurance/financial, and federal government. Lindy's exceptional communication, leadership, and problem-solving skills have earned her a reputation as a trusted advisor. Currently associated with KnowledgeHut and upGrad, Lindy fosters Lean-Agile principles and mindset through coaching, training, and successful execution of transformations. With a passion for effective value delivery, Lindy is a sought-after expert in the field.

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