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05th Sep, 2023
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    DevOps, Digital & Cloud

    In the modern world, the time available to produce new software, develop new products or to release new updates of existing solutions is reducing rapidly. This has resulted in IT services or product development organizations to be more responsive to change and thereby assisting business entities to be more receptive to change as well.

    The Devops philosophy was born from this need to create a way of working that would enable a more agile and responsive organization. An effective DevOps operation helps reduce the time between concept and cash. In other words, it shortens the time required to create value from new or innovative solution ideas. Good engineering practices centered on good DevOps practices help organizations meet these demands.

    If above sounds familiar, that is purely because these are also the key drivers behind any organization’s cloud strategy. In addition to time constraints, the modern day IT organizations face budget constraints and financial or non-financial resource constraints. This creates a need for a more flexible hardware environment, in which computational power can be ‘spun up’ in response to operational, development or testing demands and then spun down again when no longer needed. High valued resources can thus be saved through on-demand meticulous planning and utilization of such assets.

    Amazon Web Services (AWS) is subsidiary of Amazon.com that provides on-demand cloud computing platforms for individuals, organizations and governments. It is a very secure cloud services platform with high computational power, massive and scalable database storage, bandwidth, content publishing and delivery platform with monitoring support. AWS cloud platforms provide pay-as-you go features to organizations thus allowing them to customize the use of cloud resources as per their requirement. This provides organizations the flexibility to select and utilize resources as per their technical, financial and management capabilities.

    The DevOps philosophy has a symbiotic relationship with cloud-enabled solutions. A cloud environment, whether private or increasingly public is an essential feature of Devops. An agile approach to development requires an agile IT infrastructure to deliver the responsive services that the organization demands. Thus AWS cloud management capability is an essential skill organizations would look to develop and utilize in delivering high valued products fast.

    On the other hand, a cloud strategy will often not deliver the benefits outlined in its original use case in scenarios where DevOps is not used. Organizations often find that the cost savings promised by a utility model of renting computational power when it is needed often disappear in the face of traditional development schedules and delays. DevOps multiplies the value of the cloud and vice versa.

    A well-defined DevOps practice with a well laid cloud services platform will enable organizations to quickly get servers up and running. It will enable them to deploy secure backup or failover cluster servers to rely on in case of a disaster. The applications can be securely and quickly be deployed to cloud environments with a fully automated process through DevOps.

    In conclusion, DevOps and SysOps are here to stay. May it be web or mobile and in deploying on any device or platform, using any architecture, the possibilities for high value products is endless. So, it is up to organizations to use these wisely.

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    Rumesh Wijetunge

    Chief Innovation Officer - Zaizi Limited, Chief Operating Officer - LearntIn (Pvt) Ltd., Director /

    Rumesh is an IT business leader with over 12 years of industry experience as a business analyst and project manager. He is currently the CIO of Zaizi Limited, a UK based data management company heading the operations in Sri Lanka, the COO of LearntIn, a global training institute based in Sri Lanka and is also a lecturer / trainer at multiple private universities on management, IT, business analysis and project management subjects. He is the current president of the IIBA Sri Lanka chapter and is one of the most qualified and sought after trainers in Sri Lanka. Refer his LinkedIn profile for more details and to see more articles he has written on linkedin

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