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Best Practices For Hiring DevOps Engineer

05th Sep, 2023
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    Best Practices For Hiring DevOps Engineer

    DevOps, as the name suggests, has originated from the expressions ‘software DEVelopment’ and ‘information technology OPerationS’. It describes the methodology required for continuous collaboration between the software developers and IT operations professionals. According to the market research firm Technavio,  Worldwide DevOps market will expand at a compound annual growth rate of 19 percent through 2020. The success methodologies in DevOps create intense competitions in the hunt for DevOps talent.

    To begin with, let’s understand the best practices while hiring a DevOps professionals.

    Articulating your own DevOps vision

    The meaning of DevOps is different for different people. It becomes really essential to know the vision of DevOps within the organization you work. DevOps goals are basically to automate its processes in order to speed up the deployment process. This can commence only after getting the clarity about how you want DevOps to be applied to your company. You should actively start searching for DevOps engineer. If the goal of the selected DevOps engineer does not align with organizational goals, then there are chances that their employment with you will be short-lived.|

    Getting the right skills

    Defining the ideal skills for a DevOps engineer is really difficult. For technical DevOps skills, knowledge on administration, virtualization experience, coding skills, and a strong IT background are needed. On the soft-skills side, a DevOps engineer should be interactive, communicative and should be service oriented, bringing maximum value to the project.

    Finding what favors DevOps

    Like any other IT engineer, the DevOps professionals can also join groups and forums where they can share their ideas and develop networks benefiting their career. The social media platform Linkedin is one of the best places where you can find a DevOps engineer. You can surely take help of your own IT staff for finding DevOps engineer. They could be spotted in DevOps conferences, groups and on social media outlets.

    Take help from professional IT employment agency

    The process of finding a DevOps engineer is sometimes a bit difficult. Using an IT employment agency is worthwhile, since they will help you find one for a specific period of time. In due course of time, you will create new channels in the DevOps professional market.

    Do not limit yourself geographically

    Many larger companies will research both nationwide and internationally for the perfect talent to fill in the key positions in their organization. But the only thing that is discouraged is their relocation. If your organization is ready to hire an expensive DevOps engineer, then you should start preparing to cast them geographically and making the company ready for the funding is also necessary.

    Recruiting the correct candidate is never an easy job. But successfully implementing it would be vital for the company growth. A qualified candidate is always a hot commodity for the market. Follow these basic ethical practices, and you will find the DevOps engineer who is a right fit for your organization.


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