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DevOps Foundation Certification: Build A Stronger Foundation

20th Nov, 2023
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    DevOps Foundation Certification: Build A Stronger Foundation

    DevOps Foundation Certification is a 16-hour instructor led (with exercise) course that gives an introduction to the concept of DevOps. Devops Certification aims to impart the foundation of DevOps objectives to individuals who pursue the Certificate. Other relevant concepts that are covered as part of this certification are Agile methodologies, lean Management, Information Technology and Service Management.  A part of the curriculum is also dedicated to explaining how the business can benefit from DevOps and its impact on daily activities.

    Workflow – DevOps Training also aims at explaining the concept of workflows and how these workflows can be improved by introducing DevOps. They teach the foundation of how improvement in workflows smoothens the entire lifecycle of design, Development, deployment and management of services and products. Additionally, there is a focus on communication and feedback channels. DevOps also aims at analysis of existing communication and feedback loop to identify methodologies to improve it further and refine it to bring in efficiencies.

    Automation – DevOps aims to bring in efficiencies through automation by introducing tools and products that can replace a human process. This had added advantage if reducing human error and also impacts time and effort cost that is incurred each time manual effort goes into the same process. So, it basically requires a level of analysis to identify and prepare an automated replacement of the process which can reduce error and improve net productivity.

    Critical Success Factor – Any Certification is incomplete without imparting measurable factors that indicate the success or failure of any new concept. Since DevOps aims to improve existing systems and processes in place, this learning objective from the course gains much more attention. The course additionally addresses real life examples and outcomes of DevOps to provide view on how the whole Implementation works and the benefits that respective stakeholders gained. Challenges and risks that usually are a part of DevOps are also discussed in the course along with the Critical Success Factors.

    Organisational Consideration – The foundation Certification also introduces the understanding of organizational consideration. Factors such as communication and culture play an important role in deployment if DevOps Solutions. Another important factor discussed is collaboration because DevOps is highly dependent on inputs from several stakeholders which requires greater level of collaboration in order to deliver the results. An understanding of these factors and being sensitive and attentive to them can help in reducing roadblocks to the DevOps project.

    Audience – As a foundation course it is pursued by people from all kinds of backgrounds because it gives a good understanding of the concepts and underlying principles. It is common among individuals and organisations alike who plan to benefit from DevOps certification. Employees new to DevOps also pursue the Certificate to improve knowledge and develop relevant skills. Even Consultants who have to guide client through a DevOps project pursue the Certification to gain credibility. Business stakeholders including clients also pursue it to gain knowledge and skills that can help the organization make better decisions.

    As a course to build solid foundation of DevOps, this certification helps groom several facets of skills and knowledge required. DevOps course covers concepts of workflows and how it helps to automate processes in organisation. In addition to insights on organizational factors that affect the process and are critical to succeed, the course also highlights possible risks and challenges. With real life examples of DevOps further cues on how teams have delivered DevOps is also covered in the course. Finally, this course gives a good understanding of the concept conceptually as is evident by the fact that audience from varying backgrounds have something to take home from the course and use in their respective professional work area.


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