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5 Benefits Of Getting A Devops Foundation

01st Feb, 2024
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    5 Benefits Of Getting A Devops Foundation

    DevOps is a popular term in the IT world today and is a combination of development and operations. Engineers from both the fields work together to offer clients what they’re looking for—from design and development to implementation and support.

    An Insight Into The World of DevOps

    DevOps was created out of ‘Agile’ software development where software solutions and requirements evolve from the collaboration of different cross-functional teams. Agile software development promotes evolutionary development, adaptive planning, continuous improvement, and early delivery and also promotes flexible and fast response to changes.

    DevOps and Agile are somewhat similar but differ in various aspects. Agile is nothing but a set of principles followed while developing software. DevOps takes into account into account the operational and functional aspect of development as well. Many developers consider DevOps to be an extension or subset of Agile.

    DevOps Training & Certification

    The popularity of DevOps has increased significantly since its inception and there is a huge demand for DevOps certified professionals in the industry. Number of institutes have come up that offer DevOps certification and solid training.

    There are three certifications related to DevOps—Foundation, Certified Agile Service Manager, and Certified Agile Process Owner.

    Here, we’ll look at the Foundation certification in detail and the benefits associated with it.

    Learning Objectives of DevOps Foundation

    The learning objectives include getting an understanding of the following:

    ● DevOps objectives and vocabulary related to it
    ● How DevOps benefits a business?
    ● Concept and practices in DevOps and its relation to Agile, ITSM (IT Service Management), and Lean
    ● Performance measures and results
    ● Culture, collaboration, and communication
    ● Key performance indicators and critical success factors
    ● Real-life results and examples

    Foundation is the introductory DevOps Certification and certified individuals are able to implement the practices and concepts of DevOps and improve workflow and communication in the organisation.

    DevOps Foundation certification is a great option for individuals involved in areas of service and product lifecycle. It is also useful for managers and employees working in IT firms and bolsters the designing and development processes. DevOps Foundation certification can also help developmental consultants and external and internal suppliers.

    Getting this certification renders a solid understanding of everything related to DevOps and makes you more desirable in the job market. Candidates need to have sound IT and service management knowledge and are required to complete a 16 hour instructor-led course from an institution offering DevOps courses.

    Let’s look at the benefits of earning this certification.

    Benefits of DevOps Certification

    Benefits of DevOps Foundation certification are immense and some of them include:

    1. Better Job Opportunities
    DevOps is more or less a very new concept in the industry and more and more companies are deploying DevOps practices. There is a dearth of certified professionals who can bring in their DevOps expertise to organisations. A DevOps certification will expand your horizon as an IT professional and better job opportunities will come your way.

    2. Improved Skills & Knowledge
    The DevOps ideology encourages a complete new way of thinking and decision-making. The business and technical benefits of DevOps are many and you learn how to implement them in your organization. You learn to work in a team consisting of cross-functional team members—QA, developers, operation engineers, and business analysts.

    3. Increased Salary
    According to a recent survey, DevOps certified professionals are among the highest paid in the IT industry. The market demand is increasing rapidly with its increased implementation worldwide and this trend is not going to change any time soon.

    4. Increased Production & Effectiveness
    With a DevOps certification, your productivity as an IT professional will increase. In a typical IT environment, a lot of time is wasted waiting for other people and other software. Everyone likes to be productive at work and the time you waste waiting is sure to cause frustration. With DevOps, you can get rid of this unsatisfying part of your job and spend the time adding more value to your company and your staff.

    5. Benefit Your Organisation
    By earning a DevOps certification, you can offer your organisation loads of measurable benefits. DevOps ideology promotes increased collaboration and communication between the operation and development teams. The frequency for release code that goes into production is increased due to a shorter development cycle. What took 3-6 months before, will take only a few hours with DevOps implementation. Defect detection will also become easy.

    So, be among the first in your peer group to get a DevOps Foundation certification to climb up the career ladder rapidly. Make sure to choose an accredited training organisation.

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    Mayank Modi

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    Mayank Modi is a Red Hat Certified Architect with expertise in DevOps and Hybrid Cloud solutions. With a passion for technology and a keen interest in Linux/Unix systems, CISCO, and Network Security, Mayank has established himself as a skilled professional in the industry. As a DevOps and Corporate trainer, he has been instrumental in providing training and guidance to individuals and organizations. With over eight years of experience, Mayank is dedicated to achieving success both personally and professionally, making significant contributions to the field of technology.

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