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Top 7 Ways of Obtaining Business Benefits of DevOps

05th Sep, 2023
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    Top 7 Ways of Obtaining Business Benefits of DevOps

    In any organization, finding a new way of working, often materializes through adopting DevOps, which provenly is the best approach towards the success of an organization. It is imperative that the team members step out of the silos and go for the team-work. One of the crucial facets of DevOps is- it creates an environment in which developers can work closely with the operations team and key stakeholders involved in the software delivery process, by a systematic breakdown of the traditional approach.

    It is obvious that any change in an organization results in the investment of time, money and expertise. Therefore, the leaders can evaluate the potentiality of DevOps in terms of the deliverables and the net gain, by changing their current approach towards project completion.

    Automation software vendor, Puppet published one report, illustrating the broad range of benefits from DevOps.Through a series of company-wide surveys, Puppet polled about the DevOps experience from 4,600 technology professionals. The response was overwhelming. By adopting DevOps, the organizations were deploying the existing softwares more rapidly and effectively, without the quality of the software being compromised.

    Listed below are some of the benefits of DevOps which brought significant changes in corporate performance-

    1. Faster Deployment:

    The ability to develop the newer systems more rapidly by taking inputs from the developers, teammates and key stakeholders, is undoubtedly a key benefit of the DevOps approach.

    In the traditional approach, the software is updated through irregular iterations. For example, a company wants to upgrade the software in every 12 months to pace up with the customers’ expectations and added improvements by the competitors. The root of the insecurity of the competitors lies in the fact that they innovated the latest version of the desired software immediately after its advent, which indicated that when the updated software will come to the market, the version in use will already be outdated.

    DevOps and Agile approaches enable companies to stay afloat in the fast-paced global market. This results in continuous and uniform deployment. Due to these approaches, the successful IT Organizations are deploying 200 times faster than the lower performers.

    1. Improved Recovery:

    In the digital age, IT failure in any form, is detrimental to the growth of the companies. If the system goes down during the peak hours, the customers are likely to face major inconveniences.

    The Puppet survey tells us that the failure rates are reduced due to DevOps, while recovery speeds are increased by nearly 24 times. This is possible because DevOps supports the small changes, which can be identified easily and can be rectified as fast as possible.

    1. Increased Scope of Values Delivery:

    DevOps adoption creates a continuous delivery environment. This results in the creation of favorable conditions, with a continuous focus on new changes and enhanced value creation via Digital Transformation.

    1. Lean and Flexible:

    DevOps supports the Digital Transformation processes like Lean and Flexible. The major projects are managed by splitting the work into smaller segments. DevOps practices help to improve data gathering and ability to respond quickly.

    1. Reduced Risk:

    Digital Transformations have risks attached to them. Updating the existing systems leads to problems like failing security and more error-prone changes. DevOps reduces such risks by adding security to the software delivery lifecycle. This results in saving time by addressing security issues.

    1. DevOps for all Reasons:

    Every organization has different requirements. Some may work on legacy systems, so they are using the software related to the same. Some may focus on education, so they are dealing with the educational software, and so on. The main advantage of DevOps is that, high performance can be achieved, regardless of any software.

    1. HR Matters:

    In an organization, HR matters both in terms of maintaining existing staffs and attracting new ones. It is found that the employees working in high valued teams, are likely to recommend their organizations to their friends.

    Before the DevOps practices, the businesses were taking much time, at times around 9 months to upgrade the software. This turned out to be a very problematic situation for the businesses. After implementing DevOps practices, upgrading the software is taking just 4 weeks.

    Clearly, DevOps has evolved in more than one way to yield myriads of business benefits in the burgeoning organisations.


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