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PRINCE2 vs PMP vs Agile: Find Out Differences Here

05th Sep, 2023
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PRINCE2 vs PMP vs Agile: Find Out Differences Here

Several methodologies are commonly used in project management, the three most common being PMBOK, PRINCE2, and Agile. It is time to advance in your career after a certain number of years of experience managing a project or being a member of a project team. Today, it appears that project management certifications such as PRINCE2 certification training or PMP certification are the best way to advance to higher levels of management in a company.

However, project practitioners worldwide are divided about which project management certification is best for them. The chosen certification should be based on the organization, industry, and project. If you're weighing the pros and cons of PRINCE2 vs PMP vs Agile, you might find it useful to consider them in the context of the project you're working on and compare one to the other. Here is an overview of each of these systems for general project management best practices to help you assess which methodologies may work best in your situation.

What Is PRINCE2?

The Project IN Controlled Environment (PRINCE2) certificate is a method of project management that focuses on technique. It provides a systematic approach to project delivery through clear templates, processes, and steps.

PRINCE2 is a process-based approach to project management that focuses on project structure and control from start to finish. Before a project begins, it is thoroughly planned, every step is clearly defined, and any loose ends are neatly tied up at the end. The PRINCE2 Foundation & Practitioner training is intended to provide project managers with a thorough understanding of this framework. This program delves into the themes, principles, and processes of the PRINCE2 project management framework. The PRINCE2® practitioner and foundation certification is a globally recognized certification that can be used in private and public sectors. It validates your skills as a senior project manager by enhancing your ability to carry out projects in a business setting.

You will learn about a systematic approach and how to complete a successful project here. Previously, the certification was supposed to be owned by the UK Cabinet Office, but AXELOS now owns it and is a new joint venture firm. While studying for this certification, you will learn about MSP program management, portfolio and risk management, value and IT service management, and much more.

PRINCE2 Certification

  • Has a well-structured and standardized approach to project management.
  • Outlines each member of the project management team's roles and responsibilities.
  • Divides the master project plan into project plans, team plans, and stage plans, removing ambiguity and simplifying project execution.
  • It focuses on projects and processes.

What Is PMP?

The difference between PMP and PRINCE2 is the PMP, or Project Management Professional Certification is a program offered by the PMI® (Project Management Institute). It is one of the most highly regarded certifications in the world for project managers, and PMP is a standard requirement for project managers in many industries. After earning the PMP certification, you can work with any methodology and in any industry. The certification course covers many project management techniques and competencies necessary for any project manager and can help you earn more money. This course, which PMI offers in the US, is also popular in Europe and Asia.

The current edition of the PMBOK Guide serves as a study resource for the PMP guide (Project Management Body of Knowledge). It is a foundation for organizations to build the policies, methodologies, rules, tools, techniques, and life cycle phases required for project management.

PMP program focuses on

  • Task scheduling, resource optimization, schedule compression
  • Budgeting and costing techniques
  • Estimation techniques
  • Requirement gathering techniques.
  • Product analysis
  • Quality control

What Is Agile?

The Agile method of software development and project management has been enormously successful. Deliveries are made on time, and Agile projects are completed with high quality consistently throughout the project's life cycle. As a result, more companies are adopting Agile methods, and individuals with Agile Certifications are in high demand.

Agile approaches emphasize breaking down the project into smaller, more manageable pieces so that the Agile team can remain focused on delivering value throughout the project. This method has no bottlenecks, making it a viable option in today's changing market environment. Agile teams respond to changes quickly and efficiently, resulting in more successful and widely accepted projects.

Professionally, agile certification can be a game-changer. Employers are looking for certified individuals to help their company transition to Agile, making a certified Agile professional the preferred candidate for any job. It provides anyone working professionally with a competitive advantage over non-certified colleagues, leading to higher pay and job security. Completing an Agile certification is important for both the organization and the individual.

PRINCE2 vs PMP vs Agile: Differences


Users of the PMBOK system of project management report that it has more robust frameworks for scope management, contract management, and other aspects than PRINCE2. Project managers frequently express dissatisfaction with the PMBOK's decision-making structure, which makes it impossible for them to delegate responsibilities or authority to higher-ranking executives. There are many ways in which, under the PMBOK approach, a project manager can appear to be the key decision-maker, planner, issue solution, and human resource manager.

PMP requires three years of prior project management experience and 35 hours of compulsory training. The certification is valid for 3 years.

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When we talk about PRINCE2 certification vs PMP PRINCE2 is a project management program that delegates more functional and financial authority to senior management rather than just the project manager. This program is designed to assist project managers in overseeing projects on behalf of an organization's senior management. On the plus side, PRINCE2 offers a single standard approach to project management, which is why many government and global organizations prefer it. It is also popular due to its ease of use, making it simple to learn even for those with little experience. On the downside, some users believe that PRINCE2 overlooks the importance of soft skills," which should be a project manager's primary focus.

The PMP PRINCE2 certification foundation has no prerequisites, and the certification does not expire. PRINCE2 practitioner requires a PRINCE2 Foundation or equivalent certification, valid for 3 years. To build your project management skills and boost your career, you can enroll in the best online PRINCE2 foundation course by Knowledge hut, a Certified Partner of AXELOS and an accredited training organization (ATO) with PeopleCert®.


Agile is a different program than PMBOK and PRINCE2. The Agile methodology is more adaptable, allowing it to produce deliverables with fewer significant changes and rework. Tasks can be divided into smaller stages, allowing for substantial risk reduction through earlier assessment, analysis, and testing. The main disadvantage of Agile is that the methodology can lead to unrealistic expectations if it is not fully understood.

The difference between PRINCE2 and Agile is that PRINCE2 is typically referred to as a "predictive" (plan-based) strategy, whereas short-term, incremental accomplishments characterize Agile without an overarching plan (the adaptive approach). PRINCE2 helps the client stay focused on the project's initial business goals. At the same time, Agile techniques are more flexible and adaptable to changes in the customer requirements and project environment.

While the PMP certification is based on an authoritarian mindset, Agile certifications focus on adaptability and change management, which is the main difference. Although traditional frameworks like PMP and Agile have been used, project management experts are now combining these approaches because they see the value in utilizing the best of both worlds.

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Over the last few years, there has been a steady increase in the need for project management training. Project managers are critical to any organization's success because they can break large projects into smaller, more manageable chunks, each with its deadlines and milestones. Each of the three project management approaches, PMP, Agile, and PRINCE2, has unique benefits. Agile may be the best option for you if your project is small and flexible. If the project manager is solely responsible for making decisions, then PMBOK may be the best option. Each project manager will have their thoughts and may even change their approach based on the progress of the project they're working on. These different project approaches can also prove to be complementary. The addition of the Agile Practice Guide to the PMBOK has created this new Agile PMP.

Several institutes provide project management certification courses online to help you build on your project management skills and give a boost to your career.

Institutes like KnowledgeHut provide a comprehensive hands-on approach to becoming a successful project manager through immersive learning courses such as KnowledgeHut PRINCE2 certification training.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: Prince vs PMP: which is better?

PMP is the more well-known of the two, and the PMBOK provides methods, tools, and learning areas to help managers improve project success. PRINCE2, on the other hand, is more process-oriented and focuses on the technicalities of a project to ensure its success.

Q2: PMP vs Agile: which is better?

Both have tremendous professional worth, and the best approach is one in which the project professional works to gain knowledge in both traditional and Agile projects.

Q3: PRINCE2 vs Agile: which is better?

PRINCE2 is a plan-based, largely predictive approach. Its projects focus on original business goals, and Scrum focuses on short-term incremental accomplishments rather than long-term goals. Scrum is adaptable and responsive to changes in customer requirements and the project environment.

Q4: Is Agile a framework?

Agile is a broad philosophy for software development that emphasizes the importance of iterating quickly and frequently to satisfy customers. As a result, an agile framework can be defined as a specific software-development approach based on the Agile Manifesto's agile philosophy.


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