How to Fill Project Management Application Form

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16th May, 2022
12th Dec, 2012
How to Fill Project Management Application Form

It’s one of the most complicated application forms which I have filled so far.:)

If you need to apply for PMP exam online you need to prove that you have 4500 hours of PM experience within last 5 years. So I selected 2 projects, One, the duration was 2 years and the other, the duration was 3 years. Then I calculated the number of hours based on following processes

Initiating Process
Planning Process
Executing Process
Controlling Process
And Closing Process

How I did the calculation is as follows:

If I have a Project X which Started on 01/01/2001 and ended on 30/12/2004,

Number of month experience of Pming = 4 x 12 = 48

Number of days = 48 x20 (Average 20 working days per month ) = 960

So the PM experience gained from Project X is 960 x 8 (assume that we work 8 hours per working day) = 7680

So with Project X I have already covered the required number of PM hours for the PMP exam

I distributed my total hours of PM experience in 5 areas as follows:

Initiation 10%
Planning 30%
Executing 25%
Controlling 30%
Closing 5%

But this might vary based on nature of your project management course.

The PMP course exam fee is $405.00 Its bad that members cannot get the discounted rate at the first time itself. Why do we have to send email and inform them to give us the discounted rate, when the system already knows that you are a PMI member?? I don’t understand that.



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