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PMP® Certification Training Course in Boston, MA, United States

  • 35 PDUs certificate
  • 100 days free access to e-learning modules
  • 6 Full-Length Mock Exams featuring 1200 practice questions
  • This course is updated to the latest PMP curriculum
  • KnowledgeHut is a Global REP for Project Management Institute, Inc. (REP ID 3757)
  • Course conducted by certified instructor
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  • 5.00% for 4 people
  • 10.00% for 5-9 people
  • 15.00% for 10 and above people

PMP® Certification Course Course in Boston, MA

HOW TO RENEW YOUR PMP CERTIFICATION IN BOSTON' When you receive the PMP® certification in Boston, it is just for three years. You need to renew your certification within this period for another three years. The reason for this validity is to keep the candidates up-dated about the technologies. For recertification, you need 60 PDUs. There are a lot of ways to gain PDUs and one of the easiest ways is to take up any courses for project management certification in Boston. Choose your institute Not any institute which you pick would work for this service. You need a reputed andcertified institute in Boston, like KnowledgeHut. Clarify whether that institute would provide recertification PDUs for the courses that you take. If so, register for a course. Your institute should provide a course that a)Teaches the advanced skills of PMP® b)Teaches real world problems in the related field and ways to solve them c)Course should fall under the ten key areas of the guide d)Teaches to build and use expert and advanced tools Overview of the course The main aim of this course should be to increase your skill, enhance your job productivity and of course, to gain recertification requirement.  You may be in the middle of an important project, at your workplace. Thus, leaving it for project management courses in Boston will be impossible. Thus, choose online courses from the best institute for project management training in Boston. This will give you more time for your day job and your personal life. Most reputed institutes like KnowledgeHut provide one year complete access to their study materials. Self directed learning can also be used for gaining PDUs. Good project management training in Boston should have different types of study materials like documents, short video courses, webinar and others. This will help you gain more PDUs, without even noticing. These tutorial documents and collection of video course are for those who want to gain PDUs without attending any class from a coaching institute. This service will not be available in all institutes, in Boston. You need to pick up a reputed and reliable institute for PMP® training courses in Boston, like KnowledgeHut. How many PDUs should you earn' The hand book for recertification requests you to gain minimum of 60 PDUs in the span of three years, which accounts to at least 20 PDUs, per year. Expert trainers of PMP®certification training classes in Boston advise you to accumulate more than 100 PDUs in the time period. When you submit the list of hours and activities that account for PDU to the university, some hours may get rejected. You should not end up losing the certification, just for the sake of a couple of PDUs. Thus, it is better to earn 100 PDUs to be on the safe side.   Do you want to know more details about PDUs' Do you want guidance in filling out the PDU form or recertification process' You can talk with the experts of KnowledgeHut and understand your options of earning more PDUs. If required, you can also get support in filling out forms or other areas of recertification. These types of services would not be provided by any small time institutes in Boston. You need the top class experts, like KnowledgeHut.