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Most Helpful PMP Books: Ace Your PMP Exam

21st May, 2024
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    Most Helpful PMP Books: Ace Your PMP Exam

    PMP Project Management Professional or PMP exam is not based on a single text. Your test questions will be based on a comprehensive set of skills and knowledge that span a variety of best practices and experiences. For certification reasons, PMI does not support any particular reference materials (outside their books). Look for the best PMP books to read and enhance your knowledge. Also, you can opt for PMP certification course online to improve your project management skills and ace the PMP exam. 

    Top 5 PMP Books for Beginners

    The finest PMP test preparation books are listed below for beginners to utilize as a study aid and a quick reference. Let us check the best books for PMP certification: 

    1. PMP Exam Prep Simplified

    • Meta Info: Ramdayal's PMP exam study guide has been revised for the most recent PMP exam in 2022 with parts on predictive, agile, and hybrid project management, as well as video-based information on the PMB//OK Guide. Each process and area of expertise is covered in its 478 pages, along with important PM terminology and a chapter-long overview of the updated exam syllabus. 
    • Author Name: Andrew Ramdayal
    • Book Image:

    pmp exam prep simplified


    • Year of release and version: Seventh Edition 
    • Good Reads Rating: 4.2 
    • Publisher Info: Project manager Andrew Ramdayal, PMP, has worked on several IT projects during his career and has more than 15 years of expertise in the field. In addition to his Master's degree in information management with a minor in project management, he also holds various professional certifications in IT and accounting. 
    • Book Info: Based on the seventh edition of the PMBOK Guide, this study guide is for the PMP exam. It is one of the top PMP prep books.  
    • Overview: This PMP study guide includes a comprehensive mock test, ethics, exam hints, and questions and answers for every topic. Additionally, it offers free access to video courses that can be watched to gain 35 PDUs, which is needed to pass the exam. 

    Key Benefits and Takeaways

    • Comprehensive material that corresponds to test questions 
    • Includes access to free digital content and mock examinations 

    2. Project Management Professional Exam Study Guide

    • Meta Info: To be compatible with the most recent exam, this new edition of Heldman's has undergone a comprehensive revision. New activities have been added to reflect changes in best practices, the role of the project manager, and the growing significance of agile and other adaptive and iterative approaches. 
    • Author Name: Kim Heldman
    • Book Image:

    project management professional exam study guide


    • Year of release and version: Ninth Edition 
    • Good Reads Rating: 3.6 
    • Publisher Info: Kim Heldman, MBA, PMP, is the Regional Transportation District's Chief Information Officer in Denver, Colorado. She has over 25 years of project management expertise and over 18 years in senior management roles. 
    • Book Info: It is an extensive tool to aid PMP candidates in their exam preparation and help them succeed as competent project managers. The book's 912 pages are broken down into 12 chapters that address the basics of project management, important knowledge domains, and PMOs.  
    • Overview: Candidates must have substantial project management experience to be eligible; however, passing the exam requires thorough study resources that align with the PMBOK Guide Ninth Edition. This study manual has all the materials required for full preparation and assurance on exam day. 

    Key Benefits and Takeaways  

    • Comprehensive description of the chapter's goals 
    • Exam practice with digital flashcards 

    3. Rita Mulcahy's PMP Exam Prep Book

    • Meta Info: After the PMBOK, Rita's PMP test prep book is the most popular PMP publication on the market. Since its initial release in the 1990s, the Rita PMP book has emerged as the primary resource for PMP hopefuls preparing for certification through a PMP book. 
    • Author Name: Rita Mulcahy 
    • Book Image:

    rita mulcahy's pmp exam prep book


    • Year of release and version: 1990, Ninth Edition 
    • Good Reads Rating: 4.3 
    • Publisher Info: Rita Mulcahy was a project management author and public speaker. Mulcahy founded RMC Project Management, served as its CEO, and is regarded as a leading authority in project management methods, cutting-edge project management theory, risk management, and the PMP exam. 
    • Book Info: This online course choice for PMP test preparation satisfies the 35 contact hours of project management training necessary for PMP certification. It is a well-known PMP study book. More than 300 lectures, more than 750 practice questions, downloadable handouts, supplementary materials, cheat sheets, and other PMP preparation aids are all included. 
    • Overview: When there were no online tools for PMP exam preparation, PMP Book by Rita was the primary source for studying for the exam. The PMP exam preparation market has changed significantly since the 2010s, and online PMP training choices have become the main way to prepare for the PMP exam. However, there is still a demand for PMP books, and Rita's PMP book is undoubtedly leading this demand. 

    Key Benefits and Takeaways

    • One-on-one interaction 
    • High-quality content 

    4. The PMP Exam by Andy

    • Meta Info: It might be time- and effort-consuming to study for the Project Management Professional certification test, but once you know what to study, it should be simple. This book fills that need! Project managers can find all the information they need in Andy Crowe's The PMP Exam: How to Pass on Your First Try, 6th Edition, a comprehensive study guide for the PMP certification exam. 
    • Author Name: Andy Crowe
    • Book Image:

    pmp exam by and y


    • Year of release and version: Sixth edition 
    • Good Reads Rating: 4.1 
    • Publisher Info: The book is a well-referred PMP exam book. Andy has collaborated with a variety of internationally renowned organizations. The development of the biggest e-commerce site in Europe and the historic Project Canopy were two high-profile worldwide information technology projects he oversaw. He is a project management expert, and Andy was selected as one of 21 people from around the world to serve on the DNA and NET Advisory Committees of Microsoft. He also worked with the Project Management Institute on the third edition of the Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge. 
    • Insider information, test techniques, and advice for all the processes, inputs, tools, and outputs that will be tested 
    • Links to 60 videos of Andy describing ideas 
    • There are more than 400 practice exam questions, end-of-chapter quizzes, and a mock final exam. 
    • meaningful drills to improve your grasp of important ideas 
    • Notes for studies in the designated margin 
    • One week's worth of access to InSite, Velociteach's online learning platform, plus 100 more simulated practice questions. 

    Overview: This book has been completely revised for the March 2018 exam and is based on the PMBOK Guide, 6th edition. 

    Key Benefits and Takeaways

    • Focused solely on the test. 
    • An easy-to-read book. 

    5. PMP PMBOK Study Guide

    • Meta Info: The Standard for Project Management is included in the book. The large body of knowledge is built upon the standard, and the guide serves to collect and condense that knowledge. 
    • Author Name: Ralph Cybulski
    • Book Image:

    pmp pmbok study guide


    • Year of release and version: Seventh edition 
    • Good Reads Rating:
    • Publisher Info: In project management, Ralph Cybulski is a well-known speaker and public figure on a global scale. His PMP exam study materials make it evident how knowledgeable he is in project management. 
    • Book Info: If you want to fully comprehend the fundamentals of project management, you should buy this book. 
    • Overview: To prepare for the PMP test, study this book. PMBOK Guide has long been the primary resource for test-takers and is still regarded as "the" PMP book. The PMBOK Guide continues to be the key text if you want to comprehend the PMI method of managing projects, even though we advise reading broadly and utilizing various resources to supplement your studies. 

    Key Benefits and Takeaways

    • Good interaction 
    • Experienced trainers 

    You can check out Project Management courses online to learn more about project management and ace the project management exams.

    Advanced PMP Books

    1. Head First PMP

    • Meta Info: To comprehend the PMBOK principles and ace the certification exam, you can learn the fundamentals of the PMP. 
    • Author Name: Jennifer Greene, Andrew Stellman 
    • Book Image:

    head first pmp


    • Year of release and version: Fourth edition 
    • Good Reads Rating: 4.2
    • Publisher Info: Software engineers and O'Reilly writers Jennifer Greene and Andrew Stellman also have backgrounds in project management and academic research. They established Stellman and Greene Consulting in 2003, which offers businesses and individuals training and services for software development. 
    • Book Info: This PMP book's fourth edition is prepared for the 2021 PMP exam's format. It is among the top PMP training books. The process framework and all other knowledge domains examined on the exam are covered in its 924 pages. It also includes chapters on the benefits of certification, the necessity of professional accountability, a conclusion, and a practice test. 
    • Overview: The context provided by Head First PMP makes it easier for you to comprehend, retain, and apply project management ideas on and off the job. 

    Key Benefits and Takeaways

    • A page layout that is interesting and easy to read 
    • Sufficient practice questions 

    2. Project Management: The Managerial Process

    • Meta Info: This book is filled with case studies that offer advice on how to act in various circumstances. If you haven't had the opportunity to manage a cross-functional team, you'll find this book to be a great resource for navigating the difficulties of the position. 
    • Author Name: Erik Larson
    • Book Image:

    project management the managerial process


    • Year of release and version: Seventh edition 
    • Good Reads Rating: 2.5 
    • Publisher Info: American journalist Erik Larson is the author of mainly nonfiction publications. 
    • Book Info: By presenting the technical and behavioral sides of the topic in roughly equal measure, this book is successful in restoring balance. 
    • Overview: Project Management: The Managerial Process, the industry's  

    One of the top textbooks on the subject stands out for its fair treatment of both the technical and behavioral aspects of project management, as well as its thorough coverage of the various industries to which project planning principles can be applied. 

    Key Benefits and Takeaways 

    • Easy to understand
    • Good content 

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    3. Strategic Project Management Made Simple: Practical Tools for Leaders and Teams

    • Meta Info: The book by Terry Schmidt titled Strategic Project Management Made Simple: Practical Tools For Leaders And Teams is frequently regarded as the most practical and viable approach to managing all sorts of projects and strategic initiatives. 
    • Author Name: Terry Schmidt
    • Book Image:

    strategic project management made simple


    • Year of release and version: Fifth edition 
    • Good Reads Rating: 3.8 
    • Publisher Info: Terry Schmidt, the company's creator, is a well-known authority on strategic planning, project management, and leadership development. Terry is a recognized advisor to private and public sector entities in 38 countries throughout the world, bringing 35 years of international strategic experience. 
    • Book Info: This book is a collection of solutions. For overcoming the challenges that project managers deal with every day, there are 100 tips and strategies available. The book's goal is to get you out of sticky situations so you can return to managing the project by providing you with step-by-step instructions. 
    • Overview: This book is an effective tool for critical thinking that will enable readers to turn any issue into a plan of action, refine the project strategy, identify potential hazards in advance, enhance working relationships, and boost performance. 

    Key Benefits and Takeaways

    • Step-by-step solutions. 
    • Easy to understand. 

    4. Effective Project Management: Traditional, Agile, Extreme, Hybrid

    • Meta Info: This book has been completely revised to cover the new PMBOK Guide and has sold more than 32,000 copies over the course of the last three editions. Known authority Robert Wysocki has expanded the coverage of best-in-class techniques and tools for guaranteeing project management success by adding more than 100 pages of additional information in response to instructor input. 
    • Author Name: Robert Wysocki
    • Book Image:

    effective project management


    • Year of release and version: Seventh edition 
    • Good Reads Rating: 3.6 
    • Publisher Info: Robert K. Wysocki has more than 40 years of experience as a trainer and consultant in project management, as a manager of information systems, as a consultant in systems and management, as an author, and as a creator and provider of training. Over 100 schools and universities have adopted numerous of his publications on project management and information systems management. 
    • Book Info: This book contains PMBOK techniques as well as additional information regarding project management. 
    • Overview: The book is perfect for teachers, students, and active project managers since it includes enhanced case studies, associated exercises and solutions on the companion website, and PowerPoint presentations for all figures and tables. 

    Key Benefits and Takeaways

    • High-level data 
    • Good interaction 

    5. Fundamentals of Technology Project Management

    • Meta Info: This book serves as a useful introduction to the topic and is written to give software engineers, learners, and IT professionals a grasp of the principles of project management in the technology/IT area. 
    • Author Name: Erika McCulloch
    • Book Image:

    fundamentals of technology project management


    • Year of release and version: Second edition 
    • Good Reads Rating: 3.7 
    • Publisher Info: Erika McCulloch teaches courses in project management, the organizational strategy of innovation and technology management, technological transformation, and other technology-related topics as an adjunct and associate professor. 
    • Book Info: The CD-ROM that comes with this book is jam-packed with features that will make the lives of IT project managers (or IT professionals with project management responsibilities) much simpler. You can utilize document templates for every stage of the project, from the original RFP to the final reports. 
    • Overview: Very few of the hundreds of project management publications available today address the particular requirements of the IT project manager. Fundamentals of Technology Project Management, in contrast to most other project management books, focuses on the unique challenges that technology professionals must overcome, including managing project scope and feature creep, understanding technology resources, and meeting client expectations, among many other things. 

    Key Benefits and Takeaways 

    • Understand the five essentials for project success. 
    • Review the paperwork required for effective project management and learn how to fill it out.

    Transform your agile management approach with agile project management training. Embrace flexibility, collaboration, and efficiency to achieve success.

    Preparation Tips for PMP

    1. Before beginning your study session, familiarize yourself with the content you plan to cover. Look over each graph, each chart, and each heading in your study guide. If you are familiar with the issues you intend to examine, it will be simpler for you to find specific topics in the book for your initial study and evaluation. 
    2. Motivate yourself! To get a feel of where you're heading and what you need to accomplish by the end of the day, read the study objectives or recap questions in your study guide first. 
    3. The PMI website offers free downloads of the PMP Handbook, PMP exam topic overview, and PMP practice questions. Use them as a starting point to assess how well you grasp the three PMP test domains, which span a wide range of topics. 
    4. At some point or another, we all experience difficulty with the topic. Your teacher or pals are also good sources for brainstorming. You are intelligent, and you may learn from other certified PMPs who share their expertise and lessons acquired from tests. Smart people always gain knowledge from others. 
    5. Online PMP bootcamps also provide a comprehensive and convenient way for aspiring project managers to prepare for the PMP exam, ensuring they have the necessary knowledge and skills for success.


    A PMP certification might assist you in showcasing your skills and obtaining worldwide recognition for your business. You always have an opportunity to showcase your leadership and project management abilities. It may pay off to invest in your personal and professional growth by earning a PMP certification. To know more, you can also refer to PMP PDU books. 

    You can learn more about PMP and its various aspects by enrolling in KnowledgeHut PMP certification course and ace your exam in the first attempt. 

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

    1. Which is the best book for PMP preparation?

    The one book you should always have at the forefront is PMI’s PMBOK Guide. There are a lot of other books that will help you prepare for the PMP exam, but PMBOK Guide Seventh Edition is what the syllabus is based on, even though you could get asked about anything related to project management. You should also refer to PMP exam content outline to get an idea of what to expect.  

    2. Which book should I buy for PMP preparation?

    There are quite a few PMP preparation books that have helped candidates clear the PMP exam. The book that you should buy would depend on your specific needs and your strengths. If you know you lack knowledge or practice in certain areas, you should try and identify books that cater to improving your understanding. You should make sure that if you want to be prepared for the exam, you have enough practice questions to get familiar with the exam format.  

    3. Can you self-study for PMP?

    Yes, you can do self-study for PMP. There are 35 hours of mandatory training that you will need to undergo. You will be exempt if you hold a valid CAPM certificate. Apart from this, you can self-study for the exam. 

    You will need to create a schedule and complete the syllabus in time for the exam. To perform well in the exam, it is necessary that you do at least a few hundred practice questions.


    Kevin D.Davis

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