Changes in the PMP Certification

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22nd Nov, 2022
19th Jul, 2015
Changes in the PMP Certification

Every 3-5 years, PMI® revisits its certifications and conducts a study that takes into account inputs from project management practitioners across industries, work settings, and regions. Accordingly, the PMI makes appropriate changes to the PMP certification curriculum to make sure that the certification stays valid and relevant. This ensures that their credentials are a reflection of industry best practices, and are driven by ongoing practices in the profession.

As you may already be aware, the PMP® Exam is changing from November 1st 2015. The updated PMP exam content will be applicable from November, and 1st November is the last date on which you can test under the present version of the exam.

So, what do you need to know about the new exam format?

The exam content has been changed to make it more relevant to current industry best practices. While the five domains of practice for the PMP certification have not changed, the underlying tasks within those domains have undergone slight modifications. Some tasks have been altered slightly, while others were changed or deleted in their entirety. A couple of tasks have been newly added as well. Consider getting some training for PMP certification exam.

 Below is an overview of the newly added content:

Domain 1

Initiating the Project
3 tasks added – task 2, task 7, task 8

Domain 2

Planning the Project
1 task added – task 13

Domain 3

Executing the Project
2 tasks added – task 6, task 7

Domain 4

Monitoring and controlling the project
2 tasks added – task 6, task 7

Domain 5

Closing the project
No new tasks added

As of now, the scoring method is expected to be the same. There is no change to the PMP eligibility criteria, or to the exam reporting method.


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