5 Amazing Benefits Of PMP Certification

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12th Jul, 2022
27th Aug, 2016
5 Amazing Benefits Of PMP Certification

Climbing up the career ladder is not easy and it takes a lot of hard work and patience. However, with a Project Management Professional (PMP) certification, things can become a little easier. A PMP certification can increase your salary dramatically and benefit your career. It improves your project management skills and makes you better at handling projects. Here are some of the benefits of earning a PMP certification:

Growth In Career

The PMP certification course is an internationally accredited one and is recognized by the entire global business community. Most big corporates look for PMP certified project managers and earning this certification would surely land you with a better job.

Everybody in the corporate world know the benefit of networking. When you become PMP certified, you’ll be in touch with people pursuing PMP certification courses and ones who are already PMP certified. You never know who might help you in getting a better job (and PMP certification salary). The more people who you are in touch with in your field, the better it is for your career growth.

Enhance Your Skills

It’s not easy to get the PMP certification and you need to undergo rigorous training for the same. There is also a significant amount of coursework involved. You get trained and educated in in five project management processes—planning, initiating, implementing, monitoring and controlling, and finally closing. In short, you learn A-Z of project management which you can implement in your company projects for better project execution.

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Expand Your Marketability

A PMP certification can help reach to global organizations working in different parts of the world. It enhances your professional marketability to a great extent and legitimises your experience as a project manager. You’d also be in touch with individuals aspiring to take up the course and PMP certified professionals as already mentioned, through project management forums and discussion boards, helping you to master your expertise with their tips and knowledge.

Earn More

PMP certified project managers earn more than the non-certified ones. As soon as you get your PMP degree, you can command a higher pay and you can expect an immediate hike. Many surveys have shown that PMP certified project managers earn at least 20 percent more than the non-certified counterparts. Also PMP certified professionals have the capability to earn a six figure income.

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Be A Project Manager Corporates Look For

Last but not the least, a PMP certification shapes you as an efficient project manager, though that depends on how seriously you take up your course. A project manager needs to take care a lot of things and all such aspects are covered under this certification course.

Project managers might need to train others and evaluate team members and even potential employees. A PMP certification gives you the skills and knowledge required to handle such situations as well.

The benefits of PMP certification are many and not just limited to these five. No matter what your field is - commerce, finance, research, telecom, technology, or business, a PMP credential is a ideal bet for professionals looking for better job opportunities and is your stepping stone to new markets, new industries, and even new countries.

The lengthy exam process and hefty exam and course fee might demotivate you for taking it up, but your money and time (and of course effort) is worth it as the returns you get is way beyond you can think of.



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