How to Plan and utilize 4 hours of PMP and other PMI Exams

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30th Jun, 2022
12th Dec, 2012
How to Plan and utilize 4 hours of PMP and other PMI Exams

If you are a good project manager, then definitely you better understand the power of proper planning. If you plan well, things will go well hopefully.

You should also properly plan for the 4 hours of the PMP Exam Preparation, if you are new test taker, you must be saying, man is this a joke, there are 4 hours and I have to complete 200 questions, very simple !!

We are sorry, it’s not that simple as you may be thinking.

There are no schedule breaks on the exam, which means, if you spend time in toilet or taking tea or any drinks or if you are a smoker and smoke a couple of cigarettes in one hour during the exam, the clock will not stop ticking for you, and there are high chances that you may get short of time during the exam.

So isn’t it wise to plan the exam in advance and fully utilize the 4 hours of pmp exam.

Get to know more importance of project charter.

You can plan it according to your project management skills but I will give you a couple of tips.

1: Distribute the questions on hours and minutes.
We know the pmp exam has 200 questions and 4 hours. So how to plan:

A: In hours:
1 hour = 50 questions

4 hours = 200 questions.

B: In Minutes:

1 hour= 60 minutes.
4 hours= 4*60= 240 minutes.

Means for every question, you have one point some seconds.

If you give one minute to one question
1 min= 1 question.
you still will have 40 minutes left.

2: Concentration.

This is very important to know about your psyche, if you are a type person that could concentrate through out the 4 hours of the exam and is normally distracted or loose concentration while taking breaks. Then do not take a break. But if you are opposite to the above then do take regular breaks, but again the breaks should be the plan breaks keeping in view point 1.

So it’s wise to plan in advance to what kind of strategy to adopt on the pmp exam and other PMI exams, so be on top and not getting short of time. This post is also one of the works in progress post and will be updated as I recall other strategies and also while receiving feedback from other professionals.

Now it’s your turn to answer below questions:

What strategy you had adopted when you were appearing for the pmp and other pmi exams.
What strategy have you planned for taking on the exam.



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