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PMP Examples Application: Work Experience Examples, Projects

19th Feb, 2024
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    PMP Examples Application: Work Experience Examples, Projects

    You can find the online PMP exam application on the Project Management Institute (PMI)® website. It is essential you have the prerequisites for PMP application ready before you start the process. Demonstration that you are qualified to take the examination and that your expertise has covered all necessary domains is required.

    Do not let any discrepancy creep in at this stage to prevent you from obtaining your PMP credential. PMP application process gets simpler if you have all the documents and information ready.

    This article will update you on what to anticipate when applying for the PMP test, what documentation you require, and what the PMP application reviewers will be searching for. Check Project Management professional preparation course to get started with your PMP preparation.

    PMP Application Process

    PMP application process begins as soon as you complete your application form online. You get 90 days to finish the PMP application process. Your form will be checked for completeness once you submit it; this process can take up to five days. After that, you will know if you can further take the assessment and pay the PMP exam fee. 

    PMP Example Application

    Here are the three steps to completing PMP application process: 

    1. Academy & Professional Education

    The education component should be finished first. Enter your greatest level of schooling, the years you spent there, the high school, college, or university you attended, and the nation it was in. You must also include your field of study. 

    2. Work Experience

    Your project management expertise is questioned in the next area of the online form. Most individuals find this section of the application to be the most difficult. It's crucial to complete this portion correctly since you must demonstrate your project management expertise to take the test. 

    3. Exam Specifics

    Test details section is the last component in online PMP application form. Your contact information is filled out in this part and you must fill out: 

    1. Your postal code 
    2. Name exactly as it appears on your ID is required. 
    3. Your desired name, which need not match your identity, should be on your certificate. 
    4. What is your email? 
    5. Contact information.
    6. The nation in which you wish to sit for the test. 

    Education Information Section 

    Under the education section, there are specifically two things that need to be kept in mind. The first is project management experience, and the other is project management education. For PMP applications, Candidates must ensure they are eligible for the exam even before the initial process begins. 

    There are three eligibility criteria, and a candidate must be eligible in at least one to qualify for the exam.  

    How to Fill Project Management Education Section?

    You must provide proof that you have accrued the necessary number of project management hours of training. Thirty-five contact hours are required for the PMP application. 

    Maintaining a record of the training course's name, the training organization's contact information, and the date and time you participated is a must. Once you begin filling out your application, ensure you have this information available. 

    You should finish your project management training before submitting your application. Your training certificates are not required to be uploaded in this section. You will receive an attendance certificate from your training organization as proof that you completed the session, but you won't be required to present it until your application is inspected. 

    The best PMP bootcamps offer comprehensive training and support, helping individuals prepare for the PMP certification exam and excel in their project management careers.

    PMP Project Experience Examples

    Breakdown of PMP Application Experience Examples

    Provide any undertakings that you have managed and overseen in your professional capacity. A project manager is not a title that is required to ensure that you meet the criteria. However, this knowledge wouldn't be pertinent to the proposal if you had previously worked as a server. 

    PMI seeks project manager experience examples illustrating how you fit the requirements rather than specific industries or project types. PMBOK Guide's terminology should be used to the greatest extent feasible; minimize technical terms and acronyms peculiar to a particular sector. 

    PMP Experience Examples

    Here are some PMP examples that are concerned with the PMP work experience sample: 

    Example 1 

    • Goal: Create and introduce a new product line for a retail clothing business that targets female customers between 18 and 25. The project had a $4 million budget and a 16-month completion window. 
    • Role: As a senior project manager, I managed the entire project life cycle from beginning to end. 
    • Obligations: My duties would include expected to perform stakeholder analysis (IN), supposed to lead the development team during the kickoff meeting as well as having to manage preconceptions for all stakeholders (PL), overseeing project implementation (EX), assessing the performance of the project using appropriate tools (MC), and requesting stakeholder feedback to gauge their fulfillment (CL). 
    • ResultThis project was finished on time and within budget, and the product line was put into production. 

    Example 2 

    The goal is to gather information, create educational materials, and deliver them to new hires at an online and cable connection business. This project plan was $5,000, and its initial completion date was six weeks. 

    • Role: As the project leader, I was responsible for overseeing the entire project from conception till the HR team received the training manuals. 
    • Responsibilities/Deliverables: I created the strategy and WBS and got the key stakeholders' agreement (IN). I developed the job responsibility matrix and project plan while taking some time, expense, and performance into account (PL). I oversaw how the material's development and research were carried out (EX). I kept an eye on the project's schedule to ensure all milestones were met on time (MC). Finally, I preserved project documents and materials by generally accepted practices after receiving approval for the project deliverables to meet legal obligations (CL). 
    • Results: Training materials were delivered to major stakeholders on time and within budget. Once approved, they were given to the HR team for upcoming training for new employee programs. 

    Example 3 

    Creation of client learning resources on telecommunications principles:

    • Goal: To study, create, and present results that serve as training materials for prospective re-sellers on telecom's fundamental rules and concepts. 
    • Role: My role was to oversee the entire project. IN: Created the charter and figured out the major players. PL: The feasibility analysis was developed while considering time, price, and quality. For example, I oversaw the graphic designers' research and development of the content. MC: I watched the timeline and the standard. CL: Project Closure as Documented 
    • Results: Information provided at the meeting 

    Example 4 

    Session Border Controller installation for the Finance department:

    • Objective: the replacement of obsolete technology with a new session border controller (SBC) 
    • Role: I oversaw the entire development lifecycle IN: Project charter that is documented and emphasizes the business case. PL: Led requirement-gathering sessions and created plans for the finance, schedule, risk, and communications. ES: Oversaw engineers' execution and quality assurance. MC: Schedule, money, and risk were all closely watched.  
    • CL: SBC was implemented, and the sponsor approved the project. 
    • Outcome: Implementation of SBC followed by decommissioning of old machinery 

    Example 5 

    Plan for a Wi-Fi system in an apartment building:

    • Objective: To offer a plan to extend voice and data over-the-top solutions inside an apartment building by installing Wi-Fi. 
    • Role: After creating the plan and defining stakeholders, I launched the project and also scheduled it. PL: I documented the project management plan, which contained plans for scope, schedule, and efficiency, including risk assessment. I directed the group throughout implementation while MC managed scope and quality. CL: On-time submission of a bid that included a workable solution that satisfied the customer's needs. 
    • Outcome: The customer received a thorough bid. 

    Now that you are well-versed with PMP project experience summary, let us understand if the examples you give suit the requirement. Still confused if your experience is up to mark? Take up online Project Management certification program and ace it!  

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    How do I Verify if my PMP Experience Examples are Correct?

    Addressing oneself the below questions will assist individuals in verifying the accuracy of their PMP experience statements: 

    1. Are all instances of experience fewer than 500 phrases? 
    2. Did I successfully demonstrate my accomplishment of tasks across the five process groups? 
    3. Am I neglecting jargon from other industries while using project management terminology and acronyms? 
    4. Will the profile include the goal of this project together with the objectives, deadlines, and role, as well as the expected result? 
    5. Can One cite a manager or another project manager who played a key role in the project as validation for each example of PMP application experience? 

    Adding References to PMP Application Form

    References are no longer mandatory on the PMP applications. Furthermore, if your proposal is chosen for an audit, you will be required to present proof that you worked on the tasks you claimed, which could include the manager's approvals at the time. 

    It is advantageous for them to be aware that you are enrolling because you'll be able to communicate with them when you are subject to an audit. Additionally, it indicates that you have the right contact details. If you have to include them in your application audit, contact them immediately so they can give you any details you require.  

    They will need proof that you were acting in a position guiding and managing the work rather than just participating in it. Given this, sharing your application form with them is worthwhile so they may review it and provide feedback before you complete it. Later conflicts may be avoided by doing this.  The best PMP bootcamps offer comprehensive training and support, helping individuals prepare for the PMP certification exam and excel in their project management careers.

    PMP Example Questions 

    Since the exam is related to project management, all PMP test examples mainly concern PMP project description examples. However, any applicant may easily find examples of the questions online. 

    Question 1

    You just elevated Sam, your star programmer, to manage the agile development team. Sam was an excellent software programmer, and you had hoped his promotion would allow him to share his knowledge with the rest of the development team. However, you are startled to find that Sam's performance in his new job is falling short of your expectations. Which empirical norm did you overlook while assessing Sam's promotion? 

    1.  Expectancy Theory 
    2.  Halo Effect 
    3.  Pareto Concept 
    4.  Murphy's Law 

    Question 2

    You are having difficulties. Dividing the testing work package into the last tasks needed to finish the work package Detailed testing plans and activities cannot be decided until the system has been built to at least 50% and further specifics are available. Therefore, it will take at least three months to finish the system development work package. What is the best solution to this problem? 

    1. To determine what to do, consult the project management strategy. 
    2. First, divide the project into phases, including the system testing work package in the second project phase. 
    3. Decompose the system development work package first, then the system testing work package. 
    4. Finally, decompose the system testing work package using product analysis techniques such as product breakdown and systems analysis. 

    Question 3

    You are in charge of a five-bridge construction project. The project is divided into five phases, each delivering one bridge. Which process group of the second phase should be followed when the project's first phase is completed? 

    1. Initiating 
    2. Planning 
    3. Closing  
    4. Executing 

    Question 4

    A business is debating two initiatives, Alpha and Beta. Project Alpha is predicted to generate a net profit of $50 million, while Project Beta is expected to generate a profit of $45 million. Both initiatives have the potential to be extremely profitable and gratifying. However, the company's financial controller has said it can only invest in one of these initiatives. So, what is the potential cost if Project Alpha is chosen? 

    Unleash your team's potential with agile management certification. Embrace change, achieve results, and stay ahead of the competition.


    From the above article, we concluded that the process for the PMP examination is very lengthy, but it is all worth it in the end. The applicants should fill out the online application very carefully and if they are having trouble, contact support immediately. It is also advisable that if a person never did fill out any online form, they must go to the person who can help them fill out the application form.  

    If you're searching for the best PMP preparation course, consider KnowledgeHut's Project Management Professional course. You'll learn all about PMP and how to prepare for the exam, which is crucial since even a small mistake can result in rejection.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    1. How do I write a good PMP?

    While writing the application for PMP, the easiest way to keep the best results possible is to be truthful and provide accurate information simply. In this, one must give a concise summary of your leadership and guiding expertise, including the project's goal, its result, your position and obligations therein, and deliverables. A standard reaction is 200–500 words in length. Next, try to choose a few tasks from each of the three key areas you have worked on and list them underneath this heading. 

    2. What are examples of project management experience for PMP?

    All professional initiatives that one has managed and overseen are appropriate for inclusion. There are no particular sectors or project types that PMI is searching for. The most crucial thing to remember is to explain to them what you've achieved and why users satisfy the standards. Some examples include developed WBS, developed project charter, and others. 

    3. What should I write in the PMP application?

    The application contains different sections in which the applicant needs to add details about what is asked. It is mainly concerned with the applicant's educational qualifications, training details or projects done so far, and other related things. The applicant should provide every piece of information truthfully. 

    4. What should you do if you get audited and your application sample is rejected?

    PMP audit procedure causes a lot of anxiety among students. The main worry is that they will undergo an inspection and that PMI will dismiss their application because they do not match the requirements. No doubt there are many other reasons as well. 

    If you feel that your application was improperly denied, you must resubmit and address the issues that contributed to your initial failure. You can call them, write, chat online, or email them. Attempt to contact the specific reviewer who went at your application. If you can get in touch with them, you may find out what problems they found with your application so you can fix them. 

    5. How long does PMP Application take to process?

    The application will be processed by PMI, conducting an application completion evaluation within five days. This verifies that you have completed all requirements and can take the PMP® test. 

    One can only wait at this period; nothing more is possible. Ideally, one will not have to wait five days, but if PMI is busy and has many applications to examine, they might. Since the five days constitute calendar days, keep in mind that the weekends might also be included when estimating when you will hear from PMI. 


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