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Complete Study Guide on PRINCE2 Foundation Exam 2024

02nd May, 2024
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    Complete Study Guide on PRINCE2 Foundation Exam 2024

    PRINCE stands for PRojects INControlled Environments. Delivering projects on schedule, within scope, and on a budget is the main aim of every project management effort. Every project manager will be guided to manage them by the themes, concepts, and methods provided by the PRINCE2 methodology. 

    There are four levels of PRINCE2 certifications. 

    1. PRINCE2 Foundation Certification 
    2. PRINCE2 Practitioner Certification 
    3. PRINCE2 Agile Foundation Certification 
    4. PRINCE2 Agile Practitioner Certification 

    An introduction to PRINCE2 methodology and terminology is provided via the PRINCE2 Foundation level. This article will provide detailed information on the 1st level, such as PRINCE2 Foundation exam scheduling, cost, prerequisites, and how to obtain its certification. So let us get further into the topic. And as you finish this article, explore our PRINCE2 course and boost your PRINCE2 Foundation certification preparation. 

    PRINCE2 Agile Foundation Certification Exam: Details  

    Learning agile techniques is also essential for PRINCE2. Let's get some information about the PRINCE2 agile foundation. It is the most comprehensive project management system in the world; PRINCE2 Agile combines the agility and reactivity of agile with the foundation of PRINCE2. It is an entry-level certification to support PRINCE2 Agile and also a prerequisite to getting PRINCE2 Agile Practitioner certification. Let's look into the PRINCE2 Agile Foundation exam details below: 

    • PRINCE2 Agile Foundation certification cost: 316.32 USD for India ( PRINCE2 Foundation exam price varies from country to country) 

    PRINCE 2 Agile Foundation exam Format: 

    • Duration: 60 minutes 
    • Number of Questions: 60 multiple-choice questions 
    • Pass marks: 33 out of 60 (55%) 

    PRINCE2 Foundation Exam Cost  

    PRINCE2 Foundation exam cost: $ 318.24 in India (PRINCE2 Foundation certification cost varies from country to country). Check the PRINCE2 Foundation Certification Cost in your country

    PRINCE2 Foundation Examination Prerequisites  

    There are no mandatory prerequisites to enroll for the PRINCE2 Foundation exam, but basic knowledge gained in the best course for Project Management makes it easy to get certified. Let’s look at who can all get this certification to upgrade their career: 

    • Project Leaders 
    • Project Managers 
    • Program Managers 
    • Product Managers 
    • Project Analysts 
    • Team Leaders 
    • Project Coordinators 
    • Project management students 

    PRINCE2 Foundation Examination Format  

    PRINCE2 Foundation exam can be taken in 8 following languages, which are: Danish, Dutch, English, English American, French, German, Norwegian, and Polish. It is recommended to take PRINCE 2 foundation mock exam before going to the real test to have real exam experience. Let’s know the examination format below: 

    • Duration: 60 minutes 
    • Total number of questions: 60 multiple-choice questions 
    • Pass marks: 33 correct answers out of 60 questions, or 55% 

    Steps to Get PRINCE2 Foundation Certification  

    1. Get trained 

    Enroll for an upcoming PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner certification course and take the 32-hour training. You can opt to get trained through KnowledgeHut, a Certified Partner of AXELOS and an accredited training organization (ATO) with PeopleCert®. 

    2. Take the PRINCE2 exams 

    Schedule your certification exam using the eligibility code you receive from PeopleCert.

    Foundation exam: Take the 60-minute online test and score a minimum of 55% to pass the PRINCE2 Foundation exam. 

    Practitioner exam: Take the 150-minute online test and score a minimum of 55% to pass the PRINCE2 Practitioner exam

    3. Become a PRINCE2 certified professional

    On passing the exams, download the respective certificates. You are now a PRINCE2 professional! 

    PRINCE2® Foundation Certification Exam Retake  

    The steps to purchase the PRINCE2® Foundation certification exam retake are as follows:

    1. Add an exam retake option directly to your exam from the PeopleCert ATO during the purchase of your exam. The take2 option is visible in the PeopleCert profile before your 1st attempt at the PRINCE2® exam. If it is not present, then you can log in and add it yourself.
    2. While registering for the PRINCE2® Foundation exam, you can opt for Take2 re-sit choice to your Shopping cart during the checkout process. You can add it to your PeopleCert profile as late as 15 minutes prior to sitting the exam.
    3. If you are unsuccessful in your initial attempt, then the re-sit option will be enabled automatically.

    What To Expect from PRINCE2 Foundation Exam?  

    PRINCE2 Foundation certification only be obtained after diligent preparation and passing the prince2 foundation exam. So, by attending the Foundation exam, you will be expertise in the following areas: 

    1. Understand the fundamentals of PRINCE2 and learn how to apply it to the specific demands of your project and company. 
    2. You will learn how to use the seven themes, seven principles, and seven procedures of the PRINCE2 Foundation in real-world project management. 
    3. Capacity to oversee a project on all fronts from the beginning to the end. 
    4. Recognizing the roles and processes involved in producing a product. 
    5. By passing this foundation exam, you will become eligible to apply for the PRINCE2 Practitioner exam. 

    PRINCE2 Foundation Training  

    Steps to Get the PRINCE2 Foundation Certification

    AXELOS grants PRINCE2 certification, and PeopleCert is the exclusive examination center for the delivery of AXELOS certifications. As can be seen in the image above, thorough training is necessary to pass the exam to become certified, and PRINCE2 Course training makes this possible, which also provides free PRINCE2 Foundation mock exam. KnowledgeHut is an AXELOS Certified Partner and an Approved Training Organization (ATO) with PeopleCert.

    There are two options for receiving training: in-person or online. Working professionals with demanding job schedules cannot travel for training. So, the easiest method to get taught is to get trained online by watching pre-recorded videos or by attending training sessions. As the test will be multiple choice, be ready for it by answering as many questions as you can in the allotted 60 minutes.

    Elevate your career with the best PMP certification bootcamp - the ultimate project management training.

    Purpose of PRINCE2 Foundation Certification?  

    Your knowledge and comprehension of the fundamentals of PRINCE2 methodologies are validated by your PRINCE2 Foundation certification exam. This certification validates your ability to apply PRINCE2 principles to ongoing projects while working with a team. To become a certified PRINCE2 Practitioner, you must first get your Foundational certification.

    You may learn the seven PRINCE2 principles, themes, and procedures, as well as how to use them in actual projects, by earning the PRINCE2 Foundation certification. The foundation certification is a professional certification that is acknowledged worldwide and helps you succeed in your job.

    Additionally, PRINCE2 certification is in the top 10 most demanded certifications, according to a poll by Indeed. This certification has high demand across various industries like IT, health care, banking, automobiles, construction, manufacturing, etc.,

    How to Prepare and Appear for PRINCE2 Examination?  

    Before signing up for the PRINCE2 Foundation test, find out the specifics of your exam, such as the PRINCE2 foundation exam fees, exam duration, overall marks, passing score, and the types of questions so you can plan ahead. Choose the best online trainer, then plan your time to finish the course content on time. Take KnowledgeHut’s PRINCE2 foundation certification before the actual exam to find out how prepared and ready you are. Even though you are confident in your study, this mock exam gives you a strong Foundation for the real exam and gives you a lot of confidence.

    It is time to show up for the online test after thorough preparation. Because the exam is given online, there are specific preparations that must be made before taking the test:

    1. Get your Computer Ready: Check the functionality of all linked devices at least 24 hours before the exam. Download and install ExamShield on your PC (applicable with Windows 8 or macOS Sierra 10.12 onwards). A wired microphone and audio speakers should also be connected. Verify that your internet connection meets the minimum needed speed.
    2. Prepare your Exam Environment: Other than the required materials, clean the surroundings of your computer. Ascertain that your room is private. It is not permitted to utilize any extra electronic devices, manuals, or whiteboards, and no one is permitted to accompany you in the examination room. Make sure you have enough light so the proctor can see your face; no light should be aimed at the camera.
    3. Be Ready with Required Documents: Be prepared to present to the proctor your government-issued photo ID document to verify your identity via webcam. The ID proof must be genuine and not expired, and it must include your photo.
    4. Sign in to ExamShield: Utilize the provided username and password to access ExamShield. then proceed with the self-onboarding procedure as instructed. Read the agreement, agree to it, and pay close attention to all the instructions. Connect to your proctor after scanning your ID with a camera or submitting a document.
    5. Starting your Exam: The proctor for the PeopleCert PRINCE2 Foundation exam joins the session, verifies all the supplied documentation, and then starts your exam.


    This entry-level certification of PRINCE2 aids in the development of project management competencies that are transferable across sectors. The influence of this qualification on project managers throughout the globe is reflected in a 21% increase in job advertisements with high salaries. You can retake the test if you don't pass it by paying the PRINCE 2 Foundation exam cost again. To prevent this additional strain, it is advised that you complete the PRINCE2 foundation practice exam, which will prepare you for the actual exam and also helps the new project managers to experience the PRINCE2 foundation exam sample.

    Because there are no unique requirements for PRINCE2 foundation certification eligibility to become a certification holder, it will be a fantastic chance for anybody looking to advance their profession with project management abilities. For higher levels of project management certifications, such as PRINCE2 Practitioner and PRINCE2 Agile, PRINCE2 Foundation is a must. Therefore, set aside your fears and obtain your certification to advance your career.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    1Is it easy to pass PRINCE2?

    People without prior project management expertise will find it difficult to pass this test. Still, if you have real-world experience and have taken the PRINCE 2 Foundation exam online training from expert trainers, you will be able to do it with ease. 

    2Can I take the PRINCE2 Foundation exam online?

    Yes, you can take the PRINCE2 Foundation exam online by following the steps: 

    • Prepare your computer by installing Exam Shield software. 
    • Get ready by clearing out all unnecessary items from the areas around any exam sites.. 
    • Prepare your document with a government-issued photo ID. 
    • Login into ExamShield. 
    • Start your Exam. 
    3How difficult is the PRINCE2 Foundation exam?

    Yes, it is challenging to pass the PRINCE2 Foundation exam; you must study diligently for two to three weeks to succeed. PRINCE2 Foundation certification online training is beneficial for learning the fundamental techniques and abilities needed to pass the exam as well as how to use them in projects. 

    4What is the PRINCE2 Foundation exam?

    It is a mandatory exam to know your PRINCE2 Foundation abilities in order to obtain PRINCE2 Foundation certification. 


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