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Why should I Study PRINCE2®?

19th Feb, 2024
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    Why should I Study PRINCE2®?

    What is PRINCE2®?

    PRINCE2® or Projects IN Controlled Environments is a process-based methodology for project management. It is used widely by the UK Government and is used and recognized in the private sector, in the UK and internationally. The domain is in the public domain and it provides non-proprietorial practice guidance on project management. It was established by the Central Computer and Telecommunications Agency or CCTA in 1989. It was primarily based on PROMPT, created in 1975 by Simpact Systems Ltd and adopted in 1979 by CCTA as a standard that can be used by Government information system projects.

    History of PRINCE2®

    History of PRINCE2®

    When it was launched in 1989, it superseded PROMPT effectively within Government projects. PRINCE® is in the public domain and its copyright is with the Crown. PRINCE2® came into existence in 1996 and it has contributed by a consortium of 150 European organizations. Since then, PRINCE2® has gained immense popularity and presently it is a de-facto standard in several UK Government departments for project management and across many United Nations systems too. After it was revised in 2009, this acronym was altered to Projects IN a Controlled Environment. After PRINCE2® was launched in 1996, it went through two major revisions as mentioned below:

    • PRINCE2® 2009’ Refresh in 2009
    • PRINCE2® 2017’ Update in the year 2017

    PRINCE2® is a project management method used frequently by people and organizations from different industries and sectors. It is flexible, practical, and innovative. Regardless of the project, whether it is constructing a flyover, an advertising campaign, or developing software, PRINCE2® can help you manage all these aspects. It belongs to the public domain and offers the best guidance to manage any project.

    Key features of PRINCE2®

    Following are the key features of PRINCE2®:

    • It is a non-proprietary methodology.
    • It offers the most widely used approaches to manage projects.
    • As it is broad, it can be used in all kinds of assignments.
    • This is accomplished via the management properties of project work.
    • It is based on customer/supplier setting. It ensures that there is a client with a desired product/result who can also pay for its development along with a vendor who can offer the necessary resources along with skills.

    Benefits of PRINCE2®
    Benefits of PRINCE2®

    PRINCE2® is a common language used by dealers, consumers, and businesses. Even though it does not comprise of contract management, it provides all the essential boundaries and controls needed for all to work together within any relevant contract. More importantly, it allows your business to concentrate on the right projects, for the right people and at the right time; by creating the beginning of a project and its end depending on the continued existence of a business case. Certified PRINCE2® Training shall improve your skills as a Project Manager. Some of its top benefits are as follows:

    • It is applicable to all projects.
    • It recognizes project accountability.
    • Its product clarifies what can a task provide
    • Its plans are designed sensibly to meet the needs of various levels in an administrative team.
    • It is grounded in ‘management by exception’ framework that ensures economic and efficient use of project management time.
    • It makes sure that its takers concentrate on its ability based on its business objectives.
    • It describes a cost-effective and precise report structure.
    • It ensures that the shareholders are characterized adequately in decision-making and development.
    • It ensures learning and constant improvement in organizations.
    • It enhances steadiness in project work and its ability to reprocess assets.
    • It simplifies the valuation and assurance of project work.

    Effective project management is a challenge in several organizations all across the globe. With proper training and certification in PRINCE2®, you can guarantee the smooth functioning of your projects that meet your business goals and objectives.

    Top reasons to study PRINCE2®
    Reasons to study PRINCE2®

    PRINCE2®, Foundation and Practitioner Certifications are considered among the most popular Project Management Certifications all over the world. There are several reasons to do PRINCE2® certification. Some of the top reasons to do this course are as follows:

    • Build and improve Project management Skills

    The main reason that gives the most obvious advantage: much-improved Project Management skills. With PRINCE2®, you will learn to deploy projects better with more efficient Management skills. You shall learn the terminology, methodology, common systems, framework, and process used by a wide number of project managers and know the skills required to successfully initiate, plan, manage, monitor, and execute projects.

    • It is more of a methodology

    Unlike other certifications on Project Management, PRINCE2® puts a wider emphasis on Project Management principles compared to its instruction book along with rigid rules. As a reference guide, it says about the stages and processes of a project along with responsibilities and roles associated with it. It may not mention directly the way to manage the subsequent job in the project, but can make you understand the processes and principles of a project vividly and also the manner to manage them. You will be able to tailor your PRINCE2® projects according to your requirements and oversee the projects that you manage closely.

    • You can start smoothly

    When you choose a certification, the time to prepare/study, the costs involved and the disruption that it imposes into your professional life is highly important. It provides a unique advantage, which you may begin by preparing for its Foundation exam. It means that you will be able to do an actual Project Management Foundation certification course without spending much time in training or spending lump sum training costs. While doing this certification course, you shall get a complete overview of what you can expect if you were to continue with PRINCE2® Practitioner Certification. This makes the beginning phase of a Project management certification prospect much easier.

    • You shall receive the certificate sooner

    Once you have finished the training, you just have to take an examination along with a training provider or take the public exam. There is no complicated registration process and no time-consuming matter audit process. The certificate gets delivered within a few days after clearing the exam.

    • The certification possesses global recognition

    This certification is recognized globally. It was developed in the public IT sector under the UK government’s supervision. PRINCE2® is a de facto Project Management in several parts of the world. Private and public sector companies and governments all across the globe are using it and its popularity is growing all over the world including Asia, USA, and Africa. AXELOS Ltd is the owner of PRINCE2® certification to manage US Federal Government Projects to support the demand of US organizations. This certification allows you the opportunity to undertake project work on an international level.

    • PRINCE2® certification enhances employment prospects

    A PRINCE2® qualification is great for your employment opportunities. It is a world-class product and it is considered a standard methodology for project management. This is the reason why so many companies all over the world look for staff having PRINCE2® certification. According to the AXELOS PRINCE2® survey in 2016, most of the respondents, especially in the Netherlands and Germany consider PRINCE2® highly valuable to their career.

    • You are not restricted to a single industry

    PRINCE2® is a Project Management and thus it is not limited to any particular organization or industry. You may use it in any kind of industry or organization, or projects of any scale. This will expand your project work areas immensely. You will be able to apply for a job in different industries.

    • Proof of Certification

    You can easily show your proof of certification. PRINCE2® certification holders are entered in official PRINCE2® successful candidate list. You can check this register online. So, when you apply for a job, you do not have to send copies and documents of PRINCE2® certificates. The online register shall confirm that you have completed the examination successfully and shall mention the date too. It can be searched by putting the candidate’s name and number. If an employer or a potential employer desires to check PRINCE2® qualification, you just have to provide him your link and number. This gives you manifold chances of employability

    • You can easily get other certifications

    PRINCE2® is a separate project management certification but enjoys global recognition. When you receive this certification, you may get exemptions from appearing in examinations in certain subjects when you study other certifications related to project management.

    Studying online or in classroom

    A question that may come to your mind that whether to study this certification course in the classroom or online mode will be suitable? One major consideration is the price of the online course. The cost to gain this certification through classroom training has reduced significantly over the previous few years. To make the classroom training process flexible and accessible, PRINCE2® experts with certification are given approval to coach a certain number of trainees every year.  Nowadays, there are hundreds of certified PRINCE2® practitioners who have passed the exams successfully and are providing classroom facilities.

    Online PRINCE2® course was once considered to be of lower quality as well as a cheaper study option; however, things have changed in a significant manner with the latest technological developments. Interactive multimedia and high-quality courses are available online that are designed to make your study with fun, engaging, and highly effective. Obvious benefits of studying online are being able to study anytime and from anywhere at your personal pace. Carefully developed online courses are segregated into smaller parts to help memory retention so that you will be able to rewind and go through study material as many times you want which is never possible in classroom mode. You can control the pace you want to learn and study and it shall help you to absorb the course content.

    With online training, you will not have to worry about your tutor’s presence or the pace at which he/she completes the lessons. Online courses go through quality editing and control measures and therefore they maintain great standards. Highly effective simulators completely prepare you for your examination with confidence. If you require any help, you can contact experienced tutors via email or phone.

    Employers look for employees who can implement PRINCE2® Project Management with skill and confidence. Classroom training is intensive and online training may help long-term memory retention. The online course is of high quality and costs lower than PRINCE2® classroom coaching. With studying at your own speed and your time, you will be confident when to take the exam and get certified.

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    Why implement PRINCE2® in your company?

    Why implement PRINCE2® in company

    PRINCE2® is Project Management of International Standard and it is recognized as an international product. Mainly it encompasses several years of best practice of project management and offers an adaptable and flexible approach related to all projects. Some of the reasons to implement it in your organization include the following:

    • A consistent and common approach
    • An organized and controlled beginning, middle, and end.
    • Constant progress reviews against the plan and also against the business.
    • Assurance that a project shall have a business justification.
    • Flexible decision points.
    • Involvement of stakeholders and management at the right place and right time during the project.
    • Good communication links between the project management, the project, and the remaining organization.
    • A means to share and capture lessons learned.
    • A route to enhance project management skills and the organization’s staff competencies at all levels.

    According to a survey, it was found that high-performance projects demand PRINCE2® certified project managers. This is indeed advantageous to the directors and managers of a project as well as the organization. as the resources will be used judiciously and business decisions made more effective. Hence, PRINCE2® has become a widely understood and recognized common language to all the project participants.


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