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Everything You Need to Know About CSM Certification With KnowledgeHut

19th Feb, 2024
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    Everything You Need to Know About CSM Certification With KnowledgeHut

    Agile software environments are gaining huge growth in today’s world. According to the Scrum Guides website, “Scrum has been adopted by a vast amount of software development companies around the world.” Most of the companies like Ericsson, Microsoft, and Spotify are employing Scrum to self-organize their teams. Click here to know about psm vs csm and scrum interview questions.  

    From the study of nearly 5,400 IT projects, it is found that the budget is overspent by 45% only because of project overrun. All these deficits can be avoided by becoming a professional in Scrum and the possibility of completing a project successfully on time can be improved as well.

    A Scrum Master Certification not only teaches Agile and Lean methodologies but also serves as a clear proof of proficiency of the employees. These certifications help explain your proficiency level and thus are in demand. Here we solve all your questions about CSM Certification with KnowledgeHut.

    Be sure to check out the Scrum Master tutorials and CSM vs PSM.

    After CSM training within how many days do I need to take the certification?

    After CSM training within how many days do I need to take the certification?

    This is the final step in becoming a Scrum Master. Once the course is completed successfully, Scrum Alliance will send you an e-mail that includes a link which allows you to create login credentials. From then on, you will have 90 days and 2 attempts to clear the test. You can attempt the exam third time by paying $25 and in case it is not cleared in the third attempt also, the course should be re-taken before attempting the exam fourth time.

    Is your 2-day training enough to clear the certification?

    Absolutely yes! Our 2 days of training program is often good enough to get started with Scrum for your next project. It is recommended to be well versed with the resources available on the Scrum Alliance website before joining the course. This will help you to grasp the Scrum practices and principles quickly in our 2-day classroom training and clear the exam easily.

    Top Cities where Knowledgehut Conduct CSM Certification Training Course Online

    CSM Certification in BangaloreCSM Certification in SydneyCSM Certification in Chennai
    CSM Certification in New YorkCSM Certification in LondonCSM Certification in Chicago
    CSM Certification in SingaporeCSM Certification in Pune CSM Certification in Washington
    CSM Certification in TorontoCSM Certification in DubaiCSM Certification in Los Angeles
    CSM Certification in HyderabadCSM Certification in MelbourneCSM Certification in Atlanta

    What next after CSM?

    Just having a CSM certificate doesn’t mean that you are a professional Scrum Master. You should experience the role of a Scrum Master for a minimum of 2-3 years before you think of reaching new heights in your Agile career. According to Scrum Alliance, a Scrum Master can increase the possibility of project’s overall success and helps organizations in achieving their goals by applying Scrum principles and techniques.

    Which is more valued, getting certified from Scrum Alliance (Certified Scrum Master) or Scrum.org (Professional Scrum Master)?

    Both the certifications are competing equally in the Scrum Master world. The CSM exam is generally easy to pass with a passing grade of approximately 74%, where PSM exam requires a minimum of 85% to pass which is difficult when compared to CSM and CSM course fee is less comparably.

    How much should I pay to renew CSM certification?

    CSM certification requires to be renewed every two years. The first 2 years will be covered in the course fee. After that, $100 needs to be paid to extend the credential for another 2 years from your current expiration date.

    What are the benefits of “2-year membership with Scrum Alliance”?

    Scrum Alliance has introduced a new membership community that offers a strong community experience including member-only content such as trainer- and coach-led webinars, exclusive deep discounts, certification and speciality user groups both specialized and regional, and personalized messaging to communicate with community members. Also, membership allows CSMs to use logo that is designed specially to highlight their credentials.

    What is the eligibility to become a CSM trainer?

    One should hold the Certified Scrum Product Owner® designation from Scrum Alliance to become Certified Scrum Trainer, and must:

    • Have strong knowledge on Scrum practices, principles and concepts.
    • Have unique training, presentation and storytelling skills, which helps people understand the concepts easier.
    • Have a proven level of communication with Scrum/Agile community.
    • Co-trained with some of the Certified Scrum Trainers or independently.

    Maximize your potential with a certified PMP trainer and elevate your project management skills to new heights!

    Is the CSM training a basic level under Agile management?

    Yes. The CSM course offers training in the fundamentals required for professional Scrum master or a Scrum team member.

    What is the format of the exam?

    What is the format of the exam?

    • You will need to pass the CSM test, after completing the course successfully.
    • The test can be taken online.

    • The exam consists of 50 objective type questions and lasts for an hour.

    • You must answer a minimum of 37 questions correct out of 50.

    • You can log out of the exam at any time and come back whenever you want.

    • You can answer the questions in any sequence, bookmark or skip to review later.

    • If not cleared in the 1st attempt, you can take the test 2nd time at no cost.

    • The Scrum Alliance charges a minimum amount from the third attempt.

    Who provides the certification?

    The CSM certification will be issued by Scrum Alliance, the largest, most established and certification organization in the Agile community. KnowledgeHut offers professional training from experienced CSTs.

    What is the process for applying for the certification?

    What is the process for applying for the certification?

    Step  1: Take the CSM course.

    Step  2: Scrum Alliance will send you a link to create login credentials after completion of course. Now, create your login credentials.

    Step  3: Take the online CSM test by using those credentials.

    Step 4: Once the test is completed with the minimum passing score, you will be requested to accept a license agreement.

    Step 5: After accepting it, you will receive Certified ScrumMaster® (CSM) designation from Scrum Alliance and a 2-year membership with Scrum Alliance as well.

    Does Scrum Alliance offer an online/virtual CSM course?

    Does Scrum Alliance offer an online/virtual CSM course?

    Yes Scrum Alliance offer CSM online/virtual course.

    How many PDUs will I be eligible for?

    You can claim 14-16 PDUs and SEUs by participating in our 2-day training program.

    What do you mean by SEUs?

    Scrum Educational Units are credits issued by Scrum Alliance for having completed an academic training successfully that meets a set of learning objectives required to get the CSP certification.

    Where are SEUs and PDUs applicable?

    SEUs and PDUs are credits issued by Scrum Alliance and PMI. They identify your commitment to the Agile professional by giving credits for educational achievements you make throughout your career. SEUs and PDUs show your growth of continuing education in a particular field to stay relevant without depending on your own practices. These credits are essential if you want to obtain an official Agile professional certification.

    Can the CSM online test be taken without undergoing the training?

    No, it cannot be taken. Scrum Alliance believes that true learning requires in-person training and hands-on experience with a CEC or CST. The CSM exam is not provided as a substitute for formal training.

    Should I pay separately for the certification fee?

    No, the course fee paid by the trainer includes the first 2 years of certification fee.

    What’s the importance of a CSM certificate?

    • Becoming a Certified Scrum Master shows that you have become proficient not only in Scrum but also in applying it within different Scrum environments.
    • It proves your core Scrum knowledge and benefits your organization.

    • CSMs are paid more when compared to non-CSMs. CSM certified professionals have a median pay of $87,579 per year and $78,139 for non-CSMs.

    What does it mean to have a Certified Scrum Master® (CSM) designation?

    What does it mean to have a Certified Scrum Master® (CSM) designation?

    Certified ScrumMaster® (CSM) designation is issued by Scrum Alliance after successful completion of CSM exam. Scrum Alliance believes that an individual with this designation will have in-depth knowledge of Scrum terminologies, principles and practices, enough to fulfil the role of ScrumMaster. To show their experience and deep understanding of Scrum, CSMs are supported to apply for and become CSPs.

    What are the eligibility criteria for this course and the certification?

    There are no such strict eligibility criteria for CSM course, but it is recommended to have some basic knowledge of principles and working of overall Scrum processes.To be capable enough to get certified, attend our two-day CSM course offered by our CST (Certified Scrum Trainer).

    Why KnowledgeHut for CSM?

    KnowledgeHut is a Global Registered Education Provider (REP) of Scrum Alliance and the instructions you get from this training will help you deliver controlled, high-performing projects with high-quality results. KnowledgeHut also offers:

    • Complete CSM training by CSTs approved by Scrum Alliance.
    • Downloadable material from Scrum Alliance.

    • Tricks and tips from our professional Certified Scrum Master Trainers who have years of experience in using Scrum in a variety of environments.

    • 2-year membership with Scrum Alliance included in the course fee.

    Hope this article was helpful and addressed all your queries pertaining to Certified Scrum Master training. Get in touch with us to know more about the CSM course.


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